BREAKING: The Magic Kingdom Adding In-Park Cabanas for Guests to Rent

Magic Kingdom Cabanas are Being Removed

Disney has announced that the Kingdom Cabanas at the Magic Kingdom will be discontinued on February 17th, 2017.

The Cabanas were already discounted up until this date and many have already been removed.

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  1. A hot tent to park your butt in with no view stuffed in the corner of MK…how did this not sell big?????

  2. As another thread elsewhere pointed out, they’d make far more money and have a better image to offer a large private lounge for say $25/person/day than to cater to the better off (who would probably just have a room over at the contemporary anyway).

    1. We always stay at Bay Lake at the Contemporary and it seem a little ridiculous no matter what kind of money you got.

  3. Good move! Hope they’re taking the executive who allowed this idea, and the ones who approved it to be removed in a pine box as well to be buried. Now we just need to get the parks to make them more enjoyable STILL profitable, but for God’s sake, improve the WDW Florida theme park product!

    1. Vote with your dollars, stop going if you don’t appreciate it. This seems to be something that the Disney whiners just don’t understand.

      1. Same for idiots like you who keep posting on this website! If you don’t like the comments, don’t come here! The TRUE Disney fans don’t tolerate the bullshit the WDW is pulling with things like these cabanas, and our complaining got them pulled out! So…if you don’t like Disney or this site, go fuck yourself!

        1. It’s hilarious that you think complaining changed anything. The decision was based on lack of demand and revenue, not whining.

          1. It’s hilarious to hear people think that whining on the board about other posts make any difference either. And you might be right. Disney is getting really terrible in their consideration for their own brand or guests, it may have been 100% revenue loss. Very sad way to run a business only built on ‘experiences to guests’ when you don’t care about them.

        2. Looks like I touched a sore spot for you huh PJ? I’m guessing you get told frequently to stop whining and it just gets your goat doesn’t it? Maybe you should have a dole whip and shut your cock hole you call a mouth!

    2. Be nice Larry, you’re going to upset Nick LoCicero. Let’s all try and make this an enjoyable experience for him.

      1. Thank you Team Nick! Glad someone is looking out for me as I start down this mind numbing rabbit hole and collect the best and worst comments for this week’s show.

  4. Sad day, was hoping to get one on my next stay.Hopefully they gathered enough info from this test to optimize the idea.

    1. They looked like trailer trash tbh. Not worth it. A money grab, bad idea. Disney parks hasn’t had many good ideas either lately. Too many bean counters.

  5. Part of me hopes that some important exec got back from their extended Christmas vacation in the Bahamas and went “what the heck, guys? NOPE.”

    1. About 2/3 of the Disney cast members are gay or lesbian. i’m 100% sure a few of them after hours had sex in them. And many other areas that are off camera.

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