PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 1/4/17 (Star Wars Overload, New Shows, New Socks, Etc.)

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Our latest photo report brings us to Hollywood Studios, where we won’t be looking at Star Wars or Toy Story Land construction because you should just check out the aerial pics and video we recently posted for that. Instead, we will check out all of the other changes and modifications happening around what of the park actually exists now. Welcome to Hollywood!

Hollywood Studios Goes Rogue

Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away was updated for Rogue One. That being said, the show is still pretty awful.

Death Troopers from Rogue One now come out in a new scene.

We also have a video of the modified show if you are so inclined…

Star Wars, Nothing But Star Wars…

A new bubble blower can be found at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It is shaped like Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter and it has sound effects and it is awesome…

I just had to have one…


Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! has concluded its run for the season, but Disney has already stated that the show will return in 2017. Oh joy…

Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular is now back and performing regularly:

Re-Launch Bay

Star Wars Launch Bay’s final gallery was updated with props and models from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

The new style customizable name tags are now available at the Launch Bay – Cargo Bay store.

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

Over at Star Tours, not only are all of the scenes on the ride back in randomized order, they also finally turned open the MagicBand interactive feature in the queue.

Guest animus and where they are from now show up on this screen behind the Goose Droid. Maybe someday a photo will show up as well…

If it can’t read enough MagicBands in the area, some random Star Wars characters show up on the screens.

This and That

The Rogue One MagicBand 2 is now available all around the Walt Disney World Resort if you are interested in it.

The Christmas decorations at Hollywood Studios are my favorite, so I took some pictures. Sorry, no news here.

The Red Car Trolley cart returned recently to the park.

Sunset Club Couture now has a rather large jewelry section.

The Haunted Mansion socks have arrived at Walt Disney World.

Darth Vader and Stormtrooper socks have showed up as well.

Flatbreads are back at Mama Melrose’s after a short break for a kitchen refurbishment.

The MuppetVision poster is now gone on this bus shed, replaced by a sign advertising the nearby FP+ kiosks.

Star Tours recently received some new exterior lighting and it looks great.

The signage for Celebrity Spotlight was turned a different direction in hopes it will help guests to locate the meet and greet.

A Disney Vacation Club kiosk has been placed at the entrance of PIXAR Place.

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  • HI Tom, when Star Wars Land opens, what about the placement of Launch Bay and Star Tours? Is this too much Star Wars all over the park? Shouldn’t it be contained?

    • If you look at the way Star Tours is situated against the old streets of America, it’s likely that it will be incorporated into Star Wars Land, leaving Muppets Courtyard as an island surrounded entirely by Star Wars. I think Launch Bay was always intended to be a temporary placeholder to fill the time between the old Star Wars Weekends and the new land (but that’s purely my speculation).

      • Thanks Chris. Doesn’t sound like they planned it too well leaving Muppets Courtyard as an island. If Muppets is temporary, then they just spent a fortune on a new pizza place. Was actually hoping for one more Muppets based attraction for the area. BTW DHS is my favorite park and looking forward to the changes. It just seems that Star Wars Land is almost half a park and would like to see it contained. Hopefully a Launch Bay type area can be incorporated. Love the movie props. Would love to have a Indiana Jones “Land” in the front. But that is wishful thinking.

        • You must be a huge Star Wars fan if it’s your favorite park. Disney planning to try and push one of them out every year, for at least a decade, or if sales slump from the mentality of milking it. They didn’t plan the area well, I agree with the land separated, but their goal is promotion. Not common sense. Or really anything but sales and promotion, which you’ll see plenty of. Hollywood Studios is also due for a name change VERY soon. It’s not really a studio anymore. Stay tuned :)

    • This park has become WAY too Star Wars junk toy intensive. I know Disney is only trying to milk the franchise for all it’s worth, and it’s fan base would pay a mint for a half baked product, as long as it is “Star Wars” related. And once they reopen the closed areas, it looks like they will be either to sell Star Wars. Or sell Carsland merchandise only. Disappointing.

      • Carsland? Wrong coast. So far we only had a meet and greet that got dismantled. Is all the construction Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land or did they leave some open space for future “lands”?

        • I think you’re right Jeff. My mistake. Worse than I thought. No extra space being added, just took away attractions that gave Hollywood Studios a studio feel, to put in the two new lands, which are 90% merchandise and food stands and to promote upcoming movies.

          As they cut the fun stuff to do, they are scratching their heads wondering why they’re having to discount the heck out of the place. Crazy.

  • Disney pilferages their own brand. Agree with article. It’s way over done. And when did Disney’s toys and sales take over so much and get so ghetto? It’s like K-mart, but cheaper. Come on Disney. You can do way better. We’ll be skipping this park this summer. But with huge cut backs in space and staff, am sure lines will be plenty long.

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