PHOTO REPORT: The Magic Kingdom 1/27/17 (More Tomorrowland Makeover, MARVEL, Waffle Fries, Remembering Kingdom Cabanas, ETC.)

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Our latest photo report brings us back to the Magic Kingdom to see the ever-changing Tomorrowland, new merchandise items, and more, so let’s dive right on in…


Luckily we had parked at the Contemporary and had a private security line to enter, because every other line in front of the park was overwhelmed. Every weekend in January has been fairly busy thus far.

This disaster was the Will Call line. They estimated that some guests waited 90-120 minutes.

The new security screening area wasn’t helping as it was colliding with the line.

Refurb Street U.S.A.

The tarps on the Train Station are finally themed.

The exterior refurbishment on the Emporium continues as well.

Yes, we’re open!

This and That

Waffle fries are back at the Golden Oak Outpost.

Tortuga Tavern was open and selling Turkey Legs and Hot Dog combos.

It was easily the worst smell combination on this or any planet.

The Adventureland food carts no longer have Cheeseburger Egg Rolls, but now sell churros.

I knew our server at Skipper Canteen hated us when the stains on the menus were real and not “themed”…

That’s real food. We had terrible service on top of this, which was a first for me in my many trips to Skipper Canteen.

These signs were added to Magic Kingdom restaurants when they added alcohol.

No, these people don’t think that a nighttime parade is coming, they are just electing to wait for fireworks while sitting on the curb.

The Future of Drinking

Work continues on what we suspect will be the Joffrey’s coffee location at the Magic Kingdom.

A peek over the walls show a foundation in place.

The Cool Ship and Cool Scanner are closed for refurbishment.

Looks like more Tomorrowland TLC to me.

This new Lightning McQueen animated glow headband is for sale around the parks for $16.

The ticket sales location in the Tomorrowland Light and Power Co. is gone, but the sign remains.

New Disney Boutique hoodies for sale.

The 45th Anniversary Sale

The 45th anniversary annual pass holder pin is finally back in stock.

Meanwhile, a few of the ladies shirts have decreased in price by $4-5 each.

Star Wars Tsum Tsum pins now for sale.

Remembering the Kingdom Cabanas

The Kingdom Cabanas will be closing on February 17th, so how about a little tour to remember them?

I’ll miss the appearance that I’m living in a abandoned alleyway…

Be sure to check for these signs when they go to Theme Park Connection! ;)

What a Bunch of Dumbos

Even though it was one of the busiest Saturdays I could recall, the Dumbo playground and one spinner were closed. The wait time was an hour, but it could have been far less and the kids could have been entertained. Who decides on such things?

Two new “big figs” or “medium figs”, depending who you are, are available at Art of Disney locations featuring Toy Story and Beauty and the Beast secondary characters.

What dod you do when you max out your score so quickly?

Write a blog post about housekeeping changes on your phone, of course!

Cosmic Ray’s is still running along with the single menu at all bays approach on most days.

Some heavy work is going on just outside of the restaurant, but is not affecting the interior seating really.

The Fantasyland repaving project continues slab by slab.

Disney apparently gave up on variant issues of Tiki Room very quickly, now the regular issues are on sale in Adventureland.

The Orange Bird and I decided to enjoy a Dole Whip in the Tiki Room.

The VHS notebooks can still be found if you look hard enough.

Painting on Space Mountain continues.

MagicBandits are becoming more three dimensional, as you can see here.

Nearby at the Contemporary, we found some new MARVEL MagicBandits, which can’t be sold in a Disney theme park of course.

There was also a new Star Wars set.

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Tom has been regularly visiting the Walt Disney World® Resort from the time he was 4 months old. While he has made countless visits in the last 28 years, he did not become a truly active member in the Disney fan community until the summer of 2007, when he decided to launch the WDW News Today website and podcast. Tom has since become an Orlando-local and is a published author on Walt Disney World.
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  • OMG, those photos of the entrance look like my interpretation Hell, what chaos. I thought the airport was bad. Any photos of new attractions? Not as interested in stores or stands. Thanks!

    • There ARE no new attractions Oregon. I am a cast member at the park (and a fan posting annonymously), and we’ve cut back tremendously in staffing, some days we only have a couple of the dozen entrances open, and can run rides at fractional capacity (most guests don’t know this). Please don’t take it out on front of the line staff, they have no control over anything. We were told management felt a 2-3 hour wait to enter park was not unreasonable, including parking, will call, and security. Some days it’s longer. I agree, and believe it’s become a version of “Hell” as you put it. Disney management doesn’t really care though. Look at the crowds? Money is rolling in.

  • There is still Will Call in 2017?! Good lord…

    Tom, if you’re reading this, are there no longer ANY egg rolls at the Adventureland cart?

    • Disney, in their recent stupidity, is making annual pass holders enter the regular line, then return to will call to change their tickets to the new pass holder ticket with the round Mickey emblem on it. It’s not being done all at once, but that’s a good part of the wait. These photos are shocking. What a dump. Really. Makes airports look fun.

      • As a former CM in ticketing, I can shed some light on this one. Its not out of stupidity of Disney to be honest. It’s 9x out of 10 that people assume once they purchase their annual pass online or purchase an exchange plastic card at a retailer, that is all they need to do to enter the park. You actually just purchased an non activated place holder pass that needs to be activated upon showing either Florida ID if it’s a resident pass, or out of state/country ID to have it activated. This is to prevent fraud and stolen tickets. This is all printed on the back of the card you buy or in the email they send you. Most of the time this is what clogs up the line because people don’t read things anymore. The other issues generally come from Florida resident passes on monthly payments where the persons payment didn’t go through or the pass has expired.

        I’m not saying that Disney isn’t stupid because lord knows they are a hot mess sometimes, I’m just saying a large portion of the time, its guests not reading important info, or not paying attention to their monthly payments. I always told my guests PLEASE if you drove, stop by the ticket windows at TTC before you go up to the park if you need ANYTHING done with tickets. There are 60 windows there, and there’s like 3-9 at Mk. So much faster at TTC. I agree there should be a designated lane of entry for passholders all the time though. As a former AP holder it’s painful to watch tourists desperately struggle to figure out how to use a touch point when you can do it in 10 seconds or less.

        Anyways hope this shed some light on the chaos that is main entrance at MK.

  • Crappy service, refurbs all over, rides down but there it is, full. Disney has it made with so many masochists killing each other to be treated this bad.

    Time to raise the price once more and close earlier for another special ticketed event where the rides that were closed during the day will be open.

    • Not so much full Pete, as purposeful jams created by mismanagement. There really weren’t many people in the park. No excuse for the dirtiness, cast member indifference, cheapness and mismanagement. The place has been open decades. Won’t be returning for a few years, and will just read our Disney news, we like the ‘concept’.

    • Thanks Peter for your wonderful comment. As always, you are a very positive person. It must be a delight to be around you.

      • You’re welcome Disney intern. I hope I’m not making your task of putting a lid on these “little” issues too much of a burden. I do pity you.

        I know is hard enough for you already to make excuses for the sliding quality at Disney, what with them being so obvious & so many, but rest assure I’ll be thinking about you next time I agree with a negative outing like the ones in the article we’re commenting on.

  • People don’t realize ticketing and will call are at TTC and end up at the park and mob those windows for their tickets. They should probably build a new building for more windows.

    • Yea, dream on Jeff. Disney isn’t spending a DIME to build a building, much less staff at minimum wage for the ones they have to make one second of a guests’ stay more enjoyable. They really, don’t give a damn. Pictures above worth a thousand words. Inexcusable.

    • ^ This. I worked at MK ticketing (I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy). There are like 60 windows at TTC that can fix almost any ticketing issue. There’s like 3-9 windows at MK if you’re lucky. 90% of the people in those ticketing lines drove, parked, walked right through TTC in a rush to MK.

      • What’s the ttc? Are you talking about the Magic Kingdom where you get on the monorail or ship to go to Disney World?

        • Yes. Transportation and Ticket Center. Since people who drive to the park usually are the ones that need tickets, the majority of the ticketing windows for MK are at the TTC since you have to literally walk past them to get transportation to MK and Epcot. Sadly, a lot of guests are too focused on getting to the park and fly past, only to be stuck up at the front gate for 30-90 minutes to deal with tickets. The windows up at the park are really only to solve resort guest issues because they arrive at the front gate via Disney transportation.

  • This is slow season in Florida, no excuse for the human traffic jams which are from Disney’s mismanagement. We are here this week, and it’s like they just opened the park a week ago how disorganized and poorly staffed it is here. Stood in line hour and half at guest relations, we were not alone to think WDW should just shut it’s doors if this is how they’re going to run things. Got a refund and left the park to go enjoy the beach. Your pictures aren’t inaccurate. It’s a shoddy run construction zone. I don’t see them building one new ride at magic kingdom either. Guest relations understood. The front of the line employees looked beat to hell, one said, ‘we know it sucks, we can’t do anything about it’. WDW won’t be around long at this rate of decline.

        • I don’t think so, sounds very real. You probably haven’t been to Disney World Florida in a while. And the photos in Tom’s article are pretty impressive, in a bad way. WTF is Disney thinking?

      • Disney PR working on a Saturday. Ryan, did you actually look at the photos in the article? What a troll. I saw your post below as well.

          • Ryan B, no matter how far your head is up your own ass, unless you are blind, there’s no way you can explain away Tom’s telling photos of disorganization, unsanitary conditions, and poor management on Disney’s part.

          • “Ryan B, no matter how far your head is up your own ass, unless you are blind, there’s no way you can explain away Tom’s telling photos of disorganization, unsanitary conditions, and poor management on Disney’s part.”

            I’m not referring to the photos. Please keep up.

          • The posts were in relation to the poor Disney management which you were blindly defending. Get someone to translate for you while you’re eating your own ass. Can’t fix stupid.

          • Jeff, reading comprehension isn’t not your strong suit.

            I’m not defending Disney, but I fail to believe you and others here. No examples. No logic. Not real. Provide names and times. Let’s get to the bottom of the problem.

            Now let’s discuss this obsession you have with my ass..

          • Again Ryan B. If there’s no logic, then explain the pictures of mismanagement, crowds, huge construction projects (with no new attractions slated for next 3 years+), the food on menu, poor service, etc? That’s right. You cannot! The obsession isn’t with your ass, it’s you’d have to have your head up it to not be so incredibly in denial.

          • I think Ryan is trying to say it is doubtful any cast member would say “we know it sucks, we can’t do anything about it.” Also, let’s be honest for just a second here, when was the last time Disney EVER gave a refund? I love the way Disney used to be, but it does seem as if the parks are more construction, money grabs, and refurbishments than normal.

          • Hey Curt, Disney gives refunds if tickets used less than an hour typically if guest has a valid point, not that they just changed their mind. Or threatens to cancel on credit card. Parks are poorly run, and guest services knows it, and refunds when they can.

    • I have been going to disney since 1972. I was there 1 21 and everything in this post is true. The empliyees have become rude due to bring overworked. The park was dirty and the lines were long. The monorails continue to break down. Look for many future problems. Walt is turning in his grave. For the money being charged this is bush league.

      • “The empliyees have become rude due to bring overworked.”

        Specific examples and names, please.

        I’ll have them fired by sundown if your story is true.

  • Tom, sounds like our recent Disney experience last week. Terrible service. Skippers canteen service was so poor for us, we walked out without paying, didn’t eat the food though, which was nothing like we had ordered. They (meaning 90% of the staff we encountered) just don’t care and were doing their best at crowd control of masses of displaced and unhappy guests. Can see on the faces of many in your photos, Disney is missing the mark by miles.

    • “Skippers canteen service was so poor for us, we walked out without paying”

      Don’t be proud of that.

      Atrocious behavior.

      • No Ryan, it was very warranted. Saying what you wouldn’t have done the same when you weren’t there is atrocious behavior. What an asshat.

        Waiter was abusive, yelled at my child, and then brought wrong meals, on dirty table and plate. We mentioned to manager on way out and he said don’t worry about it and gave us a universal fast pass on the way out, saying he would address the lousy, and unsanitary service from cast member.

        In short WDW has some serious problems. MUCH deeper than the photos show in this article, but they don’t like.

        • And universal fast pass not meaning Universal Studios, but for any ride in park I imagine. We have been given them the same for service downfalls. A frequent thing at Disney. Problem is, fast pass lines are very long, so it’s not much of a concession.

          • They’re called No String Attached certificates. We always steal the booklets of them to use for fastpasses and free sodas and snacks. It’s the only thing that makes it worth working here.

  • I really enjoyed all your pictures, I scrolled through slowly and enjoyed them. Just like being there! Glad the cabanas are about to take a hike, just not a good idea from the get-go. I must be naughty because I did chuckle at the one picture in which the thumb makes it look like it says “Assholders.” So very un-Disney! Thank you for the updates, wish I could have joined you and Orange Bird for the show and whip. Watch me whip, and watch me Tiki! There’s a little free merchandising idea for you, Disney! Those VHS notebooks, what a great idea too!

  • I will be there within the next month. I would like clarification on what is meant by “will call” line. What are the lines like with Magic Band entry?

    • Is where you pick up tickets bought over internet and select to pick them up at the “will call” window instead of having them mailed or linked to your magic bands

      • If you’re a Florida resident or foreign traveller with discount, they make you stand in the dumb line to show your ID, no way to have mailed or linked starting as of November 2016. Poorly done.

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  • I find it funny people are complaining about refurbs, and if there weren’t refurbs people would be complaining about that as well. Those building refurbs happen like every other year.

    Also the Pro Bowl skills competition is going on this week at ESPNWWS which obviously is going to bring in big crowds. This is definitely not a slow time.

    • Wrong Jeff. The parks are VERY slow, this is from cutting back staff and poor management who has apathy for guests. We were there. They’re offering our group 60% off and free dining plans it’s so slow. Hard to get into restaurants, not because of crowds, it’s they’re bare bones staffed! The ProBowl brings in a drop in the bucket of people for Disney. Give me a break.

      There’s no excuse for the photos, or Disney’s mismanagement.

    • Nothing accurate in Jeff’s post. We live in an alt news world I know, but I work at the parks as statused mgr, this is one our slowest times of year. They do not refurbish these areas every year, and used to hire teams to rapidly paint, etc. No more. Too expensive. They know it’s an eyesore and guest inconvenience, but that’s never discussed at meetings. No excuse for the cost containment, staff reductions and changes at entrances in my opinion only, not that of company, unprecedented in Disney history. Feel badly for people coming tbh.

      • It’s ridiculous how cheap they’re getting and closing everything. We went last month and we’re so excited to ride Jaws. When we got there though, they told us they’ve never had that ride! I don’t know why they decided to lie to me, we could see the water it was in. They just have a stupid boat going around in it now. I guess that’s cheaper though and they choose to just pretend like it never existed. Shame on them!

      • I have pictures in my vault from a 2012 and several of the buildings on main street are behind tarps for refurb. Those buildings are on rehab schedules and they get done every few years, I would think a “statused manager” knows that.

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