PHOTOS: Walt Disney World Adding Anti-Theft Devices to Theme Park Stores

In what has to be seen as a sign of the times, Walt Disney World is adding anti-theft measures to some theme park stores starting this week.

MouseGear was the first store to receive these devices which indicate if a guest is leaving the store with an item that still has an anti-theft tag on it.

You undoubtedly have seen these devices at your local mall, but this marks a milestone for Walt Disney World.

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    1. Disney reaping what they sew. They’ve robbed the fans of so much by their incessant closures, cutbacks, and cheapness, giving as little as humanly possible towards actual safety and experience, what would they expect? THESE are the customers they will get. The one’s who sometimes steal!

      1. Thanks Cheryl for your beautiful opinion, now get lost!! I think you need help. Bye Bye

        1. Disney public relations working on a weekend! Get a real job Lloyd. Now go get a real job instead of trolling remarks on a site for fans. And Cheryl, you’re spot on. The parks have slowly become a crowd that needs shoplifting controls.

  1. I mm glad for this too!! I have made a purchase at magic kingdom for my daughter a gift for later and we left the park going home and on the interstate o realized when digging in the bag for a rice krispy treat that the security tag still was attached to the purse! I was so frustrated to have to call the store and find out that we either had to drive back to magic kingdom which is not something quick or go to downtown Disney to have it removed

    1. In Disney run stores or 3rd party stores? I don’t remember seeing them in World of Disney, but I did in “brand” stores. The significance of the post is that Disney is doing it when they’ve never done it before

    2. It definitely is a thing at World of Disney. While being hidden I did hear them go off just the other day. A Cast Member had to go over and remove the tag after digging through the guest bag by the door. This was at the new entrance that leads out into the new area near Poutine / behind Lego.

  2. This is not unexpected to Disney’s MUCH bigger problem:

    As Disney has cut so severely in the extras, staffing and quality of their parks, they always are having to discount, run specials for free dining, etc. to make up. Their core fans are still going to their movies, and buying toys, but for a THEME park are finding better values for their vacation money. Until Disney stops cheapening out WDW, they’re going to attract the “Walmart” crowd.

    1. You’re correct Pat. Disney doesn’t see how WDW management running things lately is their biggest threat to the brand and their shrinking revenue.

  3. It’s extremely sad that Disney cares more about the security of their product than the security of their guests. They need to install more security scanners and beef up security overall.

    1. Some what agree…Scanners for loss prevention at stores work and are to save money. The dumb metal detectors for main entrances do not, very easy to get weapons in Disney. The show out front is for PR. Disney theme park has inadvertently created an environment for a “crowd” to come that is more likely to shoplift. Nickel and dime business practice yields cheap customers.

      1. Regrettably, you are absolutely right about the metal detectors. Anyone with a small arsenal could get in simply by walking past them right into the park–think unarmed Disney security is going to argue with a guy who points an AK47 at them? If Disney was serious about security those metal detectors would be a quarter mile from the park entrance.

        1. Even better, put in stroller or with child who gets on free, or any construction crew, employee, cast member, can help….none are screened. Disney too cheap to hire undercover officers in park. But these door detectors for shirts will help their true concern. $$$

          1. They actually do have plain clothes officers in the parks. You just don’t notice them because their job is to blend in.
            I worked there for 5 years. They are definitely around.

          2. They definitely have been laid off to save money. My uncle used to be one of the undercover. They let them go last year.

          3. “Pat
            January 16, 2017 at 10:30 PM –

            They definitely have been laid off to save money. My uncle used to be one of the undercover. They let them go last year.”

            You have to ether screw up really bad or can’t make the grade to get “let go” in the PCO department.

        2. Disney security probably wouldn’t stop them but the Orange County Sheriff officer that stands right next to the security checkpoint would.

          1. Yea. Sure. One sheriff on extra paid duty chit chatting with Disney Security vs 80,000 in each park including guests and staff. The security isn’t taken seriously at Disney for guest safety. It looks like it will be for theft.

    2. Honestly, I’d rather guests be concealed carrying than not.

      Florida’s CCW permit holders commit less crime than any other segment of the population. Stats bear that out.

      I can’t carry on Florida due to the fact the state won’t recognize out of state permits held by aliens, so when I catch a glimpse of someone’s handgun printing in a ride line, it always makes me more comfortable.

      Since there is no reasonable way to keep all the guns out, I’d rather have people carrying concealed inside the park.

      1. “Since there is no reasonable way to keep all the guns out, I’d rather have people carrying concealed inside the park.” Unfortunately most of these people have no clue on firearm use in most situations due to lack of real training and experience. These permits are given by quickie courses to attain a CCW. Gun range shoot targets and take test and you get a permit. Yep that’s comforting.

  4. Yes, Disney trips are incredibly expensive, and yes, there are things they could do better as a business, but anyone who is somehow justifying committing a crime because those people made the choice to give Disney their money is part of a much greater problem with society.

    1. It’s not a justification of crime. It’s that Disney has gotten so damn cheap, they attract a crowd now much more likely to steal than when they were more reputable for giving a good experience value. The place isn’t run well to say the least.

      1. Says more about you and your morals, doesn’t it, Lee/Pat/Cheryl/Pete? You’re nuts making up new names to post this over and over again, get a life.

  5. Can they at least be themed or better hidden?

    I’ve expected this would be coming for a while, I just expected it would have more class on the install than a Walmart.

    1. Why would Disney care? I see your point, but you’re not seeing how cheap and classless WDW has gotten, MUCH worse than Walmart. There, they care that you return, Disney couldn’t care less.

  6. Disney has a policy about retail theft. Write it off…. the anti-theft is to keep the honest people honest. When someone steals they get trespassed or booted and that is about it.

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