Rivers of Light Merchandise Hitting Shelves, Show Debut at Animal Kingdom Seems Imminent


A rather interesting new item appeared today in the Shop Disney Parks app…

It’s a light-up totem pole representing the Rivers of Light nighttime show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The below picture shows the glow wan illuminated.

Why suddenly start selling merchandise for a show that has been delayed for so long? Well, we can only assume that the nighttime spectacular will finally debut soon at thew park, just a few weeks after cast members were the first to see it in late-November 2016.

We expect a starting date announcement soon from Disney, but as you know with this show, something could always happen between now and then…

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Melissa brown
Melissa brown
3 years ago

I’m arriving next Wednesday. I really want to see the show, but now I’m terrified they are going to add it and I will have to do the worst thing ever- LAST MINUTE RESCHEDULES!