BREAKING: Wishes Fireworks Spectacular to be Replaced with “Happily Ever After” at the Magic Kingdom

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After 14 years, the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular at the Magic Kingdom will say goodbye on May 11, 2017 to make way for a new show beginning May 12th, 2017.

“Happily Ever After” captures the heart, humor, and emotions of Disney films through awe-inspiring fireworks, state of the art projections, and brilliant lasers.

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  • I remember going to wishes when i was 5 years old and now i am 16 and they have been apart of my life ever since i can remember. It is a tradition to watch these fireworks and now they are gonna be gone. They are the reason we go back every year because they make me feel like i am away and 5 years old again. The very first song wishes with the little girl singing gives me chills everytime and now i dont think the new ones will. i personally do not like the new disney movies and nothing will replace the classics which i think they are trying to do with all of the star wars lands and avatar land. Those movies are not disney movies and will never be but yet they make a bigger deal about them rather than the classics. I WISH that they will alternate the fireworks with one day be happily ever after and one day be wishes that way everyone can be happy because right now i am feeling sad and feeling like a part of my childhood and all the memories i made with my parents are gone because i have nothing to look forward to like the little girl singing or the go the distance orchesta part. I will forever miss these fireworks and i hope disney will open their eyes and take every ones comments to consideration because clearly we are all upset about it so @waltdisneyworld please keep wishes part time and dont get rid of it all together because it can help keep memories like mine and i would keep coming back just to see wishes so please ask everyone who goes in the park because we all love it and will always. I was looking forward to seeing them in April and now i dont even see a reason to come back to your parks but i will anyways but i wont be watching the fireworks so open you eyes and see what people are saying about you taking them away because it can damage people in ways you cant imagine.

  • Going July 4th weekend. Will not see them. I heard it features the computer animated garbage. I prefer the classics. So will avoid