Disney Raises Prices on Express Bus Service

The pricing on the Express Bus Service at Walt Disney World has been raised.

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As of today, the service is now $19 for the day and $29 for a week.

For more information and an in-depth review of the Express Bus Service, please check out our previous post on it.

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  1. Seems fair price. $50 would work too, people having to resort to something to get around huge lines to enter the parks as they’ve laid off staff. And park admission is same price whether in line outside park, or in line to buy a pin.
    Feel badly for anyone who thinks this won’t come with:
    1) Delays to other busses (the free ones). They’re not ‘adding’ new busses, just re-routing them
    2) Writing on the wall eventually transportation at Disney will be at a cost. They’re building a heck of a lot of rooms and vacation club members, and flying in tourists, but NOT adding new parks, areas, etc. Just mostly refurb’s of previously closed areas.

    • I have to respectfully disagree with that final part. Just a few years ago they finished a very large expansion of Fantasyland, Disney Springs has that area running back at full capacity again (remember how long Pleasure Island had been closed), DHS is undergoing a massive refurb that will greatly increase capacity when completed, and ditto Animal Kingdom. Key words there being “greatly increase capacity” as Star Wars Land and Pandora will provide a capacity never seen before in either of the sections they’re replacing.

      • Andre, I completely agree with you.

        Scott, I respectfully ask you to factually look that most all of the additions you mention do not add any extra space, they are refreshes in attempt to gain more revenue from cross promoting new movies (Pandora and Starwars). Animal Kingdom Pandora was from closure of prior shows, only one relocated. Hollywood Studios won’t gain an extra foot of space, once consider what attractions they closed to refresh the areas. Meanwhile, Disney has nearly DOUBLED their hotel/motel/timeshare(DVC) rooms.

        Disney creating their own demand by trimming staffing and increasing lines to the point that something like this is necessary. Is pretty genius. Disney World USA shoppers are never known to be savvy, and Disney knows this very well :)

        • So your contention is that things like Star Wars Land and Pandora won’t add any capacity over things like the stunt car show and Camp Minnie-Mickey which they’re replacing? Ot that a fully opened Disney Springs doesn’t add capacity over a downtown Disney with a completely empty Pleasure Island? I’m not sure why you’re thinking square footage, when the driving factor here is capacity. A lot of that square footage was relatively empty before.

          • Scott the capacity of the parks is not increasing. They are shutting more areas than opening them. Not a contention, is math. Hotel rooms up by >10000 on Disney property in last 5 years. No total increase in space or ride capacity NOT related to sales alone, less than 2500 square feet.

            The parks and what’s open and utilized is reason service like this works, out of need of Disneys mismanagement. A decade ago, ez to fit in 2 parks with out it, but staffing is now down almost a quarter at the parks. Fewer cast members.

            Look to pay more and more, many people as you will pay anything they can afford and don’t see they are being played.

          • Sorry, brother. When you add what are arguably two E-ticket attractions to a part of Animal Kingdom that had very little draw to it before, you are adding a lot of capacity.

            When you re-open the entire Pleasure Island area again with new shops and restaurants, you are adding a lot of capacity.

            When you replace an attraction that was just shy of a walk-on in Norway with an attraction that regularly has two hour standby times, you’ve added a lot of capacity.

            • The amount of area they’re “adding” according to you does not go hand in hand with the expansion in numbers of beds they’ve done. They’ve been using the space they have to add more hotel whereas only Eisner added more gates.

              I think we don’t have an intern here, we have a shareholder.

          • Scott, there’s been very little growth is the point missing compared to our Disney reductions, this the market to spend money on the bus. This need or market didn’t exist before, it’s not because we’re trying ‘harder’. Your point is illogical on the face the busses for pay exist and their price is increasing. Don’t be a sheep.

          • Yolanda, if demand disappears, what happens to the service or company? It also goes away. A specialized service like this one isn’t reliant upon growth. Let’s also keep in mind that raising prices on the wrong side of the supply/demand dynamic is instant death.

            As for a “need” or market existing, certain people want the convenience of this service. That’s your market.

          • Scott, your post makes sense, but a little disconnected to the story or CAUSE of such “market demand”. A couple years ago, a service like this for $$ wasn’t possible to exist or required to make decent use of fast pass. It is more a “need” now. Not because of amazing new areas of growth or attractions, but because of increased lines from staffing cuts and decreased service from Disney. In fact Disney attendance is shrinking the last few years. Disney has a problem, and this is a bandaid to it.

            Give it a few years, might be handing over a few hundred a day for a security precheck line and preferred parking. IMO if this is from growth of a quality product, great! Thats sadly not the case here.

          • Andres, I hear you. I’m actually not arguing that that isn’t the case. There are no small, medium, or large companies that haven’t made cuts in recent years due to the struggling economy. Add that to the fact that people want things more “personalized” these days days than ever before in my lifetime, and you’ve got the perfect storm.

          • Great businesses that stand the test of time figure out a way to give guests the most for the least spent. Disney (and businesses losing business like them) try to give guests the least for the most profit.

            Scott, your examples don’t relate to this case, the economy is blazing hot, just Disney (except in Media) is failing. This isn’t a perfect storm, it’s neither a ‘personalized service”. Not added because Disney parks are doing well, and this is a desire from happy guests for something special for extra revenue at all. Disney has cut their product noticeably, suffered losses, had to offered huge discounts for fewer crowds, but Disney parks management is taking approach to retract MORE and charge more for services which used to be adequate free. This is based on a huge mistake that their managers, not Disney fans, are bonuses on monthly profits. NO long term goal for returning guests, it’s about squeezing the crap out of them every second, in every inch, and NOTHING else matters. They can allocate busses to this, and is a segue to charge for all transportation. Neither anything that other parks are doing, which are all having amazing numbers the last 2 years compared to Disney.

          • Yolanda, the economy is not “blazing”. It’s in slightly better shape than it was after the huge recession in 2008-9. And Disney isn’t even close to failing. They still lead all theme park companies in annual attendance. Failing companies are companies like Sears, Kmart, and Barnes & Noble.

      • Scott, I think you have very thick rose colored glasses. Fantasyland added 2 rides, and took out one, a net gain of one. In 14 years! Not a good record. The new attractions coming don’t net what they’ve taken away. Disney Springs is a mall, property owned by Disney, but the stores sure aren’t, and no attractions. This bus service is a scam to make up for Disney’s being cheap. One bad decision deserves another, if you have suckers like Scott willing to pay for it!

    • I thought they are using the DVC van shuttle model for the express service? Why will that impact the free large busses? Also, if they are planning to use the bus vehicles, do you have proof they are going to “re-route” existing busses? This wouldn’t make fiscal sense since Disney makes more money from guests in a park than guests waiting in line at their hotels. This express service gets more people to the parks faster, increasing the volume of resort guests at the park.


      • No new staff. No new buses. It’s a reallocation. Disney is cutting back staffing in fact. Very obvious if been to parks recently. They now don’t automatically call in staff when cast members call out, they go to minimum staffing…i.e. 2 or 3 entrances. Frustrating.

        None of this is a win for guests. It is paying extra cuz Disney can!

        • Can you cite your source that verifies your claim of Disney reallocating their existing busses to the express program?

          • Sure! The Disney Hub! You need perner to log on. No new staff. No new acquisitions of equipment or bus. This is instead of, and paid for service, not “in addition to”. Disney goal is effeciency and profit. I think it’s sad trend. Give it a dacade, speculation inside is parking fee at all resorts and pay for all transportation extra.

          • Yolanda,

            You and I both know you don’t have the proper clearance to see when we acquire new transportation assets. Do not purposely spread false knowledge.


          • Hahaha, so true Mr Iger. I post here anonymously with a few of our remaining fans, and some trolls like Pete..LOL. I happen to be a CM who is a huge fan, and find some of our stinginess and safety cut backs embarrassing. I find I have to defend how WDW is still OK, but we both know, it’s just an ugly stepchild of making movies as fast as we can, and we’re no longer taught the guest matters, it’s effeciency, doing more with less mentality. If there’s a line of guests for 2 hours, that is a sign of success and not I’m told to send 9 out of 10 my CMs home early to save money..guests won’t care. (Wink wink)

            • Even the “troll” is a fan who’s fed up with Disney cuts, naive people & believers in Chinese dwarves that somehow make the Chinese parks better than the ones in the US because they’re “independent” from Anaheim.

          • Ummm, the Disney parks in HK/Shanghai are NOT run by Disney. The US parks are helping subsidize them, that is true, and the US parks are run horribly, also true, and Disney Pete has no clue., also true.

          • Inaccurate Disney Pete. As usual, we expect no more from you. You haven’t a clue, and you posting over and over doesn’t compensate for your inaccuracy, rudeness, or ego issues.

  2. Disney cutting back staff and making their own “DEMAND” for such a service by cutting supply. People will soon be begging to pay triple this to get around 2-3 hour lines for entry at parks. Lines now so long, you’d never get your money worth out of park hopper without it. Genius on Disney part! Change $150 go get in , and another $100 to be able to get any value of the ticket. And you’re still not getting on many rides, they aren’t building those very much anymore. As this site shows, most areas are kiosks to sell stuff. All said, we won’t plan to go, doesn’t look like much fun, but, we like Disney movies :)

  3. That’s fair. It was a steal at $25. I hope they never cancel it. It was a lifesaver on our vacation in January, and crowds weren’t that bad. It saves money in the long run for me, because it makes shorter trips feasible.

    • How dare you comment on here with a reasonable and positive response to a marginal price increase on a useful, optional service.

      • It’s become a necessary evil to pay for, obviously on purpose. Disney in Florida keeps adding rooms, meanwhile closing stuff to half capacity or worse. We paid $500/person to fly there last trip, never again, next time it’s Shanghai for Disney, and Florida for Universal and the beaches. It’s sad they suckered people to have to pay this, but it’s the future. Disney knows most people will complain, but pay it, heck, they could charge quadruple, cuz they will make it that you have to, or else you pay $150/day to stand to just enter the place and get in a couple rides you fastpassed in advance, and still stood in long lines for!

    • I genuinely hope you’re a troll, as I can’t imagine someone living an existence this miserable and full of negativity. I pity the suckers that have to interact with you on a daily basis. The day you make a positive comment on WDWNT is the day the site crashes.

    • Disney Pete trolls another forum, he’s probably a prepubescent kid who never had his testicles drop and compensating for it here.

      That said, this Disney cutting things so badly you have to pay for transport to overcome their mismanagement is pretty sad. but Disney has screwed you over if only have one day to see a couple parks and you don’t want to stand in an entrance line or wait an hour and half for cheap “free Disney” transport .

      • As long as you agree, bring in the hate!! I thought I was the only one thinking Disney turned into a money grubbing machine thanks in part by the gullible enablers who don’t care to pay more for less

          • Is that what it is? Maybe these wrong conclusions of yours is what’s making you think Disney is not getting worse.

          • You wouldn’t be able to tell a wrong conclusion if it hit you in the face Disney Pete. You missed the point. No surprise there. Go ahead, we know you can’t shut up, click the reply button…LOL

            • You’re right. I cannot stop hitting the reply button just as much as you cannot stop making excuses for Disney

          • Nobody here disagreeing Disney is getting worse, they’re cutting to the bone, and this bus service helps only alleviate a problem Disney created, and charging extra to fix it. WE get it. But your rambling here, and on site how you take trips to Hong Kong. You’re full of it! Now…show us how dumb you are Disney Pete, hit reply again! Show us all who’s boss! (sorry folks, sometimes, it’s fun to feed the trolls)

          • oh boy oh boy Disney Pete sure told us. Guess now that you said your piece..repeated yourself yet again, guess that’s it. No? Disney Pete aint’ that smart. I bet he hits reply AGAIN!

          • That Disney Pete troll is getting well fed tonight, and here I thought nobody that trite to dig into your game. Very funny thread GregL. And I agree that Disney just charging more to fix their own problem. All the busses will eventually cost some extra, writing is on the wall. Back to our regularly scheduled program, seeing how gullible Disney Pete is…

          • Sheehan you underestimate sheer American stupidity or how much Disney Pete lies to make his tiny ego feel better. I knew Disney Pete couldn’t not hit reply. I bet he can go another dozen or so. Maybe more! LOL

          • Disney Pete, that’s a lie man, NOBODY in this thread saying anything about Disney better than before. He said your comment of “as long as he agreed with you” showed your ego problem. We all seem to agree the busses are a profit grab from a system Disney broke themselves on purpose. Guests are getting screwed. We know are seeing your true colors though when you lie Disney Pete and won’t shut up. It is a funny thread though, at your expense. I don’t think you see it. The best part.

          • No, I’m a full time cast member, nothing to do with PR for sure. Agree parks have completely lost concern for guests. But that doesn’t relate to the point of THIS thread…focus dummy…your ego problem, lies here on what people are posting, or that you’re laughably replying with nonsense over and over on this website. Gotta have a hundred posts in last week. ??????.

          • Dumb Disney Pete still didn’t adress lies with what Greg said , and still won’t shut up. I bet he post’s another 1000 times if people keep feeding the troll. How funny. Come on Pete. Start replying 10 at a time. That will really show us up!! Lol

          • Disney Pete, your being proud is not an advertisement. You’re an embarrassment. Go hire a friend, prostitute or something. What a fake. Hit reply again…come one….

          • You guys aren’t being fair to poor Disney Pete. He has no job and admit it, if you were his family or friend, would YOU want to spend time with him? Making stuff up here and picking arguments is all he has! Poor guy can’t count either, has about 25 posts this topic, and thinks it’s 5.

            Hit reply Pete…show us who’s boss..that was a funny one Ill admit GregL.

            • With a name like PJ you must be like …3 years old. Your world experience is enough to make me go cry on a corner. Are you even out of your PJ’s yet?

          • You wouldn’t have clicked on reply if you meant that. Now c’mon, click it again just like I have all the peons in here doing it.

            And please, add something like “Disney is great, you’re just too negative”. Otherwise, your claim about me carries little weight

          • Pete… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I was at work today and after out with friends. You obviously don’t have either one, a job, or friends based on your activity here. WOW. About 20 posts since my last one last night. Your other topic you talking how you’ve made it to HK Disney Land, and here saying how I was defending the parks Come one now. Neither true. Don’t stop now. You’re dumber than that. Think can post a few hundred before I wake up tomorrow and still not add one grain of truth or substance to the topic? Fun to feet the trolls sometimes. You take the cake though Disney Pete.

            • I’m bringing the same substance you have brought to the discussion. Deal with it. It pains you that I’m right and you’re wrong.

          • I’m not adding substance past my first post, just waterboarding you online. But….I guess you said your piece. Will go away now, huh Disney Pete? NOPE! Bet he’s back on the reply button before long. Come one. DO it Pete. Show us how you mean business! LOL

            • You mean “work” as in your mommy changed the wifi’s password for 24 hours and you were left without internet connection in your mom’s basement because you didn’t take out the garbage? Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us

  4. Dear Disney Pete,
    Please go, get lost, find another hobby, take a long walk off a short pier, I don’t care. Just take your negative comments elsewhere.

  5. How DARE Disney increase the price on a completely optional experience?? This is absurd!! It is another shameless money grab!! Walt must be rollin’ in his grave!! Disney parks are terrible now because they raised their prices to keep up with inflation, and the cost of their closest competitor! They are simply refusing to keep their employees at low wages so that I can pay less for my vacations! Meanwhile, I continually moan and whine because my employer could not possibly pay me enough to shut me up! Disney is just an awful company for offering extra optional services, and raising prices to keep their employees at a competitive wage! And if you don’t agree with me, you must work for Disney in some capacity.

    • See? Rationalizers like this Disney intern is what Disney is counting on. It doesn’t matter that Disney has already charged you for the privilege of hopping from park to park, you have to pay for the privilege of using that park hoping option even though all the rest of the Disney transportation is free.

  6. Wow. It’s only Thursday morning, and I think Michelle and Nick can already mine this one for the entire Psychotic Comments bit next week…

  7. Some info for those naive souls (looking at you Scott) that think other bus lines are not affected y this money grab, AKL bus line to BB has been eliminated

      • Right on Greg. So are you gonna tell the guys at Disney that you want to pay 50 buck per person for the express bus because that’s how much you think it’s worth to you and that you feel you’re taking advantage of them if they charge you less.

        C’mon, admit it!

          • If you aren’t posting 2 for everyone else’s one, you’re losing to this guy Pete. If you can’t read, nobody respecting you here. Post another, someone in bowels of Hell might not realize how dumb you are. Convince them. Say more :)

            • Amazing, we were talking, your mom and I, about you and that exactly how she called you: Dumb. Something to do with you falling on your head.

            • You really want me to spill the beans about your mom here? Which reminds me, she told me you should never forget to do your “work” again.

  8. Pretty sure AKL hasn’t had a dedicated bus to Blizzard Beach since the resort-wide bus change in May… ya know, many months before the Express service was even offered.

    • It was just announced that Disney discontinued that bus line. One thing’s for sure, you’re doing honor to your name.

      “Thursday, February 23, 2017 | Posted by OTPN Administrator

      Effective now, all Guests staying at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge who wish to go to Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park will have to transfer at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park (the park’s bus stop is where the majority of Disney resort Guests have to transfer when going to the water park, with the exception of Disney’s All-Star Resorts and the nearby Coronado Springs Resort). There will no longer be a direct bus from Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge to Disney’s Blizzard”

  9. No surprise you’d be spending a lot of time in the “loo,” given that you’re full of ?. No proof, as always.

    • That’s a great cost savings idea consider. Instead of buses, we can sell express coconuts and they can just bang 2 halves of a coconut together so it sounds like a horse. Now how can we get that many coconuts here? Anyone have any idea how well of a transportation system swallows are? Oh Bob you’re a genius!

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