RUMOR: Skyway Gondola Transportation System Between Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios to be Constructed

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This one is a bit wacky, but according to recent permits filed by the Walt Disney World, it seems that a Skyway-type gondola transportation system may be installed to transport guests between Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios (as well as a few resort hotels in between).

If you think Skyway systems are out of date, think again. New York City still utilizes such a system to and from Roosevelt Island and has proposed an additional system for the future, seen here.
If you think Skyway systems are out of date, think again. New York City still utilizes such a system to and from Roosevelt Island and has proposed an additional system for the future, seen here.

If the buildings on the permits are indeed for stations, the system would include stops at Epcot’s International Gateway, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, a shared station at the Pop Century and Art of Animation Resorts, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. See our illustration below:

The rumored route, stops and turns of Walt Disney World's new Skyway system.
The rumored route, stops and turns of Walt Disney World’s new Skyway system.

It’s no secret that Disney will not build a monorail expansion for cost and efficiency reasons, so would they build this instead? The timing seems right with the massive expansion work at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and soon-to-commence at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. The stations and turns are in spaces not currently used by any other structures or infrastructure.

The original Skyway attraction once operated at the Magic Kingdom park from 1971 until 1999. This new system would likely include much larger, enclosed gondolas, however (similar to the New York system pictured at the top of the article). It would be nice to have the Skyway back at Walt Disney World, in name at least. A modern homage to a classic Disney attraction that would now serve a real transportation purpose for many a guest.

The original Magic Kingdom Skyway
The original Magic Kingdom Skyway

We will keep you in the loop as more information on this rumored project becomes available.

Our thanks to the group of Disney World fans who pieced together this information!

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  • Just shocking. 4 Major websites have cited credit to WDWMAGIC yet you don’t even have the decency to do so. Shows how good of a website this is. All WDWNT does is steal information and claim that it was insider information.
    From The Great Movie Ride rumors to now the gondolas. Just despicable.

    • Such feelings for someone with obvious microphalus, or who contributes for another internet site. What was wdwmagic’s source? Hmmm. This is not a news paper old man. And it is a rumor to begin with, and one which VERY unlikely to happen anyhow. Disney won’t spend extra money for a minimum wage person to open an extra turnstile or two so guests wait longer for the park. Disney doesn’t open half the tables in their over crowded restaurants and cuts chefs so guests wait longer…nobody believes this internet ‘what it’ to be true nor credible. If you’re unhappy with the site, you don’t have to visit it! We like how Tom is honest on this site and not all sunshine and rainbows, nor overly pessimistic.

      • Original source is construction permits filed by Disney into the public record. There have also been a number of sources that have confirmed this is happening, but even if we discount those as rumor, the information in the permits is pretty compelling.

  • Why would Animal Kingdom not be included – that is the toughest park to get too. Each time we visit we wonder when will they extend the monorail to AK.

    • I’m pretty sure that will never happen in our lifetime. The benefit-cost ratio involved wouldn’t make any sense at all. Even to one of the richest corporations on the planet. Bombardier built the Las Vegas monorail (the same Mark Vi that we have at WDW) for $88mil a mile over a decade ago. So to build a monorail from the TTC to Animal Kingdom would run over half a billion dollars.

  • Wow did channel 9 ask any other web sites for an interview NO they went straight to tom .good job.other sites are too uptight.

  • Does this have anything to do with the construction that is currently tanking place behind the Germany Pavilion at Epcot?

  • I was wondering how Disney would push a Caribbean Beach DVC , especially now that it’s been confirmed they’re going to demolish a couple of the Islands and turn them into a Tower similar to Bay Lake tower.
    By putting in the Gondola System, Disney will be able to push this as a high end resort that has access to both Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

  • I am excited. I can’t wait.. I will be at the parks in September. I hope it’s up and running by then.

    I wish I had seen the original skyway system at MK. Personally, I’d prefer the station be between Epcot and the resorts, but as I am understanding, it will be over near the monorail, correct?
    That would make it possible to go to the monorail without going through the park..

    I don’t know, as someone mentioned, it as an answer to the Hogwarts Express, then it would be more of an attraction and one would require a park hopper to ride it as Universal has enforced.

    That may be extremely attractive to those staying at the resorts being serviced, as it would reduce any lines at the parks.. I don’t know.. I guess we will find out when complete.

    This may be off topic a bit, but wouldn’t it be exciting to have this available between the Animal Kingdom resorts and Animal Kingdom park?

    Could you imagine the views available?