VIDEO: Disney PIXAR Releases A New Extended Look At “Cars 3”


Disney has just released an extended look at “Cars 3” that recently aired during the Daytona 500.

I am definitely getting a Rocky vibe from this movie.


  • Lightning! Lightning! Lightning! Sounds just like Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!
  • I’m guessing Lightning goes up against an an opponent that he cant beat. Similar to Clubber Lang or Ivan Drago.
  • He becomes down and out. Similar to all Rocky movies.
  • Reflects on the words of his mentor/trainer, Doc Hudson. Similar to Mickey.
  • Training montage. Opponent uses advanced technology to train, Lightning trains outdoors. Similar to Rocky IV and Rocky running on the beach in Rocky III.
  • Lightning comes back to win against insurmountable odds. Like most Rocky movies.
  • Or Lightning can be training a new racer, like Rocky V. Just hope that is the only similarity with Rocky V.

“Cars 3 opens June 16th.

Source: Disney*Pixar