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VIDEO: Imagineer Joe Rohde Explains How AVATAR Fits in Animal Kingdom; A New Look Inside Pandora

Today, Disney has released a new video showcasing Pandora: The World of AVATAR. In this video, Imagineer Joe Rohde explains how AVATAR will fit into the park, a question many a guest has asked over the last 6 years:

Here are some fantastic stills of water flowing through Pandora, marking the first time we have seen this landmark in construction:

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Pandora: The World of AVATAR opens May 27th, 2017 at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

  1. Truth: This land fits in Animal Kingdom because of it’s income potential, James Cameron and Disney are going to churn out at least a half a dozen Pandoras, and the merchandise they will see makes it worth it! All said, Disney SOOOOO overdue for ANYTHING new, I’ll take it.

  2. Looks cool. Movie was a ripoff from the kids cartoon Fern Gully but the rides look nice. I would have liked to see something real in nature duplicated there like a small version of Victoria falls. Alwyas like the little waterfalls at the end of the safari. Could have traveled through the mists on a hot day!

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