Walt Disney World Extends Annual Passholder Exclusive Park Entry Lines Program Length

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Introduced in December, Disney today has announced that the theme park entry lines exclusive to Walt Disney World annual passholders at all 4 theme parks will be staying a little while longer.

Disney has stated that they will now remain through the Spring at least, with no exact end date given.

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  • So let me get this straight……..Disney is “extending” this benefit out of some sort of urge to be charitable to it’s AP’s? I for one, am disgusted, this should be a permanent fixture at all parks. One would think that the costly expense of an AP, Disney would provide us with more of a buffer from the regular paying customers, some of whom are rude and do not fully appreciate the atmosphere Disney provides. Until Disney announces that the AP entrances have become permanent, my partner and I will boycott their usage.

      • I honestly do not understand how simply stating my thoughts on a particular subject on this site is considered a joke? I do understand that Disney is not going to implement what I would like, due to logistics and cost involved, however that will not deter me from expressing my views.

        • Perhaps you could look at it another way…Disney is extending this benefit to see if AP’s actually want to use, and more importantly are using this benefit. From what I have experienced the AP line is a little further away and not always the shortest line to get through. However I appreciate the gesture and I like the idea of the nod to the Passholders.
          If everyone was to boycott the Passholder entrance would surely fade away.
          Passholders should use this benefit and keep the ideas flowing so that we get a little extra magic on our visits :)
          Personally I think it would be cool if our bands made the scanners light up a different color other then green!

        • “I honestly do not understand how simply stating my thoughts on a particular subject on this site is considered a joke?”

          Your inflated sense of superiority is pretty darn hilarious.

          Good one, dude.

    • I too find it a bit odd that these aren’t permanent. It just seems like a logical way to control the flow of traffic. I think the response to your comment about your account being a joke is due to the fact that you come off a bit elitist with your comment about “regular” customers. Not everyone who can’t afford an expensive pass is rude or fails to appreciate the joy of the parks. These lines should be standard for sure, but not because annual pass holders are more important than everyone else.

    • Wow!! You are really something! Calling others rude and leaving a rude comment. We would be happy if you and your partney boycott Disney. The way you are acting, we don’t want you there.

  • They cut back how many lanes are open and some times of day it’s 45 minutes to 2 hours to enter the park, kinda like when only one lane at grocery open. These signs are just an advertisement to sell more annual passes. Disney has made entry as miserable as possible.

  • Last time I went to the MK (2 weeks ago) the annual pass only lines were nearly 50 people deep, thus I went in via a non AP line. It’s a nice idea, but is it going to clog everyone into a 30 min line while everyone else waits 2 minutes to enter? If so, I’m not bothering with it.

    • Rarely is it a 2 minute entry. We waited 20 minutes. Very shady how many entrances roped closed, too cheap to pay minimum wage workers.

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