BREAKING: Hourglass Lake Overlook Being Built at Pop Century & Art of Animation; Is This the Gondola Station?

Disney will be constructing a scenic overlook over Hourglass Lake, the body of water located between Disney’s Pop Century and Art of Animation Resorts.

Permits were filed with the South Florida Water Management District and the image below is provided in the documentation.

It appears as though this could be the spot for the station of the rumored gondola transportation system. The size of the plot would be big enough to hold such a item, and the placement directly between both resorts makes sense. Otherwise, it is unknown what the exact reasoning for building this overlook could be. There is already more than enough seating out in this area for those who wish to enjoy the view, so building more seating or standing space wouldn’t serve any real practical purpose.

Either way, this overlook is being constructed starting soon.


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