PHOTOS, VIDEO: C-3PO of Star Wars Gets His Own Airplane

PHOTOS, VIDEO: C-3PO of Star Wars Gets His Own Airplane
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The Japanese airline ANA, or All Nippon Airways, unveiled their most recent Star Wars themed plane which is themed to look like C-3PO! On the outside, along with having a large Star Wars logo, the plane is a bright yellow with a series of circles and wires that resemble that of the droid. This C-3PO airplane just began flying on domestic routes on March 21st, 2017.

The plane was unveiled at the Star Wars Celebration Europe earlier this week and is the third of the planes ANA has made with Disney, to promote Star Wars. The other two planes also feature droids. Those droids being R2-D2 and BB-8.

The three current planes ANA has made in collaboration with Disney

The interior of the new C-3PO plane is no ordinary plane. The flight attendants wear aprons that are designed to look like him, along with the cups and the headrest covers.

Flight attendant inside the C-3PO plane
Cups on the C-3PO airplane

Below is a short video from ANA showcasing these Star Wars planes.

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