CONFIRMED: 2-Hour Nightly Extra Magic Hours Coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom This Summer for AVATAR

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Last week, we told you that it was rumored that Disney’s Animal Kingdom would offer nightly Extra Magic Hours to resort guests so that they could more fully enjoy Pandora: The World of AVATAR once it opened. Today, the Swan and Dolphin resorts are confirming our suspicions…

With Animal Kingdom park hours locked at an 11pm closing time during these early Summer months, the Extra Magic Hours will take place night from 11pm until 1AM until July 4th, 2017. This benefit will only be available to Walt Disney World Resort guests, and the Swan and Dolphin hotels fall within that category despite being operated by another company.

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    • Expedition Everest at night is awesome. Tree of Life, too. Pandora will just add to the beauty, can’t wait.

  • Last week you said it was 2 hours after park opening. Leave it to crazy ol’ Corless to change his story yet again to fit his I’m always right mentality.

    • Really? Anyone with half a brain could understand from the context of his article that the extra hours were after park closing, not opening.

      And it’s not exactly a leap of faith to connect the jump from Pandora opening to park opening.

      • Said it before, I’ll say it again. It’s time to require e-mail verification. It’s far too easy to make up as many random names as you want and troll away. What made for humor in Psychotic Comments is just getting annoying in its constant appearance of every single article.

        • Actually on second thought, by forcing email registration it would allow Tom to delete whatever he doesn’t like, specifically any criticism of him. Although it seems warranted in most cases, it’s important to not curtail the right of people to express themselves in however they see fit. Besides, with both Twitter and Facebook available, there are many other viable ways to engage with others about how unstable the people that freak out over the new Mulan are.

          • Voice, I agree with you – these comment sections are almost unbearable. They are in dire need of a serious refurbishment. But can’t Tom still delete posts as they stand now? I would think he has full administrative privilege?

          • He absolutely does have those privileges and has deleted comments in the past, but it would be a lot easier to just ban registered trolls permanently. These forums would clean up immediately with e-mail verification.

          • That guy just defined the problem. Anyone can use any username at any time. I didn’t write the 3:04PM reply.

            And Tom can already delete whatever he wants. Seeing as this is his blog, I don’t think there’s much “right of the people to express themselves.” They can express wherever they want, but if the people running this blog don’t care for those expressions, they can do as they please. If they don’t like it, there is nothing stopping “the people” from visiting one of the other countless Disney sites.

          • But honestly it probably wouldn’t do much at all since it takes all of a few minutes to make a brand new email. Plus if Tom spent all his time banning people he wouldn’t have as much time to stand on trash cans to take pictures over walls, bug attraction greeters until they make up some “inside information”, or write horribly misspelled blog posts.

  • I visit probably 12 – 15 Walt Disney World sites every couple days. Trolls are the one & only reason I don’t consider this site my favorite.
    It’s a serious problem

    • I think the real problems are the psychotic comments and who hates Tom radio segments. Yes there have always been trolls, but it grew exponentially once those segments started because it suddenly gave validity and a purpose to their trolling. They say don’t feed the trolls and frankly those segments are doing exactly that.

      • Completely and utterly spot on. Those segments are typically funny, but it’s genuinely hurting the website and creating a really weird atmosphere. If you see more than 10 comments on a post, it’s guaranteed the trolls are running wild.

        And since Tom regularly mentions the need for profit producing components of WDWNT, I’d hate to see a bit on News Tonight kill the primary money maker. A lot more people visit this site than watch Tonight.

        • Well ultimately that’s why I think he won’t ever switch to email verification. He’s made it perfectly clear that he could care less about anything negative that’s said about him on here. Unless every single troll is using an ad blocker, he’s getting money from them flooding the site, so it seems in his eyes, there’s literally nothing he can lose from all the trolls because a casual fan might check the site once or twice a day. These trolls are obviously checking it dozens of times which completely negates the lose of any regular fans.

          • Serious question – I would think the ads would only pay out if clicked, not just served on the page. But maybe I’m ignorant of how web ads work.

            The troll comments were entertaining the first time or 2 I saw them but now they just add to the overall cesspool feel of the internet.

            My suggestion for making them go away until such time as some form of validation happens: A massive effort by everyone to simply impersonate the known trolls. Post all sorts of comments using their name/handle, that way we can’t tell who is the real troll. Eventually, the trolls get sick of their “brand” being diminished and either leave or… well, probably just start using a new name.

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