PHOTOS: Disney Drops Custom MagicBand Readers for New Payment Devices

Starting today, Disney is removing the custom POS TouchPoint devices at all retail, front desk, and food & beverage locations and replacing them with industry standard devices.

The first of these devices were installed recently at Disney’s Pop Century Resort. It’s the PX7 Retail Multilane Terminal.

The company who designed the custom POS machines with touchpoints currently all over WDW is apparently no longer in business, and it was costing Disney a lot to maintain the existing devices.

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The new POS devices still work with MagicBands (utilizing the flat reading area pictured above), other RFID payment methods, and also have the chip readers for credit cards, which is now an industry standard.

The Mickey Mouse shaped touch points that are a hallmark of MyMagic+ may be added to these new readers in the future.

So, what do you think of this change?

  1. Looks like another downgrade, the other readers were very unique, made kids smile. But new ones I’m sure less expensive and matches the cheaper image Disney is trying to portray. Who would think a day McDonalds would be higher end than Walt Disney World?

          1. Or save your money, skip Disney World and just randomly hold up your kids and tell them to tap wrists… you’ve got a whole house of fun! Refrigerator, cabinet face, sofa, drywall, the list goes on and on!

    1. The Express Bus comments from last week were pretty bad, but now we’re complaining about an extremely minor modification in point of sale systems? It’s time for another flood. We have to thin this herd.

      1. Yea, this isn’t as dumb as their cut backs to need the express bus, but nobody enlightened could ever deny 9 out of 10 steps Disney managers are taking is one closer to “theme park hell”

    2. you whiners are pathetic at this point. Complaining about every little thing Disney does yet obsessing over a website who’s only purpose is Disney news. You people are weird and need to get a life.

  2. Doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. It’s a POS system, not a ride or a queue. I find it hard to believe that a brown/bronze pin pad was bringing that many people special magic, especially kids.

    Once they eventually slap Mickey ears on these it’ll look more Disney branded and serve the exact same purpose.

  3. Doesn’t really make a difference to me TBH. The old ones were starting to look… well… *old*. To bad they couldn’t go with a new Mickey-themed design, but come on… it’s a POS. People just want them to work.

  4. All they really need to do is slap a mickey sticker on the RFID touchpoint and call it a day.

  5. I wish you included an old picture so we can compare. This doesn’t matter to me, but I wished it was smaller and in a brighter color instead of black. The screen is larger than at McDonald’s. Why does it need to be so big? At minimum, they could have customized the housing by attaching an overlay.

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        9. Disney Pete has never had a friend, and family deserted him shortly after birth. Don’t worry. He gets fed here. If he bothers you, ignore him, everyone else around him does…he doesn’t want to be liked.

          And this change in the system no big deal, but come on Disney. You know you can do better. Looooooooooong lines today at Magic Kingdom. Am on here while dear wife in line buying at Confectionary. Only 1 register of 6 open, at least 50 people in line. Terrible service. Disney just doesn’t care anymore. It shows.

          1. The stories these lemmings concoct in their head to create their own resonant chamber. It’s amusing. Keep them coming!

  7. The other point of sale systems for guests was unique. This isn’t a good step, but not a big one. The guests by the time they wait a half hour to buy something won’t care, today only 1 of 12 registers open at Hollywood Studios shop..Aggregating..Waiting for Disney to make a GOOD decision, and not a cheap one. They’re long overdue.

  8. My favorite part of the picture is all the systems that look like they belong in a cheap gas station installed, and only one lonely cast member working, probably was a line to get to him. That’s Disney Typical.

  9. I think the bigger issue is the lack of financial accountability upper management seems to take when things like this happen. The amount of money that was dumped into specially designed software and hardware that within a few years is now obsolete and malfunctioning. Think of the long term sustainable improvements that this money could have been invested into that would have had a bigger impact on the front lines of guest experience / relations. Instead of dumping money into custom unproven hardware that in the end had little impact on the guest experience they should have been using already proven technologies (POS Terminals) that can be paid for in a rental agreement / subsidized by their credit card processing company. This is why they pay a portion of every sale to the credit card processing company. Use that negotiating power to subsidize the equipment, slap a Mickey sticker on it, and call it a day. Oh and then go spend that money you saved on some ride improvements.

    1. Good point, but Disney is NOT going to spend on ride improvements. Or anything else ‘special’ to guests, this is why their attendance is crapping out. They really do not care about guests. Not sure how else to explain it. They hate them. Honestly, to management, guests are a necessary evil to make bottom line. And cast members are the only thing worse than guests, which is why you see a lot less of them and many closed lines, eateries, etc.

  10. As long as I can use my magic band to pay so I don’t have to carry my card then I’m fine. Couldn’t care WHAT it looks like.

  11. I will start by saying it is just a POS and I am not going to get that emotionally involved with it. However I will say that when I go to Disney World, I am not going to just any place. The Price of going continues to rise and when I go I want to feel like I am going someplace special. We all see these machines everyday of our lives, they are common place. I do not equate common place with Disney. It was exciting to see a device that is so common place be turned into something that was part of the magic. The experience and theme is what brings people back. The innovation of taking common place and turning it into the uncommon is at the heart of what Walt Disney wanted from these parks. Is this going to stop me from going? Absolutely not, but the magic has dimmed just a bit.

    1. New management believes that the ‘magic’ doesn’t make money.

      New rides in last decade include Frozen overlay (to sell merchandise), Avatar (to sell merchandise and tons of rapid fire movies coming), Toys Land (same). More stores than rides in all 3 of those ‘new areas’, which really aren’t new, they closed stuff to overlay! The little touches were what set this theme park out, I know, I know, it’s just a sales point thing. But it’s another step back. Universal/Comcast is cleaning their clock in growth and creativity..and I’m a DISNEY fan.

      1. Universal/Comcast is cleaning their clock in screens and screens..and I’m a DISNEY fan.

        Fixed that for you.

        1. No, I think he means in their parks. Which they sadly are. Universal was up in attendance and profits in theme park division Orlando, Disney was down :( I don’t think it’s the point of sale that makes the difference, but the managers who changed this have also messed up a lot of other good stuff at Disney for the worse.

    1. You must be new here. When Disney announces a change, no matter how ridiculously minor, these comment boards rage. Get in line or get out!

      1. I’m an adult with a nice life and not much to really be angry at in life, could I join you guys in completely losing my mind over the most trivial of changes made by a for-profit corporation that I have decided should only make decisions based on my childhood memories?

        Sounds like a blast!

  12. POS devices have to routinely be updated to comply with evolving security standards (EMV, NFC, PCI, encryption, etc). A custom device not only had to be very expensive to maintain, but to some extent probably put guests’ data at risk as well. Industry standards and best practices are a good thing, especially in the payment card industry.

    1. Stop being reasonable and basing your opinion on facts and information! This is a place for whining and name calling by “adults” who should have better things to do with their lives! Get out of here with your emotional maturity and open minded view points!!!

  13. Looking at the last picture. Zero percent of that is magical. That could be a Holiday Inn in Newark.

  14. It looks like there is a little cover/hood over the keypad. I like that part… you can ‘privately’ punch in your pin code.

  15. All this fighting is trivial. Find something feel to complain about. I am concerned for the visually impaired. Self checkouts and such are a pain for these people.

    1. There are always cast members at these terminals, so assistance is provided for visually impaired. My mother in law, who is legally blind, had no problems getting assistance on our last trip.

      1. There’s not many cast members anymore. Not sure last time you were at park. In line now, 50 other people waiting to buy candy, one cast member at one register, other 5 closed. Dumb Disney.

  16. My Question is of those new machine that disney has is Apple Pay? I wonder if The Walt Disney Company still accepts Apple Pay at Disneyland, Disney world and the Disney Store?

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