PHOTOS: New Magic Kingdom Security Checkpoints Being Constructed

PHOTOS: New Magic Kingdom Security Checkpoints Being Constructed

As we reported earlier this week, rumors were indicating that the Magic Kingdom would be moving its security checkpoints further out. Well, it appears that construction has begun on the new checkpoints for guests on watercraft and busses.

photos new magic kingdom security checkpoints being constructed 5

This screening area will likely be for guests coming off of the Walt Disney World busses. The temporary tents are being used during the test and adjust period. Permanent structures would be built once the best permanent location is determined.

photos new magic kingdom security checkpoints being constructed 2

The first set of tents would house the bag check. The second is for the metal detectors.

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photos new magic kingdom security checkpoints being constructed

photos new magic kingdom security checkpoints being constructed 3

Guests arriving via watercraft would have their own security checkpoint as well.

photos new magic kingdom security checkpoints being constructed 4

Rumors indicate that monorail and ferryboat guests will be screened at the Transportation and Ticket Center, but we didn’t see any tents erected there as of yet. Guests at resorts taking the monorail would be screened at the loading platform if all of this should pan out.

  1. For the love of Pete: Again, THE PLURAL OF “BUS” is “BUSES”, NOT “BUSSES”.

    Tom: Please report to your remedial English class.

      1. Grammar and spelling are important. They make the difference between saying Tom helped his Uncle Jack off a horse and saying Tom helped his uncle jack off a horse.

      1. Everybody loves you Disney Pete. You’re like the villain that everyone loves to hate. Like the Joker, Voldemort, or Bob Chapek.

    1. The possessive of Tom is Tom’s, not Toms. Unless you are a teacher for only people named Tom.

      1. What is wrong? The link says the plural is “buses”, which is what the post says. So your response should have been “Correct”.

  2. A good idea all the way around. Thanks for the updated app info. Tom, I appreciate it.

    1. Good idea for who? What a dummy. This does nothing for anyone’s safety or anything else. Maybe makes Disney have excuse when something big enough happens to make the news.

  3. I would rather not see this level of security outside a park that harkens back to the days of my innocent youth, but I understand it. The world has changed a lot since the 70″s.

    1. Naive idiot. This stuff has nothing to do with actual safety. Disney has cut back costs and all the real stuff. The WDW parks are beefed up on security to make it feel good to people, and chance for Disney to say “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims of the mass shooting, we did all we could” when something happens (and it will, there’s tons of avenues including all cast members to get weapons in).

      1. And how many times has that happened, PJ? Disney has had very few incidents ever on their property.

        1. HAHAHAHA You wish. No terrorist attacks, but lots of incidents. We just keep them out of the news VERY well.

          1. As they always have. My brother was a CM there in the late 70’s through late 80’s. He told us lots of stories. Can you give examples of more recent “events”?

          2. I cannot. Not public information. You should do some of your own research, and make guesstimates by great increase of accidents and incidents reported in the news, or police reports. We have hundreds of them.

      2. A keyboard warrior in every thread. I’m not sure what makes me a naive idiot when I clearly stated that I’d rather NOT see this level of security at the parks. But this is the reality that we live with now in a society where people who live in constant fear of terror attacks berate everyone else, and calls them snowflakes. It’s like a 24 inch thick wall of irony, not to mention a complete lack of self-awareness.

        1. Scott, you’re not the brightest snowflake in the sky. The point he was making is a fact. Disney’s check points in actuality add zero to actual safety or prevention of attacks. There’s no need for an impenetrable wall, or living in fear but the point is that this security is a “Show”, and your post seemed to think it helped something other than perceived safety for guests to feel better. Obviously there are some that don’t realize there’s a person in the Mickey outfit, and a talking mouse exists, but this usually ends at a younger age or higher intelligence than people are replying on the internet. (Not in your case)

          1. Then you really need to find someone intelligent enough to read my post to you and explain the emaning behind it.

            But until then, let me try to simplify it as best I can for you. I really don’t care for ANY of the absurd security measures we see in everyday life. It may be a surprise to you Millenials, but terrorism existed LONG before the September 11th attacks of 2001, and somehow we got through life just fine without having to pass through metal detectors and scanners everywhere we went. So I don’t see the need for ANY of this “added security”.

            No, it’s people like you who are drenched in right wing fear mongering that think you’re going to die in a terrorist attack every time you leave your home that dictate this “show” of extra security. And that is the part that I get. Disney, like many others, understand the need to quiet the fears of the big bad patriots in order to keep their business.

            Again, the most fear-ridden sissies on the planet calling others snowflakes. Hilarious.

          2. Scott, you said in your post “I would rather not see this level of security outside a park that harkens back to the days of my innocent youth, but I understand it. The world has changed a lot since the 70″s.

            Well, there is no added level of security added was the point. We disagree with you. In the 70’s Disney put a lot of security in their parks, behind the scenes. Now, those have been cut, and the metal detectors on main entrance added for ‘show’. The fear mongering, right wing politic BS you added is from your own delusions.

          3. Please tell me more about the security that used to be in the parks back in the 70’s compared to now. I’d love to hear the details behind this statement.

          4. They used to employ off duty police in California for Disneyland, we had over 20 of them. Disney uses one per park now. Cast used to be told to report safety rapidly by calling 911, now told never call 911, always call Disney first for public relations to respond first. Used to have cameras monitored, now, that staff fired. Used to have wildlife management team, they’ve been let go to save money. The list goes on…. We’re whipped to push efficiency and profitability. Nothing about individual experience or safety anymore. I still work here…

          5. Public information Scott, it’s been on the news. You should check it out. A lot of stuff behind scenes I wouldn’t share, but unless blind you’ve noticed cut backs front stage. You can imagine what’s going on behind the scenes. Nothing to do with fear mongering or policies as you brought up. Just nothing to do about safety either.

  4. What Disney does need to add is the scanning machines ( such as Universal uses and airports) as it is a faster process and one doesn’t have to reorganize/repack their bags that have been all messed after inspection and EVERYONE will then pass through the scanners. A better system and make strollers only line

    1. Cuz Disney cares about money. Not really safety. And this add on is for the perception of safety. Most see this, but there’s enough (like Scott Dolan above) too naive to realize it’s purpose for the company.

      1. I have to agree. As retired NYC Police officer of 23 years, we marvel at what a sitting duck Disney is. Not that one can live in fear, but the dog and pony show they do for screening is no deterrence at all. They really have no resources in the park. But as read on here, some citizens buy into it and makes them feel better spending their money there…I’d say Disney had this as their goal.

        1. Roland, if the right wing, and their media lapdogs, would ever stop with all the fear mongering then there would be no need for all of this “added security” because all the brave patriots would no longer live in fear.

          1. How come idiots like Scott have to bring their politics, media, right wing, fear mongering BS into something completely unrelated? OH yea. Stupidity. Think he completely missed the post, and his replies are unrelated. Nobody here concerned about fear, just know from inside it’s NOTHING to do with safety, and all show. Unlike Scotts first post seemed to indicate.

          2. Of course it has to do with show, which I have already said at least twice already. It’s for those who live in a constant state of fear. I’m not sure how many different, and more simplified, ways I can state this in order for you to comprehend it.

          3. NOBODY here Scott mentioned FEAR or politics BS except YOU!!! They are only saying this has ZERO to do with safety, and is NOT a sign of the times regarding crime.

          4. If it’s not a sign of the times, what is it? Why weren’t they setting up these kinds of security checkpoints in the 70’s/80’s/90’s/00’s?

          5. Because Disney has become much more interested in public image and perception of safety to feed people feeling better about the bottom line. People recommended on surveys they’d ‘feel safer if guests were screened’. They were asked if it would increase their spending or trips to the park, they said yes. The end! If it doesn’t yield more profit or PR, it will go away.

          6. Right. Every last word of that confirms it as a sign of the times. Give people those same surveys prior to September 11th, 2001 and the results would be dramatically different.

          7. Ummm, quite while you’re behind Scott. Your posts about right wing, fear mongering, etc show me you don’t have a handle on this at all brother.

          8. True. Irrational fear of terrorism popped out of a vaccuum.

            And Disney just decided to go with this “added security” just because. Totally unrelated.

            Great call, alanj.

          9. Scott, you truly a piece of work. Disney is only doing this for perception of safety is the point. Nothing to do with fear, actual safety, right wing antics you bring up, media, or your obvious stupidity.

      2. Andres once again shows a reading perception level of 0.

        Hopefully my post above will clarify things for the adult nearest him who can then explain it to him.

        1. Not to take away your sunshine and unicorn rainbows, I think you should look in the mirror of missing the point and being very uninformed to the facts here Scott.

  5. Heres an idea! Disney should make a nudist only park! Then they can eliminate the need for security completely, and they would be able to say the “cutbacks” are really for increased security. Fewer security officers = more $$$$ for Disney! It could be a total drunk fest, too, if they don’t allow kids. Sell booze every 5 feet in a cart, so that AA members like me can release our tension. Who’s in?

    1. Have you seen how overweight most Disney guests are? Yuk And Disney wouldn’t make enough money…not gonna happen either way.

  6. Rude. Just because I’m flopping all over the place on Mine Train, and I am too lazy to walk so I use an electric scooter to run over people so I can be the first in line for Frozen Ever After, doesn’t mean I’m not a stud.

  7. Thank you Tom and gang for all you do, your site continues to make me feel happy.

  8. If you want to talk about terror, lets talk about clowns. Clowns are the real terror in this world. In fact, I remember growing up and visiting Circus World in Orlando…clowns everywhere. That was truly terrifying.

    What ever happened to Circus World? They had one of the best IMAX shows I’ve ever seen, and I remember feeling like I was truly riding the roller coaster as a kid. I hated roller coasters as a kid. Now I’m an adult, and I love them. I think Disney needs more of them.

    Oh, this article was on new security measures…never mind

  9. As mentioned several times above, these measures do absolutely zero to thwart actual threats, but merely, as George Carlin said years ago, “makes white people feel safe”. Yes it is a very different world than the 1970’s, it’s much, much safer. Unfortunately, Disney has to appease the “perception” of safety as well as actual safety.

    1. Yea, I’m all for real safety measures, but this crap of long lines in a fake interest of safety is stupid. Just reading some of the comments on this posting though, some actually buy into it!!!!!

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