REMINDER: Disney Infinity Servers Shut Down Today

This Friday marks the end of an era for many fans of the cancelled Disney Infinity series.

On March 3, the servers for all three Disney Infinity games will officially be shut down for good, making players unable to access and download Toy Boxes from the Community Content servers. We have known about this closure since July, so luckily players have had ample time to get online and download all their favorite Toy Boxes before it’s too late. However if you haven’t downloaded your favorite Toy Boxes yet, you still have a small window of opportunity to do so.


Each game allows users to download up to 300 unique user made Toy Boxes, which should be plenty for most players. Downloading a Toy Box works the same on all three versions of Disney Infinity. From the game’s main menu, simply head over to the Community Content page and select the tab called Disney’s Toy Boxes. Once you pick a Toy Box select download to add it to your list. This way, the Toy Boxes you save will remain on your Xbox One/360, PlayStation 4/3, or Wii U for as long as you decide to keep it there.

Another feature that will be going away forever is Friend Sharing. Friend Sharing allows you to play and download Toy Boxes created by users on your friend list. To download a Toy Box created by a friend, head to the main menu and select Community Content, then Friends, and select a specific friend. A menu will then display all the Toy Boxes created by that friend that have been Friend Shared. Just choose the Toy Box you want and download it, voilá! All downloaded Toy Boxes will be available under the menu Toy Boxes, in the tab Toy Box Saves.

It’s hard to say goodbye to such a beloved series, but thankfully fans have had a long time to enjoy the game before everything shuts down. In other news, the former developer of Disney Infinity, Avalanche Software, has since reformed and is now working on a game for the upcoming Pixar movie, Cars 3.

8 thoughts on “REMINDER: Disney Infinity Servers Shut Down Today”

  1. I’m sorry but considering the investment of toys many of us made, the servers could have stayed up for another year beyond the series’ demise. To boot, we went on today understanding that this was the last day and the servers were already down. Shame on you Disney. Big PR hit in my family but that means little to you I’m sure.

  2. Although I can understand Disney cancelling the series due to costs, even though many fans would have loved new figures for future film tie-ins (Avatar, Star Wars etc) or classic figures (Goofy, Chip’n’Dale and so many more), I’m pretty disgusted they have turned the servers off already given that I’ve spent hundreds of pounds on Disney Infinity as will many, many others. The amount of money it would cost to keep the servers up surely can’t be unaffordable for a company that makes so much money.

  3. I have to agree with the comments here the amount of money that we spent on the figures the power disks it’s sad that the service is shut down just like that I mean it was only a year ago they released the racing game that you were supposed to race online what a huge disappointment after putting that much money in for the kids mine don’t even look at it anymore because they loved to join with other kids. Just stupid, they only did that because they want to make one more scoop of our money with the dory playset sothey decided to keep the servers on for a little bit longer for that reason

  4. Literally just found out today that those toyboxes were ever available for download… and now we can’t haven them! My kids would have LOVED this :(!!!!! If anybody ever finds out a way we can download the DIsneyland ones please let me know! I’m heartbroken that I found this out just a few weeks after!!!!

    • To make it worse stores are still selling the Starter Packs even though the on-line content has been taken down. I was in Toys’R’Us (in the UK) on the weekend and they had a stack of 3.0 starter packs as well as many figures. If you didn’t get the 3.0 Speedway Game that’s a lot of fun, it’s basically a ‘Crystal’ that you put on the portal and it gives you a large stunt park to play in and about ten themed race tracks for single or multi-player racing, like Wreck it Ralph, Big Hero 6, Agrabah, Gravity Falls etc. There’s also a Toy Box Takeover expansion game but we’ve not played that yet. I know that Toys’R;Us are selling both of them for £1.50 (about $2) – I paid £10 for them so very cheap now and add a lot of playtime. No idea how to get the Toyboxes now the servers are down I’m afraid – I’m still angry with Disney about this but doesn’t seem to be anything we can do.

  5. I’ve just purchased the starter pack second hand. Will I still be able to play without creating an account? Disney infinity website doesn’t seem to have much info :/
    Thanks for any replies

  6. Yet Disney still pushes the product on Toys R Us… a product that is incomplete… lazy, money hungry… Oh Disney Disney Disney, it will come a time when you won’t be able to buy your demise

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