RUMOR: Magic Kingdom Security to be Restructured, Screening for Most Moving to TTC and Resort Hotels

It seems as though Disney may be trying to create a better guest flow at the entrance of the Magic Kingdom by moving the security perimeter of the park further out.

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If all goes according to rumored plans, guests parking at the Transportation and Ticket Center will go through security bag check and metal detectors after they exit the parking lot trams, but before the board any monorails or a ferryboat to the park. These guests will then be able to walk directly to the Magic Kingdom turnstiles (or touch points as the kids call them these days) once disembarking at the park’s monorail station or ferryboat dock.

Supposedly, this would lead to security screening areas being added at the various monorail platforms at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, and Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. Guests taking a bus or resort launch to the Magic Kingdom would still be screened just outside of the park at new checkpoints. Guests walking over from Disney’s Contemporary Resort on the small walkway between the hotel and the Magic Kingdom will also have their own checkpoint (which is already being done at select times of the day).

Disney has not yet made any comment about the changes, so they are simply in the realm of rumor for now. However, recent construction work being conducted at the Transportation and Ticket Center and at the Magic Kingdom park entrance are pointing towards the change. It is unknown when the changes would take place, if they ever do materialize.

What do you think? Would this be a positive change in your opinion?

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  1. I heard the same rumor from a boat skipper a few weeks ago when I was there. I thought, grain of salt, but if you’re also reporting the rumor, it might have legs. We shall see! :)

  2. No this can’t be true. Disney would NEVER do something that would increase costs to them in the name of creating a better guest experience. I’m sure the construction is for a gift shop or food stand. Or maybe it’s just a place for Bob Chapek to sit and rub his hands together while laughing manically as he sees walking $’s headed to the park.

  3. Thank goodness they are at least looking into some way to alleviate the congestion when entering the Magic Kingdom. However I still do not understand why annual pass holders are subjected to the same demeaning and embarrassing security checks that regular guest have to pass through in order to gain entry into the park. It’s rather preposterous to believe that an annual pass holder would pose any sort of threat in the parks. We are the one group that appreciates the parks more than anyone else.

    • You’re completely right. I mean, no one has ever committed to becoming a pilot just so they could fly into the WTC in the US or anything like that. I’m sure if AP holders were exempted from security checks that it would never, ever cross anyone’s mind to purchase an AP for a few years before doing something destructive. (And, by the way, WDW’s security checks are far less invasive than your average TSA pat-down. My husband and I are almost always “randomly selected” for the extra check, and there’s nothing demeaning about it. It’s just the way of life these days.)

    • If they had a different level of security for annual pass holders then anyone wishing to do something nefarious would just buy an annual pass. Unfortunately as heightened security measures appear to be the new norm then they should certainly redesign all of the park entrances from the ground up with security check points designed in instead of just forced into previously designed entrances and traffic patterns.

      • Have you seen the prices of an annual pass? Who in their right mind purchase an AP just so they could wreak havoc in one of the parks, when it could be done much more economically with a one day-one park pass?

        • Haha are you for real? Everyone is the same as far as security is concerned. You think a couple hundred bucks means Disney trusts you? With the billion dollar brand?? Haha again!

        • it’s possible for the nicest of AP holders to have a life altering even and decide to do something bad at Disney, therefore we are all treated equally .

    • Demeaning and embarrassing? …And a would-be terrorist would never purchase an AP to avoid bag check if that were available. I am AP and DVC and married to a cast member and I’ve never felt demeaned.

      • Well obviously you weren’t at the Magic Kingdom when my partner was forced to go through the unnecessary security screening as I watched two swarthy looking gentlemen stroll right into the park bypassing Security.

        • I’m a single mom of two with one child in a wheelchair at WDW and I had to walk through the “unnecessary security screening” and while I was annoyed by it, it’s certainly not demeaning or embarrassing. I mean if your husband get embarrassed that easily then he probably should travel out and about.

        • I think we’ve all had enough of your hyperbole and retelling of vague incidents that always seem to happen to your partner. You can just stop commenting now. Thanks for your input.

          • We kindly request that you please refrain from all feeding of trolls. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

          • Honestly, it may be time to start requiring e-mail verification before allowing posts. Every large message board has this kind of process to help curtail trolling. As funny as the random usernames and petty fighting can be, it’s really not doing much to help WDWNT (apart from filling the hopper for Psychotic Comments). Most of the deep rabbit holes end up having absolutely nothing to do with the article and/or Disney.

        • Well maybe he shouldn’t have been wearing a shirt that said I’m da bomb and I’m going to have a blast at Disney World.

        • “Two swarthy looking gentlemen”??? Maybe security was looking for racists that day, seems like they got it right with you, “Progressive” music lover.

        • “Well obviously you weren’t at the Magic Kingdom when my partner was forced to go through the unnecessary security screening as I watched two swarthy looking gentlemen stroll right into the park bypassing Security.”

          Never happened.

    • So a terrorist would not think to buy a annual pass, it’s stupid people like you that makes easier for these cowards, thank god people like you are not in charge of security

    • As the story above says, there would be a security checkpoint on the walkway from the hotel to the resort.

  4. I think it would definitely help the flow…and if there was a danger…there would be less injuries if something happened…

  5. Thats a pretty damn stupid idea. It incoveniences guests who are just resort hopping. There is no limit to Disney’s continued demise. Oh wait, there is. Total demise.

    • Sorting out tens of thousands of guests and their MK experience every day is going to trump resort hopping every time.

    • And yet day in and day out, you are here, on a Disney World News site, commenting.

      I’m sure when everyone looks at this, they certainly see Disney as the pathetic shut-in who spends his day whining about something he could easily give up, and not yourself.

  6. I think it is a good idea. Will.cut down on the bottlenecks at Park entrances. When at WDW a couple of weeks ago, they were “herding” people coming off buses into a place near Guest Services for security and had blocked off the hill going down near boat landings. People coming from boat landings were “herded” into usual security checkpoints. Seemed to help alleviate gestion.

  7. Well for the love of God finally. Having the metal detectors right on top of the entrance was like no security at all. Anyone familiar with site security knows you have to have a significant amount of distance between your screening area and the area you are trying to protect or you have no reaction time at all.

  8. I think this would work better. I think it’s a good idea to screen guests before loading them on the river boat to Magic Kingdom or boarding monorail.

  9. I hope so! it took us almost 30 mins to get through the entrance of MK in February!! the bag check and the metal detectors were beyond jammed.

  10. It seems lije they are trying to add security to the transportation under the guise of guest services as to not cause guest worrying.

  11. I thought I saw a scanner at the contemporary walkway right at the end of the walkway before Mk. This would explain why

  12. Here’s the deal, people. This project is to put security first, not the speed at which you can enter the MK. The new security measures are to prevent acts of violence on the monorails and boat from the TTC, just as you have to go through security before boarding the monorail at Epcot. Eventually, there will be security at all resort bus boarding areas as well. As it is now, a terrorist could take out more guests at one time on the monorail or a bus than they could inside a park. These are security measures, not congestion alleviation measures. I go to the parks so often, some of the security officers call me a frequent flyer and I still have to go through the metal detectors. I would be upset if I didn’t. This is the world in which we now live.

    • You fool, obviously you have never noticed the numerous busses and monorails filled to capacity roaming throughout the Disney property in open unsecured areas. The security screening areas do nothing except humiliate those that are singled out for the overly intrusive scrutiny and to boost the the egos of the facists that revel in pushing other people around.

      • I suppose there shouldn’t be security at the airports, banks, borders or anywhere either right, because we live in a world that is all love, joy and peace?!?

      • Fascists who push others around? And you call me a fool? Ha. No one is singled out. EVERYONE goes through metal detectors. It has obviously been a long time since you’ve been to Disney. You need to get out more. Disney isn’t the only place doing this. You misspelled fascists by the way.

          • Boom, there it is! This guy has nothing to back up his remarks, other than vague and exaggerated anecdotes… so he jumps to the noun de jour (fascist) and then follows up with the ever so eloquent “Typical Nasty Trump Voter.”

            Your partner must be so proud.

      • Peggy very intelligently pointed out that the issues you are speaking of, monorail and buses, will be eliminated with the new procedures. as for the screening humiliating people, I thank you for pointing that out. I go to WDW several times a week and almost always get screened. I’ve already been screened at 4 parks in one day. I never realized I should feel humiliated/ Silly me I was thankful that they are trying to keep us safe.

  13. I know you can’t just take my word for it, but I can confirm this is true. I used to work at the TTC and have coordinator friends there who told me about this a few months ago!

    • Can also confirm.

      My sister’s mother’s brother’s aunt’s cousin’s dog walker’s nephew’s live in maid’s on/off boyfriend’s boss’ daughter’s yoga instructors’ drug dealer’s masseuse’s friend with benefit’s social media consulant’s Personal Shopper’s podiatrist’s rabbi’s golf instructor’s step-son stalks Tiffiany that works turnstiles and overheard security while he was being held awaiting OCSD.

  14. This is how it already is at Universal. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel last year. When we took the boat to the park we went through security at the boat dock, and when we walked over the security screening was at the end of the walkway. Guests parking in the garages were screened at the exit of the garage. It spread the crowds out and made going through security so much easier than at Disney. We were very impressed.

  15. How about just getting rid of metal detectors entirely. They only create a false sense of security for wimps who are afraid of going to public places. There’s also a word that describes these people. That word is “chicken” and nobody likes a chicken. Exhibit A: Marty McFly. If I ran Disney I’d get rid of the metal detectors under a new “Marty McFly” rule that would put honor and freedom before security.

    • “If I ran Disney” You know they just put out a job description for the CEO position, it says they are looking for an emotionally stunted loser who sits on his computer calling people “chicken” and doesn’t understand how metal detectors work. No experience in anything of value necessary, must have no friends and a delusion of his own self-worth.

      Sounds right up your alley!!

  16. Most parks across the US have metal detectors as you either enter to purchase tickets or after tickets are purchased at the entrance to the park, it may slow things up briefly, but no more than bag checks! Follow the process and get stuff out of pockets and be ready, things go quick. Have done this at six flags for years before Disney implemented the process. Yes it is a bit inconvenient, but so is death and dismemberment.

  17. 1) Where on the monorail platform will there be room for security checkpoints?? I can see lines into the resorts.
    2) What a pain it will be if you want to go from resort A to resort B for dinner, a monorail pub crawl, or just shopping. ..
    Will Disney add provisions for this?? Separate monorail entrance lines for the park, and non-park monorail entrance. Only certain “pre-screened” guest compartment doors of the monorail will open at the Kingdom.
    Hopefully this has been thought through!!!!!!

  18. Disney needs a lesson in screening from Universal, plain and simple all bags get screened via a machine all people walk through metal detectors, the end. No random nonsense, no select person, everyone walks through.

    • Disney does not want to spend the money on stream lining things. They have billions in assets and millions to spend but prefer to use that money to make more billions. I can go on all day about how they can’t think out side the box or understand how much stress they put on the security people. I know these things because my nephew works in security and he says it’s run by idiots and politics.

  19. They should follow Universal’s example and use metal detectors and X-ray machines to check bags. This old school method of going through every single bag by hand is tedious and time consuming. And they need to add many more lines. I’ve stood on longer security screening lines in Universal, but because their methods are more efficient, the lines move faster than they do at Disney.

  20. I think that’s an excellent & common sense change….Next they need to start verifying handicap parking permits. Lots of unnecessary abuse there, making it very difficult for the people that truly need those spaces.

  21. It’s not a rumor about the TTC security people are already being mandated to start in about two weeks. They don’t even know where they will park, take breaks and arrive for assignments yet. Problem is security is already thinned out due to turnover it’s a nightmare already trying to toss security people all over different parks and expect some stability. A good idea? Maybe but it’s being hastfully processed and poorly executed into place.

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