Incredibles Super Dance Party Being Replaced in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom; Limited Time Meet & Greet

The Incredibles Super Dance Party that has taken over the Rockettower Plaza Stage in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom will finally come to an end on April 30th, 2017.

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The offering will be replaced by the Cosmic Dance Party sometime in the Spring, but no date or further details have been announced as of yet.

A Mr. Incredible meet and greet will be offered in the meantime May 1st through the 18th in Tomorrowland. We would assume that means that the new dance party will debut May 19th, but that’s just our guess.

17 thoughts on “Incredibles Super Dance Party Being Replaced in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom; Limited Time Meet & Greet”

  1. Will they just stop it with these dance parties already with characters that aren’t available for regular meet and greets, with very little interaction, wish Mr. Incredible’s meet can be expanded to the end of the month, wish he took Buzz’s regular spot

    • Even though I’m with you, as long as there are people lining to “enjoy” them they’ll keep on doing them.

  2. As silly and useless as they seem to me when I think about them, the dance parties are some of my most fun memories with my kids. Dancing with the country bears in the Golden Horshoe at a rainy Christmas party will stick with me my whole life. These dance parties are some of the most spontaneous and unstructured fun in all of WDW. Not everything needs a line and a predetermine interaction. I was a little sad when I saw this stopping but I’m glad it is being replaced.

  3. With the Incredibles gone, we can fire more employees, and do this thing called a “Cosmic Dance Party”… Make it sound futuristic and we can eliminate the jumbo screen, and just blast annoying music in your ear. Hmm… This way we can put more money into the already failing.. oops I mean amazingly successful.. Shanghai park. Because, lets face it, the average Brazilian tourist won’t know the difference.

  4. I am very pleased that it will be going. The entire dance party concept was annoying, inconvenient, and intellectually lazy on the part of the imagineers. There is nothing worse than attempting to get from the People Mover to the restrooms located behind the stage and having to traverse though a sea of unruly brats and their lazy parents that make no attempt to control the little monsters.

  5. Wow the comments from all the haters!! Myself and other families love the dance party! It’s fun! And the interaction with the incredibles dancing with the guests. Much more fun then standing in line waiting for a 2 minute meet and greet . I sincerely hope they bring the dance party back on May 19th!

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