New Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Books Hit Shelves, Musts for Any Theme Park Fan

This month two new pirate books hit the shelves at Disney World. The first, Disney Pirates, delves behind-the-scenes across ninety years of Disney film, television, and park history.

The second is an illustrated (beautifully, might I add) version of Pirates of the Caribbean that includes a soundtrack.

Not only can these two books be found at the Disney theme parks (as seen above), you can now also pick up a copy off of Amazon for a fraction of the price. Below is a little bit more about the two books:

Disney Pirates: The Definitive Collector’s Anthology: Ninety years of pirates in Disney feature films, television shows, and parks


Disney Pirate History

From the Publisher

Pirates have captured people’s imaginations for centuries, and Walt Disney believed in pirates as a source of great popular entertainment. Walt’s very first all live-action feature film was based upon Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, and even before that, he selected J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, in which pirates figure so prominently, as a key feature-length animated film for his studio. Years later, Pirates of the Caribbean opened in Disneyland just months after Walt had passed away, making it one of the last Disney theme park attractions in which he was personally involved. That attraction ultimately spawned similar versions at Disney parks around the world, one of the most successful series in motion picture history with the five Pirates of the Caribbean films, and a vast themed land at Shanghai Disneyland called Treasure Cove–celebrating the entirety of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Disney Parks Presents: Pirates of the Caribbean

In this book, Mike Wall’ s original illustrations accompany the lyrics of the beloved song. Bring the magic of navigating through the fire lit waters of the pirate-infested Caribbean home.  The included CD featuring “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me)” allows you to relive the adventurous attraction time and time again or experience the magic for the very first time as they read.

If you don’t plan on being in the parks anytime soon you can pick up a copy off of Amazon.