CONFIRMED: Disney is Officially Building a Gondola System Between Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Resorts

Documents released to media today by the Reedy Creek Improvement District confirm that the long-rumored gondola transportation system is coming to Walt Disney World. While this comes as no surprise based on the permits and such filled over the last few months, it is nice to have it finally admitted to by a Disney agency.

Proposed route for the gondola system at Walt Disney World.
Proposed route for the gondola system at Walt Disney World.

The system will connect Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, and Disney’s Pop Century Resort when completed.

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  1. How do we know which of these are stations and which are turns? Just from the permit requests?

    It just seems to me, on a purely arm-chair-engineer basis, that there could be better ways to lay this out than the diagram.

    • The article says 6 stations, but I have heard from other people that the one by the Boardwalk parking lot would not be a station but just a turn. When they say “station” maybe they don’t actually mean a load and unload station since that location doesn’t make much sense for more then a turn. The location and orientation of the buildings pretty much confirms the layout. Taking everything into consideration, including the possibility that there are plans for the land north east of DHS the layout actually makes sense. Also note that the AOA/Pop station is actually in the middle of the lake, not on the north end as shown. Some people question why there is no direct link from Epcot DHS, but there are already other non-bus options for that so it clearly wasn’t a priority; getting guests to and from the resorts was.

  2. Never in my life, I’ve seen such a blatant anti-logic”transportation plan”… This beats everything in efficiency logic from the first toddlers class !! .. lol ..

      • Gondola operations are feasible, in a AS SHORT AS POSSIBLE point-to-point layout. The proposed zigzagging in this “plan’ (guess-picture) is outragious. More: ‘connect stations’ (leaving one gondola to board another one) is the most efficient way to provoke catastrophic bottlenecks… Basic public transport feasibility knowledge.

        • There is only one connection station, at the south end of Caribbean Beach making three routes all terminating at that station so at most there will be only one transfer.

          • On that “guess-map” , there is : GIANT bottleneck ! (4-way ! )
            By the way, the Orlando Sentinel reports to have read something different in ‘documents obtained by them, from the Reedy Creek I.D.’ : they say they read about 6 stations and THREE lines. This crooked map above here shows 2 lines with ridiculous childish ZIG-ZAG for 1 line…

          • I also said there would be three routes, just like the article. 1. POP/AOA to CBR South, 2. DHS to CBR South, and 3. Epcot IG to CBR South. CBR South will be 3 at not 4. I have heard that CBR North will both a turn and a boarding station to serve the new (likely DVC) hotel tower be built there. Boardwalk will be just a turn station, no boarding. The route from CBR North to Epcot is a little roundabout but it keeps the line close to the road which will help in the event of an emergency and it also keeps it away from Epcot backstage.

          • But, we’re talking about the guess from THIS site, (Wich is not second hand, but third hand.. :-) )
            Also, even Orlando Sentinel is “talking about” what they received, without publishing anything directly from the source… As usual, with media ! .. :-)
            I’dd love to read the feasibility report ! (Not mentioned anywhere in the media)

          • Permits for this, which are public record, show the size, shape and location of the all the stations except the one at the International Gateway. This information alone lines up with the routes show in the diagram. There are also people on another message board who have inside knowledge of the project who have confirmed the routes.

    • I see. So your experience in engineering and transportation construction tells you that this isn’t feasible. Huh. Can you offer more details?

  3. My only comment is, that on exception of animation and pop, all those are already connected via boat, I guess is adding more value to these places cause of the presence of a more effective method of transportation.

    • Carribean Beach is not connected by boat. This route will server around 7000 hotels rooms that are currently only connected to the parks by bus, allowing them to take a lot of busses off the road.

    • I would think it would be included, not an additional cost, if for no other reason then it only makes sense if it takes buses off the road and charging extra would work against that. They may also see this as a reason to charge more at POP/AOA and CBR.

  4. If you are going to report on this can you at least use the correct map. The one you are using is inaccurate. The Animation/pop station should be in the middle of the lake south of the bridge connecting the two resorts.

  5. While the article gives the news, it saddens me this site can’t distinguish when to use “between” versus “among.” This article’s headline actually requires the use of among, since it lists more than two things. Please contact me if you’re in need of an editor!

  6. I’m not against. But I do wonder about visual intrusion. I know wdw is typically extremely concerned with that and how they keep it to a minimum.

    Myself, I was hoping for a second international gateway between Germany and China that would include a canal with boats going down to Caribbean beach, then pop and Art. I was envisioning as part of Caribbeans dvc to also get some expanded food shopping and night options all with a Caribbean theme…. Almost serving as an unofficial Caribbean pavilion in world showcase only removed from Epcot itself. Since no Caribbean country will likely ever have an actual pavilion, guests could leave thru international gateway 2 and visit the ‘Caribbean pavilion’ for food fun and nightlife.

  7. I think it’s a real shame they are abandoning the Monorail System for something found in every ski resort and state fair. So common. Imagineering isn’t including “imagine” much in anything they are doing…

    • Their not abandoning it. Their going to upgrade and refurbish current monorail systems. They will not add more to it because it’s basically creating new roads and infrastructure and it is too costly.

  8. It’s a real screw job for the Epcot resorts that use the International entrance, nice a quiet and clean. You pay mucho bucks for this entrance and now will be invaded by 50000 value resort people, but all those thinking this is great all the prices will double in those resorts. So don’t book just yet.

    • Wayne I am sure the Value resort People will be sad to hear their access into your park is going to spoil your Vacation. self absorbed. I think this is going to be wonderful. I hope they expand this to port orleans. Also would really like to know when it will open.

  9. This diagram shows Caribbean as a turn without a station. I hope they add one. As of now (2018) Caribbean is under going major reconstruction. Maybe they don’t want guests getting off there until construction is done. Anyone else thinks that?

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