PHOTO REPORT: Disney’s Hollywood Studios 4/4/17 (Star Wars Land, Toy Story, More One Man’s Dream Changes, ETC.)

PHOTO REPORT: Disney's Hollywood Studios 4/4/17 (Star Wars Land, Toy Story, More One Man's Dream Changes, ETC.)
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Our latest photo report brings us to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to see the latest progress on the park’s massive expansion and more. Let’s take a look…

Welcome to Hollywood!

PhotoPass services will remain at Sid Cahuenga’s, even now with Cover Story on Hollywood Boulevard reopened.

Some repaving happening on Hollywood Blvd., long overdue based on the color difference.

Will this be the end of the infamous metal lines in the ground on Hollywood Boulevard?

The Darkroom and Cover Story have reopened as one larger store attached to the Celebrity 5 & 10.

The Dark Room has mostly pins and MagicBands for sale.

Cover story has a lot of smaller trinkets, as well as stationery and assorted other souvenirs.

The openings between all three shops were greatly expanded for better traffic flow as well.

The merchandise stand outside of Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster is now also sponsored by Hanes and has signage with a shop name.

Signage outside of the former Starring Rolls Cafe now tells guests of many other dining options.

You can see a large crane working in the former-Backlot area from the entrance of the Hollywood Brown Derby.

Lilo and Stitch were out meeting guests in front of the Chinese Theater for a bit.

They have filled in the signage around the park as not to give the impression that many things are closed. It is also helpful considering there is space on the signs for it, so why not put more on them?

Star Wars Land & Toy Story Land Construction

For an in-depth look at construction of both Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land, you’ll want to watch our latest Expansion Update video:

The walls have come out further, requiring fencing now. This has promoted Disney to create fence covers that look like construction walls.

Pizze Rizzo and Mama Melrose are this way, so I’m not sure this sign can apply to either of those…

The patio of the Tatooine Traders shop offers a great view of the construction.

A wall has started to rise, likely a themed barrier between Star Wars and the Muppets Courtyard. You can see this wall from the other side in the above video update.

A look from the Pizza Rizzo patio.

XBOX Game Port (AKA Something Else To Do at Studios)

Instead of just removing the video game area for the upcoming BB-8 meet and greet at Star Wars Launch Bay, Disney moved the consoles over to the old post-show space at the ABC Sound Studio.

Sure Disney Infinity no longer exists, but you wouldn’t know that by stepping in here.

The consoles and large vinyl stickers cover up the old exhibits.

This and That

Some new Disney Parks Star Wars shirts for ladies available.

A Disney Store branded plush of Marshmallow from Frozen is now being sold resort-wide.

For some reason, the cage in the cantina section of Star Wars Launch Bay was removed and replaced with a thin sheet of plexiglass.

More new ladies apparel.

Select counter service restaurants are currently selling a Beauty and the Beast cupcake. Was it good? You’ll have to wait for our review…

Changes at Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream

Form whatever reason, the Beauty and the Beast props at One Man’s Dream were removed and replaced with props from The Father of the Bride and Dick Tracy.

Based on the time period they are from, my guess is that these were discovered backstage as work began on the expansion of the park. Props from just about any Disney movie in 1990-1991 would have been featured at the Disney-MGM Studios at the time.

Large wall decals featuring other films now surround the room. It looks really cheap and terrible honestly.

Exit, Stage Left

The former secondary exit and bag check is now exit only. This was done as part of the revamped security procedures being installed at each park.

On the way out, we spotted a billboard for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, fitting as rumor has it that Groot and Star Lord are coming to the park.

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Punny Pete
Punny Pete

Can we just start referring to this park as Wallywood Studios from now on?


Why? Becaused they closed a street with some fake buildings and a show no one was going to anymore? Oh, I forgot, they also closed a playground and the backlot tour…which no one was riding. There are a couple of construction walls, but they are all in areas that no one cares about. When these new areas of the park open, it is going to be the second biggest Disney parks improvement, with DCA’s re-imagining being number one.

Punny Pete
Punny Pete

I just thought the name was cute. It’s not an indictment of them building stuff. If anything it’s more of a commentary on the fact that every Hollywood Studios update has at least 1 picture of a wall. So sorry I struck such a nerve there.


The fence is before the Streets façade. Are the facades going away? It seems like the Streets on the other side is staying, but they moved the fence forward as if they are doing something there. They are mostly working on Star Wars Land beyond the Streets on the outside.

The new Star Wars t-shirts are boring. I can’t believe anyone would buy it. The new costume exhibit is dull. I would think anything from the new Pirate of the Caribbean movie would be more fitting.


The place does look really cheap. The store items and other areas just look shoddy. And our family is the biggest Disney sucker family around. Why couldn’t they expand the park instead of closing so much? I get some of the areas were aged, but wow, our county fair here in Alabama runs rings around this as far as a cohesive product, and they put it up in a week!


Are they keeping the Street facades to the right of Muppet courtyard? How are they going to tie in Star tours with courtyard right there?

Ryan B
Ryan B

Why don’t we wait and see?


One Man’s Dream (there last week) is such a deviation and invaded version of what it was supposed to be that it’s really time for all of the pieces to go somewhere else. Kind of a shame.