REVIEW: Columbia Harbour House at the Magic Kingdom & Disney’s Largest Fried Food Dish

The Columbia Harbor House at the Magic Kingdom has always been one of those counter service restaurants to avoid in my book, but I’ve at least made a few visits within the last year to try out the menu and see what good could be found in this Magic Kingdom eatery.

The restaurant sits on the edge of Liberty Square, just steps from Fantasyland and The Haunted Mansion. The highlight of dining here is the second floor, which offers picturesque views of the surrounding area from above, but also a charming atmosphere that is sadly harmed by the fried fish smell that is embedded into every surface.

That being said, I don’t hate Columbia Harbour House and I have even found some dishes that are quite alright there.

Columbia Harbour House Menu (April 2017)

The most recent menu changes remove what could have been seen as the one healthy dish for meat eaters and replaces it with a Land and Sea Trio… more on that in a moment.

A board at the registers informs guests of the new offering, as well as some of the more popular dishes.

Land and Sea Trio ($14.49)

Fried Shrimp, Chicken, and Fish with Coleslaw and choice of Steamed Fresh Vegetable, Apple Slices or French Fries

Yup, all of the fried foods are in one dish. This is a bit overkill, but it isn’t a bad idea for sharing between two guests, especially if you end up getting a soup and/or a dessert.

The food is what you expect it to be and none of it is too bad. The shrimp are my least favorite, but the chicken and fried fish are perfectly fine. I opted for the fries, but you can get some vegetables or apple slices if this dish is already a little too fried for you.

Chicken Breast Nuggets and Fish ($11.49)

Battered Fish and Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets served with Coleslaw and your choice of Steamed Fresh Vegetable, Apple Slices, or French Fries

This is basically the same as above, just minus the shrimp. If you don’t care for shrimp, then just save yourself $3 by ordering this.

Grilled Salmon ($13.99)

Grilled Salmon Filet served with Couscous and Steamed Fresh Vegetable

This is probably my favorite dish at Harbour House. The salmon is well prepared and tastes very fresh, same for the broccoli and the couscous. If you want the opposite of a fried dish that might make you feel bad about yourself for the rest of the day, this is a relatively healthy and quite delicious option to enjoy.

Lobster Roll ($14.99)

Lobster Roll served with Potato Chips

The lobster roll is solid, but probably not a high recommendation I would make. The chips are much better than the standard Disney counter service french fries, but I’m not sure that makes up for a dish that feels like it was just scooped out of a package and into a bun.

Anchors Aweigh Sandwich ($11.19)

White Tuna served on Toasted Multigrain Bread topped with Lettuce and Tomato served with Potato Chips

Likely my #2 pick at Harbour House, the Anchors Aweigh sandwich is another nice, healthier option. The tuna tasted fresh, as did the vegetables inside of the bread, but the multigrain bread is what pulls the whole thing together for me. It’s a nice escape from the “cardboard” buns offered with most dishes in the parks. The corn on the cob is a nice substitution if you do not want the chips.

Shrimp Macaroni and Cheese ($12.49)

Shrimp served over delicious Macaroni and Cheese

Imagine the Disney counter service macaroni and cheese with some shrimp thrown on it. That’s what this is. It’s not terrible, but again, it isn’t something I’m likely to order here or tell someone else to.

Kids Garden Salad with Chicken ($6.79)

Here we substituted the usual sides for fries and apple slices, and also opted for the Nesquick chocolate milk.

It’s sufficient, the lettuce could have been fresher, but the chicken was surprisingly good.

Boston Cream Pie ($4.29)

New to the menu, this doesn’t look like Boston Cream Pie because it really isn’t. That being said, it’s pretty good. Think of it as a cake, with the Bottom Cream over it, then topped with chocolate sauce, a white chocolate swash, and the now-ubiquitous candy pearls. As far as chocolate counter service desserts go, this is worth a try, just don’t expect your definition of Boston Cream Pie. That being said, we really enjoyed it.

I’m happy to see a dessert offered that fits the theme, and a good one at that.


Columbia Harbour House won’t be the best meal of your trip to Walt Disney World, but it’s not the worst option for a quick bite. If you are looking for counter service seafood at the Magic Kingdom, this is your only real option and it’s not a bad one.

It is likely the 3rd best counter service in the park behind Be Our Guest Restaurant and Pecos Bill’s in my opinion, just for the variety of options and the quality that some offer.

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4 years ago

I love the ambiance and the Lighthouse Sandwich is awesome! Plus it’s never the most crowded place either. For my family, a lunch at the Columbia Harbor House is a must!

Awesome Amy
4 years ago

Aww, I love CHH! We’re a family of 3, but I’m not a big eater, so what I usually do is get 2 regular meals (usually chicken for hubby and shrimp for the kid), then a shrimp ENTREE ONLY for me – then steal french fries from the fam.
I discovered at our last trip, we can substitute fries for the coleslaw, and they give you one of those small containers full of fries! Such a great deal, and I don’t feel bad about stealing fries!

4 years ago

Harbor House has one of the better menus if you are like me and try to eat a “healthier” meal. I don’t need to eat a burger or fried food at every restaurant. The salmon and tuna sandwich is fine for me. It’s also not as crowded as Cosmic Ray’s or the Village Haus.

Disney Pete
Disney Pete
4 years ago
Reply to  Joe

Ditto. I put Columbia Harbor House in my top MK QS list

4 years ago

I would go with the flat breads at Pinocchio Village Haus every day above, well, actually any quick service at Magic Kingdom excepting Be Our Guest. I do really look forward to eating at Columbia Harbor House again this fall when we take the Keys to the Kingdom Tour.