VIDEO: Behind the Scenes – Creating the Plants and Creatures of Pandora – The World of AVATAR

As Pandora: The World of AVATAR approaches its opening next month, Disney has released another behind the scenes look into this exotic land. Today the topic is on creating the lush wildlife, as well as the animals that live on the planet of Pandora. You will be able to hear and sense the animals all around you as you explore Pandora. Here is the video below from the Disney Parks Blog:

Pandora: The World of Avatar opens May 27th at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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Overrated James Cameron
Overrated James Cameron
4 years ago

Can someone tell these geniuses to stop using the word “bioluminescent”?

If the object in question is not “alive” then it’s not bioluminescent. This is LED lights hooked up to a fake flower.

This land is going to bomb, hard.

My Minnie
My Minnie
4 years ago

Tom, can you please kill the comments section? Please?