Disney is Surveying Epcot Guests About Figment, May Impact Character's Future in Park Overhaul

Disney is Surveying Epcot Guests About Figment, May Impact Character’s Future in Park Overhaul

General park surveys at Walt Disney World aren’t uncommon, in fact, you’ll see Disney research cast members out and about on the daily recruiting guests to take these upon their return home. Interestingly enough, the general surveys about Epcot that guests are receiving now include a questionnaire about the park’s mascot, Figment.

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Figment is a character who dates back to the earliest days of the park and the original Journey Into Imagination attraction, which operated from 1983 until 1998. When the replacement attraction opened in 1999 with little to no Figment (and was also the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life), thousands of guests complained that he was gone (and that the ride was a piece of garbage). The requests were so numerous that Disney was forced to close the attraction only 2 years later and overhaul it to add Figment back in 2002. Sadly, this wasn’t a vast improvement, and now Journey Into Imagination with Figment is just months away from somehow outliving the 15.5 year run of the original attraction, which was often considered the by fans to be the greatest theme park ride ever built.

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Of course, Bob Chapek officially announced that Disney Imagineers are hard at work at a plan to conduct a massive overhaul of the park, one that would likely include a replacement or update of the current Imagination pavilion, home to Figment. Sadly, it seems as though Figment could find himself without an attraction again if he doesn’t prove that he is still relevant to most park guests. Rumors have persisted that an IP-based attraction will replace the Imagination pavilion, but we won’t know for sure until Disney makes some sort of announcement, possibly at the D23 Expo in July.

What do you think? Does Figment need to have a ride at Epcot, or can he just be the park’s mascot?

  1. I hope this means they want to change him around, not remove him from the parks as a whole.

    1. Agree Alex, I hope when they re do Epcot that don’t forget about Figment. His message is fantastic for kids and families.

  2. Just put Figment in a small exhibit or playground. They don’t need him in a major ride. How about a minor ride? A dark Fantasyland style ride with limited capacity will fill the need.

  3. The original Figment attraction was one one the best of its era. Along w Horizons and World of Motion.
    I’d love to see it brought back in some modern version.

    1. Why not combine the best features of two of these great attractions into one – Imagining Horizons. Epcot has lost its way over the last decade or so. Some of old iconic rides need to be brought back and updated. Others such as 20,,000 Leagues and Journey to the Center of the Earth could bring the added excitement and fun that this park lacks.

  4. I LOVE Figment. He’s one of my favorites. The original ride was amazing. The current version, while still fun is not as good as the original. Would love to see something new with Figment playing a bigger role. Getting a better Animatronic rendering.

  5. Bring back an updated Steampunk version similar to the original ride, as well as Dreamfinder. He needs to stay on the ride.

  6. Bring back the original ride, updated with newest technology. The world needs imagination and I would dearly miss Figment.

  7. I sincerely hope they improve Figment’s situation. It is time for a new ride and a new building for him. He IS the beloved mascot of Epcot and my favorite character!

  8. The original attraction was the best. Of the few things in EPCOT for children this was the best, but it was also great for the inner child in adults. I went on what replaced the original once and only once. When friends or family tell me they are going to Disney World and they children and grandchildren are excited to see Figment, I explain the differences and do not recommend this attraction as one to spend their time on. It would be great if the original attraction were put back and this dull, boring time robber done away with.

  9. Is there a link to this survey? I’d love to leave my opinion. It would be so wonderful if they brought back the orignal ride. It was my favorite as a child.

  10. I have a figment stuffed animal that I got from Epcot when I was a kid, my brother has one also. We still have them to this day likely around 25-30 years later. I doubt anyone is buying Figment merchandise these days

  11. I don’t believe they will ever come back with the original Imagination ride, but it’s time to let the Imagineers take over and redo the whole pavilion, WITH Figment and Dreamfinder. In my opinion this has been the most missed opportunity for Epcot. And while they are at it, open up a path out of the back towards World Showcase. This will help increase traffic flow by the Imagination pavilion.

  12. I really love Figment. One of the must see attractions at Epcot. Something for the whole family to enjoy together. Miss Dreamfinder.

    Miss Horizons and World of Motion. I know these won’t be brought back. Please, no more “take over” by movie characters.

  13. I loved the original Figment. I loved that he was a Figment “of your imagination”! It’s become a mess of it’s original self. The ride used to remind children and those of us not children, to use your imagination! I feel like in this virtual world, we are loosing the creativity of using our imagination. Bring imagination back to the Imagination Pavillion!

  14. I love FIGMENT maybe a facelift of the attraction but without him there is NO IMAGINATION…or a little spark to light the candle…please save FIGMENT

  15. The original Journey into Imagination was our daughter’s favorite when she was young (mid-80’s.) We have photos of her and The Dreamfinder with Figment. In fact, she preferred EPCOT to the Magic Kingdom. We love Figment, but the attraction is boring now.

  16. I hope that the survey is available upon my arrival in the next 2 weeks. I have seen all three variations and the original with the Jules Verne-like ‘Dream-Maker’ character and Figment was my favorite version.

    1. Amen to that! I loved the original and so did my son. He was about 4 or 5 and he just loved Figment & the whole pavilion that I bought him a plush Figment that he slept with for years! Heck, he still may for all I know & he’s almost 40! LOL

  17. What’s old is new again. Tiki’s birds came back, maybe journey into imagination call too. It needs something and why not share it again 20 years later both for the fans and for the new generation.

  18. I want to take the survey! I love Figment! He’s been the mascot for EPCOT since the beginning. They can’t get rid of him!

  19. I HATE that attraction. It’s so incredibly dated and just plain awful. Most of Epcot is. My kids were so disappointed. The only area we liked at all was the World Showcase. We won’t be back to that Park until it’s overhauled.

  20. Figment is one of our favorites! I hope they just update him a little because it would be sad to see him go! ‘One little spark of inspiration is at the heart of all creation!’

  21. Figment needs an attraction and should be the official mascot of EPCOT. My children love Figment and now my grandchildren do too. The first version of Journey Into Imagination with Figment and Dreamfinder was the best one. They should bring an updated version of that attraction back.

  22. How do I join the survey????? I helped save him the last time and plan to do the same this time!!

  23. How do I join the survey???? I helped save him the last time and plan to do the same this time!!

  24. Please don’t get rid of Figment! I love him! Keep him as the mascot and in an attraction.

  25. Figment doesn’t need to return. Sort of like they deserted the character after the last Imagination update. Dreamfinder isn’t well utilized either. They should just find better IP to use.

  26. Figment was an amazing part of Epcot. I loved him since 1983 when we first went on the ride and even my 4 and 6 year old son now love the character! Bring back Figment in an updated ride!!!

    1. I have seen all three versions and the updates just got worse. The original was engaging, the anticipation waiting to see Figment pop up behind Dreamfinder built up excitement. As far as I am concerned, it was in the beginning and would still be one of the best attractions in EPCOT for children other than Turtle Talk. They need to bring back the original attraction, the fantasy, the playfulness at the end of the ride. Disney management seems to find a way to take out what the guests like. As the saying goes, If It Isn’t Broke DON’T Fix It. However, I guess management thought they were fixing it, WRONG.

  27. I went on the original attraction many times when it first came out..loved it.
    The current is not as fun for the young kids..it is very boring.

  28. If they get rid of Figment I will personally lead the riot at the park! I can just picture what the attraction would look like if they used the trackless vehicals from Ratatioulle in Paris and the visual effects from the pirates ride in Shanghai. No if the licensing agreement with Kodak has expired I would definately bring bak Dream Finder, but i don’t know if they still own the rights. In conclusion, I say breakout the pickets and SOF (save our Figment).

    1. I agree 100% with you… I love Figment sing the song all the time!!!

    2. I live the rumors of an Inside Out attraction, but shouldn’t that be an update of the Wonders of Life pavilion? (Which isn’t to say that I wouldn’t jump at the chance to see Captain Buzzy and that chicken one more time)! Figment represents some of my favorite childhood memories. The original ride was inimitable, and my 7-year old self thrilled at participating in the green-screen Dreamfinder’s School of Drama! As a teenager my best friend and I would ride over and over again until our ride vehicle timed up with our favorite images of animated Figment in the circular screen. We loved when he mashed his hands, feet and then face up against the “window.”. Don’t even get me started on how much I loved those pin tables or the sensor tunnel…yeah, I’d be perfectly content with a restoration to the original pavilion. It breaks my heart that my kids will never experience it.

  29. I agree with Frank about the original rides. Figment and Dreamfinder need to have an updated version of the original ride. Creativity and imagination are the touchstones of innovations that has been a driving force for this country. Not to mention I love Figment! I have a plush Figment from 1989 that still makes trips with us!

  30. I really hope they don’t get rid of my favorite little purple dragon! He’s has been my favorite since 1985. I always look for him when I go to EPCOT.

  31. They should make a Figment attraction based on the Marvel comic series.

  32. I pray that they don’t get read of Figment!! That’s my first and most favorite ride that I go on. I still take pictures every time I go on it, even the older one. I will be disappointed and very upset if they that it out.

  33. I really hope the don’t take figment away. Even though I’m 14 he was my childhood. Don’t take him away

  34. While they’re at it, bring back Dreamfinder! He was a great character at Epcot, and meeting him with Figment was a highlight for me.

  35. The best ride in Epcot for younger kids. When they changed it my heart was broken. My older kids have been there ten times and have seen the old and the new. Get it back to the original!

  36. The best ride in Epcot for younger kids. When they changed it my heart was broken. My older kids have been there ten times and have seen the old and the new. Get it back to the original!

  37. I would reimagining the whole pavion with the big hero 6 show or inside out show at the magic eye theater(captain EO) and bring back the original attraction.

  38. As one of Figments original “Dad’s”. I am amazed by his continuing popularity since the demise of our original attraction and the travesty of a replacement that currently exists. I was so excited when Marvel stepped up to create a 3 volume 15 episode collection of Figment and Dreamfinder’s adventures. Originally available as comics, they were reissued as hardbound graphic novels, for which I wrote the original forward. If you Google the word Figment and look at the images that pop up they are nearly 100% the little purple dragon. I would hope that the survey suggests a worthy successor to the original ride with new technical bells and whistles. Even better…I think “The Figment Movie” could be one of the best attraction to film properties ever!
    I hope there are enough visitors to EPCOT that remember his warm and inviting original incarnation to spare his demise.

    1. Figment, Dreamfinder, their ride, and Image Works is why I became an artist, born to create things from my imagination. My absolute favorite was the artist’s room – “Oh look! Look! A rainbow! I can use that to paint with!” It is heartbreaking to see the crap that resides in the pavilion now as well as the abandoned footage of Image Works that can be found online. I can only hope and pray that they bring back an update of the original and Image Works. I haven’t gotten my hands on the graphic novels yet, but if you approve of them, you can be sure I will be picking those up. Thank you, Mr. Baxter, for such an important part of my childhood. Thank you. <3

  39. LOVE FIGMENT!! My kids go to the ride first when we come to EPCOT. It’s there favorite!!

  40. Figment has been a staple in Epcot since the beginning and I grew up seeing him on journey into imagination but I’ve been to Epcot with friends who don’t have any Disney nostalgia for him and the general consensus is that he is weird and needs to go. He’s got a spot as the official mascot of the three festivals and that should be all.

  41. Young children need more attention at the parks..attractions like Figment are keep families happy and together at Epcot.

  42. I hope I get to give my response in 4 weeks time. Ask my husband and kids…Figment is my absolute favorite!! I have 5 plush figments so far. I understand the need to update the Park, however please find a way to keep Figment. This tells me that on this trip I need to get my Figment items as much as possible.

  43. I love the original Figment version and can’t imagine Epcot without him!!! I will join a protest all the way from Houston if there is no Figment!!

  44. I LOVE Figment!!! My heart actually breaks at the thought that he might disappear–don’t they have any respect for the wonder, whimsy and delight that is Disney’s heritage?! I…just…can’t????

  45. Figment is one of my favorite characters, do not remove him from the park, I love the original Figment.

  46. I would love to see a whole new approach that used modern technology to inspire real imagination. The current attraction is terrible. They should not reuse the old track. They need to do something original and include the space post ride with the marginally entertaining games that are so crowded only a few patron can enjoy them.

  47. I have loved Figment since the park opened. He needs to be seen more, not less!

  48. Figment is a part of EPCOT, they can’t get rid of him. Update the ride and his character.

  49. I miss the original !!! I LOVED the Original Ride. I Loved all of the stuff afterwards. Its so different from today.

    And, they can’t even say he’s really a Mascot anymore. He’s never out in costume, anywhere. There’s No Meet and Greets for
    Him. I only get to go once a year, but almost all of my friends have Season Passes, and I’ve asked them all since I saw this Survey.

    NOT ONE has seen him.

    IN Years.

  50. If they can’t recreate the original ride, at least bring back Dreamfinder. I don’t like that smarmy Eric Idle character claiming he was the one who thought up Figment. Also, remember that in the original ride, Figment was filled with wonder and innocence, not mischief.

  51. I wish they would bring back original figment ride. Maybe mondernize him a little, but leave him a classic Disney ride where you are surrounded by the magic.

  52. Keep Figment. Our whole family loves Figment and would truly hate to see him be replaced. Keep Figment!!!

  53. When they changed him they ruined his, he need to go back to the original

  54. Figment. Figment. Figment.
    I draw Figment. I have a plushie Figment. I have a Figment shirt. I have the Figment comics. I have three pin lanyards dedicated to just Figment.
    If they get rid of Figment and do not give him the respect he deserves. Then I’m going to throw down with Disney.
    I never got to see the original ride and that has got me depressed. Disney don’t add on to it.

  55. Figment and Dreamfinder were the heart of EPCOT Center. As a kid from California, I was lucky enough to get to meet the walk around Dreamfinder (with Figment) and it’s one of my favorite childhood pictures ever. It is unfortunate that Figment keeps finding himself in this predicament. I hope that the current WDI regime can find a way to not only keep him, but give him back more of the importance to the park that he once held.

  56. I Love Figment! My favorite ride at Epcot. We just went and I introduced both my 6 year old daughter and my husband to him and they absolutely loved him. I even have the original plush Figment back from 1987.
    I hope they bring back the original version, but any version is better than none.
    Figment us the best!!!

  57. If only they had just enhanced the original ride. I have had an annual pass for decades and that was a must ride every time. I can count on one hand how many times I have rode the new version. It is awful, just awful! Then all those years I heard that ‘oh the imageworks upstairs i just unsafe’ etc… BUT it didn’t stop them from building a private DVC lounge upstairs.

  58. To hear that Disney is on the fence about figment angers me almost as much as hearing Scott Smith on an episode of WDW news tonight…. #notmyillustriouspanel

  59. The first time I went to Walt Disney World in 1997 I got meet Figment. I fell in Love with Figment. I was looking forward the next year so I could see Figment again. Then I readied they were NO LONGER going to have my first love of a Character. I was and still am VERY DISAPPOINTED that I don’t get see or get a picture of Figment and myself together ever again. Now I read they want to take whats left of my Favorite characters ride may no long be there. I would LOVE to see Figment walking around and his ride up dated but NOT TAKE AWAY. Bring back Figment.

  60. I love the Dream Finder and Figment and was so upset when they were removed. Children and adults loved him. You need to bring back Figment my reason to visit the park.

  61. I absolutely ADORE Figment. He and his ride is a necessity to Epcot. Does he need to be a mascot? No. I agree with some other people on here that it was a bad thing when they got rid of Dreamfinder. Yes, I have come to love the current version, but it still wasn’t enough. Horizons does need to come back and maybe they can do some combination of figment and horizons.

  62. I don’twant figment to go! My grandkids love him.. As a family of 8 from Florida that is the first thing at epcot we go to. I love figment Please don’tget rid of him!!!!!! 15 years is a long time please don’t let him go away.

  63. My great nieces introduced me to Figment and our grandsons were surprised that he was new to Nana. We all love Figment. The joy in 6 year old Lily’s voice after her first time on the ride made my heart smile. ” He lives on the ceiling. How fun and crazy is that???!!! Can you believe it?”
    Keep Figment!!!!!

  64. I got to see figment when I was a young kid got my photo with him so when took my daughter this March into April we went to all the parks I was exited to see figment once again and to have my wife and daughter see him we went through the ride and we all loved it but when I asked where we could go to meet figment the lady said that they don’t have him out anymore to meet people I was very upset about that epcot needs him back

  65. Please Disney… Never get rid of Figment. You’d crush my daughter and I if you sent him to Disney character heaven… We need him here on Earth. :-)

  66. It’s simple, give guests what they want, bring back the original Journey into Imagination. I can almost guarantee it will be a huge hit. WDW’s biggest “hit” rides are the simple ones. Peter Pan and small world. It’s sentimental. You relive your childhood while sharing it and creating magic with your children

  67. Hopefully this gets him removed permanently. Time to bring the future back to future world.

  68. Upon my first visit to WDW my mom got me a Figment souvenir. He instantly became one of my favorite characters. If anything I wish that they would incorporate him MORE. For a character that is supposed to be the parks mascot he is pretty well contained to only a small section of the park.
    Now, everytime I take my family to EPCOT I tell them the story of grandma and the Figment towel and, even though grandma is no longer with us thanks to Figment, it will always feel like she is!

  69. I absolutely LOVE AND ADORE Figment!!! Don’t take him away!!!

  70. We love figment! We make a point to have the ride on our tour plan every time we go.

  71. As a Florida native & Disney native, going since I can remember, Figment is very dear to my heart. Still to this day, just turned 40 this year, he still holds a very happy not in my heart and I insist we rode his rode every time we go which is about 4+ times a year. I’ve now introduced him to my son (6) whom has loved him from day one. I understand updating but I would taken him away completely. What would be really neat is a ride that incorporates many of the Disney characters with him in it to connect them as friends. On another note, it helped me in my youth as well as now to teach myself & now my son how to use your imagination. It’s a wonderful concept. I believe that we all should be learning visually and that ride nails it.

  72. Do away with the ride maybe and just have a meet n greet! It’s not Epcot without Figment!

  73. Figment is the character representative of EPCOT and has been, since the park debuted. Having been a cast member at the Imagination pavilion during the time the original attraction closed down and the deficient lesser ride replaced it, I can tell you that guests who knew Figment from the earlier version were NOT happy with what was done. Nor were many of them enthused about the Dreamfinder being removed, as well. What simply need updating was completely wiped out, with the lesser ride losing both appeal and excitement.
    I am hoping that most guests will remember what the original ride was, through memories and video (thank you, Youtube!). I can only imagine (yes, I said it!) what Dreamfinder and Figment could come up with on a new attraction, whether it would be dealing with imagination or more technical aspects of what is available and what could be created within the confines of the human mind.
    Here is hoping we have the original mascots return to their full glory!

  74. Figment is the MASCOT for EPCOT!!!! Why in the world would you want to take a character that embodies Walt’s vision and IMAGINATION out of the park. Journey Into Imagination with Figment and Dream Finder was a great attraction and I will never forget my kids faces every time we rode it, which was EVERY TIME we came to Disney, which averaged twice a year. When they took it out my kids didn’t even want to come to EPCOT. Figment is not only a character full of life and ideas, and if Disney World would promote that dragon a little harder they may find it to be one of their most popular non feature characters if not the most popular. Getting rid of Figment would be a shame and a loss Disney may not like the feedback from!

  75. Love Figment!!! He’s my daughter’s favorite!!! Please don’t remove him or his ride from the park!!!

  76. Bring the original Figment back. It would be a crime to see such a wonderful experience vanish !! Children need to go back to using their imaginations and Figment is the perfect vehicle to accomplish this!! I’m an old timer and look forward to a visit with Figment every time we visit!! My adult children and young grandsons love him!!

  77. Figment needs to STAY!!! He needs an overhaul of his attraction, an updated version of the original would be the BEST option!!!

  78. Figment needs to STAY!!! He needs an overhaul of his attraction, an updated version of the original would be the BEST option!!!

  79. Bring back the sweet, imaginative Figment, please! Get rid of the mischievous, pranking, low-brow-fart-jokes Figment, please.

  80. To answer your question yes he needs a ride. Why, because at one point Disney’s MGM Studios mascot was Roger Rabbit without a ride in Florida he was forgotten and replaced which is why you can only find him in Disneyland. Unfortunately Figment only exists in Epcot and without a ride he will eventually disappear. What they need is to bring back the Dreamfinder and reunite the duo.

  81. That is my favorite ride of all. I have tons of Figment mementos that I have acquired over the years. He is the only reason I would spend such an outrageous parking fee and gate price. Where do I write to keep my beloved Figment alive in Epcot???

  82. They need to keep figment in the park. Maybe create a better ride and have the character walk around the park again .

  83. I fell in love with this character when I visited Epcot Center back in 2003 with my grandparents. I even got the plushie too. Yes, I consider this character to be part and parcel of the Disney package.

  84. Figment needs to remain. Original ride was awesome – and my boys loved the interactive pavilion!!! Need more of it — bring in others — but don’t leave figment out. Without him, it just becomes a commercial. Kids identify with this character, and learn to use their own imagination– not let “Others” do it for them. Just saying……

  85. PLEASE!!! As a die hard return visitor of Disney World for over 30 years, Figment is THE mascot of Epcot and continues to be a beloved figure for us in the older generation category while children today discover him for the first time and are completely captivated as we were (and still are!) the first time around. The Original concept should be brought back featuring The Dreamfinder!!! A Figment animated feature film would solidify his status without question! Please Disney, I and millions of other fans beg of you.
    don’t let a beloved piece of Disney History fade into the past!
    Steve N.

  86. The original version was, by far, the best & the long lines showed it. It was pretty & fun for all ages. It was also relaxing to ride it. The colors were pretty & the story was fun. The newer versions are both boring & not as kid friendly. I loved the origional. I waited on the long line for the origional but wouldnt for the later versions. I guess I’m not the only one. There are never long lines now.

  87. I really hope Figment stays!!! He’s been one of my favorite Disney characters since I was a kid.

  88. “which was often considered the by fans to be the greatest theme park ride ever built.”
    Seriously? Journey Into Imagination? I rode it in 1987 when I was 16 and probably put it somewhere near the bottom of my list. If that ride where operating today, no one would be saying it’s the greatest theme park ride ever built.

    1. You don’t seem to understand what Disney is actually about: magic and whimsy and wonder and delight…all the things that Figment represents. A ride doesn’t have to be based on an action flick to be great.

      1. Chrissy,
        I don’t think Disney understands what Disney is all about.
        Splash and flash is the order of the day.
        I was there a few weeks ago. Even many Mickey items present him with an “edge” now.

  89. Bring back the original ride and update it & the LAB with new technology. Biggest mistake they ever made was taking that ride out. It was and still is a classic.

  90. The original Figment was entertaining, endearing and one of the best. All subsequent revisions have been disappointing. Figment should definitely be retained as a ride and visible character at Disney.

    We named our motorhome “Figment” when we retired and begin traveling. Definitely keep Figment and give him an honest to goodness upgrade this time.

  91. Omg no !! Figment is such a great part of EPCOT!! No other character is QUITE like him !! He deserves his SPOT in the park if not at the RIDE as a main FIXTURE!!

    Epcot and future worlds message were always IF YOU CAN DREAM IT THAN YOU CAN DO IT !! Imagination is KEY to the parks focus !

    I hope they don’t loose site in this !!

  92. I’d heard some speculation that the Figment and Dreamfinder from the recently released comics were headed over to Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom.

    Worse things could happen. I’m a fan of the comics, anyway.

  93. My family loves Figment. I do think the original Figment with the Dream Maker was a great attraction and I would love to see that concept return. To totally take away the Figment entirely would be wrong. Figment needs to stay as part of Epcot.

  94. Myself and my children are very much fans of figment. My middle son when he was young we bought him a figment stuffed toy which he has now passed down to his 5 year old daughter. We will be planing a trip to disney world in 2018 (grandparents and granddaughters, son and our daughter inlaw) hope figment is still at dissent world

  95. I love Figment. I was in Disney World last fortnight and Figment and Journey into imagination ride are my favorite attraction there.
    I hope to ride attraction and see Figment on next trip to WDW .
    As I live in Uk may take a while so I hope Figment. And his ride are to stay forever.

  96. Figment is my spirit dragon. I love him so much. I met him way back in the dreamfinder days. I recently travelled to Germany with my Figment pillow pet. Spreading Figment love around the world

  97. I have loved Figment my whole life and hope that if Disney sees this they will hear our pleas to keep Figment alive in Epcot. He deserves his own attraction just as much as anyone else! SAVE FIGMENT!!!!!

  98. love figment very much as jim henson and seame street and muppets is it disney as jim was seame street and muppets all henson movies and show 1969 -2008 figement is the the ride and the park would him full movie by henson or disney miss mr. jim henson and mr disney i work for mr.herson 1969 -2008 best boss 2 atl voice of as big bird and dragon full body puppets and hand puppets and 2 d old cartoons .Daniel Seagren

  99. Disney has already made the dumb move of getting rid of Dreamfinder and then getting rid of the Meet-and-Greet Figment character, which was more than bad enough. To wipe Figment out of the face of the Earth is FAR beyond unacceptable!

  100. I hope they don’t get rid of the ride AT ALL. My daughter loved that ride and exactly as it was. I had forgotten about it and when we rode it it all came rushing back at me. And the playground for kids on the other side is phenomenal!!

  101. Figment is amazing. I think Figment should be like a Hidden Mickey almost everywhere, so people will know to look for him.

    Honestly, I’ve became obsessed with Figment… So… Yeah.

    Who agrees with me, that Figment should be like a Hidden Mickey that people look for? I think that be amazing!


  102. I’ve been visiting the parks for over 20 years now and this attraction is by far my favorite; so colorful and fun and, well, imaginative! I wouldn’t mind an update to the ride, maybe incorporate the comic book elements into it! I plan to visit Epcot again someday maybe in a few years so I sincerely hope this ride and the entire idea of Figment aren’t scrapped by then. :c

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