PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 5/12/17 (D-Tech on Demand, Happily Ever After, Dead Men Tell No Tales, Etc.)

PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 5/12/17 (D-Tech on Demand, Happily Ever After, Dead Men Tell No Tales, Etc.)

Our latest photo report is an amalgamation of my last several trips to the Magic Kingdom, so they may appear to be out of order, but they are actually in chronological sequence. Let’s see what’s been going on at the park over the last few weeks, shall we?

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom

As you all know by now, security checkpoints were moved out from the front of the Magic Kingdom. If you’re walking over from the Contemporary, you’ll be stopped here for screening.

Nearby, a new unloading zone for busses coming from the TTC was built for when the Monorail system is down (which is quite often these days).

Guests coming from the busses are still screened in front of the park, but at these checkpoints farther away from the park entrance.

No more fences!

We actually caught a ride on the horse-drawn streetcar! A rare treat!

This and That

The price of the chicken waffle sandwich was lowered at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, which is nice given the size of it.

A more permanent version of this sign finally arrived at the Haunted Mansion, now made of wood rather than plastic.

A matching skirt was released to go with the ladies Haunted Mansion top. Retail is $46.99.

There’s also this new wallpaper top for $36.99.

The Enchanted Rose Sipper cup came to Gaston’s Tavern and left within 3 days, It is unclear if they will return.

A limited release Disney’s Animal Kingdom MagicBand 2 is now available at the parks.

The old ferryboat signage is now just for Disney Buses, a product of the security shift.

The rhino is still missing from the Jungle Cruise.

Ads for Tiana’s Riverboat Party can be found at Liberty Square Market as it is usually available day-of.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 phone cases are now available at D-Techj on Demand at the Magic Kingdom.

The on demand MagicBands are now MagicBand 2, but that has limited the number of designs available.

A new Mickey Mouse hoodie for sale.

A new photo frame for sale.

A look at the new security setup at the Contemporary. It’s pretty efficient.

Some new Star wars branded candy for sale resort-wide.

The Disney Boutique clothing line now includes a series of keychains.

Meanwhile back at the Magic Kingdom… or just Magic Kingdom… whatever…

We made a visit to Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe…

The singular menu continues to exist, now with kids turkey salad available.

A number of new Stitch items continued to be rolled out…

Merchant of Venus now has a rather large Star Wars 40th anniversary merchandise display.

The Last Jedi Force for Change merchandise is now available as well.

There are now satellite locations for D-Tech on Demand at Merchant of Venus and the exit of Space Ranger Spin where you can order, but you still have to pick-up at the Tomorrowland Light and Power Co.

The facade of the Sunshine Tree Terrace is under refurbishment.

Lines have been very short as most guests think that it is closed.

If you complete A Pirate’s Adventure at the Magic Kingdom, you get a card for each hunt you complete, a simpleton card when you are done with all of them, and a FastPass to ride Pirates of the Caribbean.

Special Coke bottles exclusive to Disney Parks can now be found all around the resort.

Some cute Mad Tea Party socks for sale.

The new lighting installed for Happily Ever After is quite visible in all of the area around Cinderella Castle.

Prince Charming Regal Carousel is currently closed for refurbishment.

The Neverland Collection of housewares is now available at Fantasy Faire.

The Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise in Caribbean Plaza was finally moved away. I never really understood why it was there all these years.

Gaston’s Tavern now has macarons. You can read our review here.

We spotted some baby ducks and their mom out for a stroll through the bushes one evening.


With a new nighttime show, the Magic Kingdom almost has all its ducks in a row…

Some new car window decals for sale.

Tarps are back up on the Emporium… that didn’t last long.

A fire hydrant was painted nearby.

New banners cover the lasers on Cinderella Castle, installed for Happily Ever After.

A giant, new Restrooms sign has been installed over the location between Merchant of Venus and Mickey’s Startraders.

The Rocket Tower Plaza Stage is under refurbishment until the debut of the new Cosmic Dance Party later this month.

Citrus Swirl anyone?

A look at the new Tomorrowland Restrooms sign at night.

More new phone cases you can make at D-Tech on Demand.

Al the Owl lost his name tag, but he got a big bow at the Frontierland Trading Post.

Nothing says Frontierland like Little Green Men pillows…

At Big Al’s…

Caribbean Plaza has been redecorated to promote Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

The Roy Disney and Minnie Mouse monument returned to the Magic Kingdom  from its lengthy refurbishment. I tried to get a picture of it, but this was happening. Yes, they are sitting on it. I think this is as good as place as any to stop…


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