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RUMOR: Walt Disney World Looking to Build Volcano-Themed Resort Hotel at the Magic Kingdom

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Over the last week, I have seen a number of rumors circling the internet about a volcano-themed roller coaster possibly being constructed in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom. I find the rumor strange for a number of reasons, first because it seems likely that a TRON roller coaster is being constructed in the park in the next 4 years (why build 2 roller coasters simultaneously?), but secondly, because we have been hearing for over a year now about Walt Disney World’s plans for a new resort hotel themed around a volcano.

Another Disney Parks Volcano - Mount Prometheus, Tokyo DisneySea
Another Disney Parks Volcano – Mount Prometheus, Tokyo DisneySea

About a year ago, a reliable source informed us that Disney was looking to build a new luxury resort in the Magic Kingdom area, one that would have a large volcano at the very center of it. Around the volcano would be all manners of recreational activities, including pools, slides, a lazy river, live entertainment, dining areas, and more.

Original (and still possible) proposed site for volcano-themed hotel
Original (and still possible) proposed site for volcano-themed hotel

Last I had heard, the project was slated for the land between the Transportation and Ticket Center and Disney’s Contemporary Resort, but the project may have actually moved closer to the Magic Kingdom now. In fact, it might be inside of it, located behind Pirates of the Caribbean and the Jungle Cruise.

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The space in the Magic Kingdom rumored for a volcano roller coaster is more likely going to be home to a luxury resort themed around a volcano.
The space in the Magic Kingdom rumored for a volcano roller coaster is more likely going to be home to a luxury resort themed around a volcano.

Now, it is possible that this somehow has morphed into a roller coaster or that is a competing idea for the space, but this resort has been on the table for a while and seems likely to happen one way or another. The project is still in the development phase, so it could be quite a while until we hear anything official from Disney on the fate of the parcels, but the rumor seemed relevant with all the talk of Magic Kingdom volcanoes going on at the moment.

Stay tuned as we will update you on the story as more becomes available on it.

  1. Fun rumor. Why not do both? One side accessible from the parks with a coaster in the volcano, and the other side a backdrop for the hotel, pools, etc. They could also add a new entrance for guests of that hotel.

  2. My money is still on the coaster. A hotel might have been the plan a year ago, but Moana wasn’t out a year ago.

    In regards to 2 coasters being built, as Jim Hill said on his last podcast, everybody already rushes to the right to either go to SM or SDMT, nobody rushes to Adventureland. If they have 2 major attractions, 1 on each side of the park, than crowds will be more evenly split and prevent a running of the tourists every single morning.

  3. supposedly the site between Contemporary and Transportation Center was in original plan of Walt Disney World as a hotel site but core samples determined the land wouldn’t support that type of structure.

  4. the Site next to the Contemporary Tower was always supposed to be a Hotel site, if i remember right it was demand unsuitable due to the potential of a sinkhole if i remember right, and is they put it next to the Park after the GFR i think it would take away from the park, now lets not forget that there was also supposed to be a Park ware pluto park is, to include a monorail stop

  5. It would be really weird if this were to go past the draft stage so soon after Uni opens Volcano Bay. That original land was never built on due to the land being unstable to my understanding, not that that couldn’t be changed by a large sum of cash. The land behind pirates would be much better suited for a park expansion like it was previously rumored imo. But whatever does happen I’m still happy to see Adventureland getting some loving attention, even if it’s all just bluesky and never officially grows into anything real.

  6. The Polynesian Village already has a volcano, so putting a volcano resort on the proposed Venetian site seems redundant. I like the Magic Kingdom Adventureland site much better.

  7. Of course, if it’s a resort, they’re again, only looking to cater to the wealthy and could care less about the everyday person. I like the idea of a roller coaster but not a resort within the Magic Kingdom.

  8. Yeah years ago they were going to build a Mediterranean resort in the spot between the TTA and the Contemporary Resort. The land was deemed not usable and would cost more then it would be worth.

  9. IMHO, the space behind Pirates and Jungle Cruise seems a bit too small for a hotel site, especially considering the road construction requirement for public drive-on access (without going back-stage). The first site (between the TTC and Contemporary) seems more reasonable, and could be billed as a Moana-themed expansion of the Poly.

    Way back when, wasn’t this space originally being planned for an Arabian-themed resort, then scrapped before construction began?

  10. The Polynesian already has a volcano. This seems a bit unlikely. I think someone somewhere is getting their wires crossed. The land near Pirates is more likely to be used for a park expansion rather than a resort. Not to mention, it hasn’t been that long ago that Disney said that they will not be building any new resorts, but rather expanding the existing resorts instead.

  11. How magical – looking at the backside of Pirates and everything else that is over there. I’ve seen that view before and it’s not something I would pay to see every night after I’ve left the park. Stranger things have been known to happen but I just can’t see Disney building something where you see areas they have gone to great lengths to hide. It would be a first as far as I know.

  12. Your info is all wrong.

    The land behind JC will be used for the re-engineered JC. JC will be expanded and include three “theaters” which will combine simulation with the cruise. The simulation will be based on a scene from the movie. That’s all i can tell you right now.

  13. I would not be surprised to see something going in the corner behind Pirates. There was a permit related to the Light Barge Canal and realignment of Caribbean Way over the canal earlier this year. Could it possibly be going in the patch of land across the canal? I believe there is other roadwork improvements for Floridian Way underway too. They are not doing all of those changes without a reason to move those things!

  14. Seems down right a duplication of the Volcano which is now near completion across town at Universal’s new water park.

  15. the most logical place is just befor the Contemporary tower, there was supposed to be a resort built here when Disney opened but if i remember right the ground is unstable, i.e. sink hole hazard, i dont see after the GFR next to the park, the volcano would dray away from the magic kingdom, but if you remember , there was also supposed to be a resort ware pluto park is with monorail access. we shall see its a neat idea

  16. The location behind Adventureland makes no sense for a hotel, it’s much too small and is literally boxed in on all 4 sides. Makes much more sense for a possible new ride.

  17. I find it hard to believe they would use this land for anything because it would be hard hiding the pirates show building and Disney does not like people seeing their show buildings from on stage, not to mention all the backstage facilities as well.

  18. If they made it into a Journey to the Center of the Earth ride that would be amazing. That ride is just too good and probably my favorite Disney ride ever.

  19. So Universal builds an iconic Volcano in the Orlando area and Disney, in an astounding display of the new management’s creativity, want’s to build an iconic volcano too. With this new management’s track record, I believe it.

  20. the First spot shown was supposed to have a Hotel on Day one when the park opened, The ground is unstable and has a High sinkhole probability, this is why there is not a resort there yet, and a for next to the Magic Kingdom it would be to close to the Grand Floridian and it would be seen from Frontierland, the only feasible spot i can see is Pluto park which was also supposed to have a resort the land was cleared and it was supposed to have monorail track with a switch. we shall see

  21. Does anybody know whether the Star Wars hotel idea is still a thing, because both the volcano and an innovative hotel might cost a bit too much…..

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