BREAKING: Monorail Blue Being Evacuated After Large Piece Falls Off, All Monorail Service Currently Suspended

BREAKING: Monorail Blue Being Evacuated After Large Piece Falls Off, All Monorail Service Currently Suspended
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The Walt Disney World Monorail System is currently down and Monorail Blue is being evacuated following a piece of the vehicle falling off at Epcot.

Photo by @iOSTrade on twitter

The photo above shows a guest finding a piece of the monorail on the ground, having fallen off as it departed from Epcot.

Photo by @TharinWhite on twitter

Monorail Blue is currently being evacuated on the turn just before Disney’s Contemporary Resort on the Epcot line. We assume that this breakdown is related to the piece that fell off, but can not confirm at this time.

Needless to say, all Monorail lines are currently down until further notice.

We will provide updates as they are available.

UPDATE: Monorails have returned to service and Monorail Blue was able to be moved to the station for an easier evacuation.

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  • Glad everyone is okay. To bad the guy stole that piece of the Monorail, it might be useful in their investigation.

    • To(o) bad you have no idea if that guy actually took the piece considering he’s standing under the monorail where the piece probably fell off, so he very well could have immediately taken it to a parking cast member. Otherwise your comment might actually be usual in this conversation.

  • There’s a little (somewhat) unknown secret that Siemens offered to buy all new monorail trains for Disney, 12 in total, just as long as Disney would allow them to place their logo on the side of the monorail along with the phrase “presented by Siemens”. . . . Disney refused.

    Maybe they should re-evaluate that decision. 🤔

  • That is a piece that touches the 600 volt electric rail to power the monorail. Need to start looking at all monorails now.

  • And people complaint at those of us who point out current Disney parks management’s greed.

    They come up with more insane “upcharge experiences” most of them completely senseless and taking away the spot where people used do the same thing before for free and artificially increasing ticket prices with things like forced photopasses & paid buses if you want to use park hipper and keep cutting personnel and maintenance to the point of calamity.

    But hey, don’t mess with my pixie dust!

    • 100% Totally agree with Pete here. As poorly as Disney is cutting back on simple stuff, it’s a special kind of stupid to think they aren’t really taking chances with safety and behind the ‘scenes’.

      Always wonder if one of the AC units in monorail had a short and started smoking, or worse. People in monorail if smoke, or any incident have zero chance. It would take Disney half hour to clear that out at very best. And they would have managers and people controlling media on scene before any help.

      • Bet they are so mad that the guys pick made it to the internet. They need to realize that they might be able to control the media, but not the guest.

  • If Disney would just make all food and merchanise free, and cut their ticket prices by 75%, and allow everyone to stay at any resort for $10 per week, they would have PLENTY of money to replace the monorail trains. All this excess revenue they are generating is just greed. Walt must be rollin’ in his grave. Disney has no shame.