BREAKING: Redhead Auction Scene in Pirates of the Caribbean Getting Politically Correct Makeover in 2018

Tom Corless

BREAKING: Redhead Auction Scene in Pirates of the Caribbean Getting Politically Correct Makeover in 2018

BREAKING: Redhead Auction Scene in Pirates of the Caribbean Getting Politically Correct Makeover in 2018

Disney today announced that the Disneyland and Walt Disney World versions of Pirates of the Caribbean will be receiving a new scene in 2018, replacing the auction of women which has been part of the ride for 50 years.

breaking redhead auction scene in pirates of the caribbean getting politically correct makeover in 2018 2

The scene will debut along with other changes when the Disneyland Paris version of the ride opens July 24th, 2017. No exact date was given for the changes in Florida and California.

The new scene will feature an auction of surrendered goods, with the infamous redhead now becoming a pirate assisting with the taking of the items from the townsfolk.

breaking redhead auction scene in pirates of the caribbean getting politically correct makeover in 2018

Disneyland Paris is also adding a new scene featuring Barbossa, along with ghostly images of Davy Jones and Blackbeard.


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  1. As you mentioned back in the Pirates BTTF regarding if this happened: “Let the riots begin!”

    P.S. This really has become “Boy Scouts of the Caribbean”

  2. About time this trash was removed and updated to something a little more classy. We do not want big chested women showing their goods. We want pant suits and women being respected.

    Thank goodness for PC in the world. Long live women’s rights and now if we can remove the pickles from the park we will be in a great place.

    • You are trash! It’s about time YOU get replaced!!!


    • Oh shut up…its historically accurate. I bet you want all movies that take place in the 1800s to have no slavery and women in places of power too. If things offend you…shut up and be offended and deal with it. Not every single thing has to make everyone feel good. They’re Pirates…not good guys.

      • and the Irish were slaves also. I don’t think you would find a red head pirate. why miss with
        something which has created long lines since it opened, I think you got a bunch of new
        people in there who are not educated to the history of the moment .

        • Ummm… yeah Irish were pirates, actually as you mention this sad chapter in Irish history, it is directly linked to the start of piracy. Many pirate attacks were actually slave revolts. So I would assume there were many red headed pirates. That being said, they should the scene as it is. It is a classic!

      • One might consider that perhaps a Disney world ride is not the best place to get your history lessons and therefore “historical accuracy” is completely irrelevant.

    • No we don’t want women in ugly pantsuits, the we want the redhead is an accurate part of history and women were auctioned off if your really offended maybe you should go some place else. We want the redhead!! Strike your colors ye braisen witch, no need to expose your suberstructure. I am a woman and I’m sick of feminist pigs like you.

  3. How disappointing. I don’t get how it’s politically incorrect to show an historically accurate scene objectifying women, but showing pirates stealing from people as entertainment is completely fine.

  4. This seems like a pretty cool change?

    I’m 1000% more offended that Captain Jack is still there (and that they’re adding Barbossa to the caves) than the auction scene change.

    • Agree. Typical hypocrisy of the left….get rid of something playful and historically accurate, but glorify a POS that calls for the assassination of our president.

      • You are aware that a large sweep of “the left” and “the liberals” aren’t really on a Johnny Drop bandwagon bc of his recent and past confirned abuse and assault allegations. Seems maybe you have more to agree on with the left than you think?

  5. Is “We wants the redhead!” going to change to something like “We wants the cornbread!” ?!?!?!?!?!

    • I’ll be very disappointed if that line, voiced by the late Mark Lewis, is no longer a part of the ride… (Sigh!)

    • From this day forward, when passing this scene, I will audibly say “We wants the cornbread!”

  6. Just more liberal crap rammed down our throats. We are doomed as a society. Everything is offensive.

  7. This makes sense. Is it necessary? I don’t know. But looking at the scene with a current mindset it does not fit within the Disney brand of today. The ride is meant to have a sense of humor and so if you ask the question: “is this funny?”and break it down I can see why this is probably a good idea. Thinking about the different themes or concepts that make up this scene that really are not funny. It has the obvious sexism but also judging someones value based on their appearance and theres fat jokes in there and then thinking about the reality of the situation is horrible but the redhead behaves as if she likes being sold as property. I think the solution is a smart one and keeps the redhead as an iconic figure and made her “naughty” by being on the pirates side is cool. She would be the first and only female pirate I assume as well. I am curious what the new dialogue will be because I will kind of miss hearing”we want the redhead! we want the redhead!” if they remove that from the attraction. They may still be able to keep it in however. She has a gun, maybe she can fire back at them for it.

      • It’s hardly “long winded”… is that too many words for you or something?? Maybe actually read what the commenter has to say and take it to heart. Plus, I’m always up for the addition of more pirates!

        • More pirates??? you mean boy scouts or towns folks. Since when did pirates auction off their goods or go to auctions for that matter? They looted and stole what they wanted.

    • The whole ride isn’t based on “is this funny” though. The first couple scenes before the drop are certainly not meant to be funny.

    • The reason she’s so cocky and enjoying it is because she IS A PIRATE or at least with the pirates. She’s NOT getting sold at all. She’s watching them sell the other women. The men “wants the redhead” because they know they can’t have her. Figure it out. Look at the difference in clothing.

  8. I’ve never understood why this scene hasn’t been changed.
    They switched the scene down river where the pirates were chasing the girls, but never this one.
    I don’t see how this can be spun any other way than human trafficking.
    Good move Disney. Finally.

    • I already “thank the Phoenicians” on Spaceship Earth, so I might as well call out “we wants the redhead”.
      I find it amazing that Disney finds it necessary to make pirates more politically correct. Nobody goes on that ride to see polite and proper pirates. What’s next? Take away the pirates’ guns and swords and replace them with flowers? Maybe they should remove the man from the well and have the pirates politely ask him the whereabouts of Jack Sparrow. the pendulum is swinging too far the other way.

      • I agree? This PC is crap for this ride. If they change this because of pc, then the song has to change, the burning town has to change, the whole ride has to change. Its about pirates so whats next? The movies are going to be remade to put the pirates on yachts and in suits? Special snowflakes and their special feelings make me sick.

  9. I don’t think pirates were politically correct. Its a part of history why change it? History is how we learn from our mistakes so we can be better in the future. If you change history the young won’t realize how much better it is today and may make even more mistakes then we do today.

  10. This is so stupid! Maybe people like Frank want to rewrite history but I would prefer my kids know about it and learn from it.

  11. Ha! It’s a ride about Pirates for heavens sake!!! He whole thing is politically incorrect. Why don’t we just have a scene where they are teaching the merits of tolerance and whirled peas? Very disappointed that Disney is going down this road to stupidity.

  12. I am an annual Passholder and have been to every Disney park on earth and I ADORE Disney… but… pirates were not politically correct … if they want to update and be PC they need to create a more equal representation and inclusion of interracial and same sex couples on the Ferris wheel in Small World in Orlando. It has irritated me for 20 years

  13. Oh great! While they’re at it, they might as well remove any skeletons, drinking, and the waterboarding scene! In fact, they should just tear it down and replace it with another seventy Frozen rides because screw Walt Disney, they need to appease the SJWs that are outraged because they’re letting our current president speak in the Hall of Presidents.

  14. It’s also clearly politically incorrect to show people in jail who are going to be burned alive. So they’d better change the jail scene too.

  15. Come on Disney, we know you just want to put Trump in the Auction scene and the Red Head in the Hall of Presidents. The presidents need a little spark of life in there anyway.

  16. This is not a good thing, this is just a bunch of wimp ass bitches pushing things just a little to far. This is just a bunch of Bitches that need to be back in the kitchen and pregnant.

  17. Zzzt~this does not compute~zzzt~ whats next? ~ beep boop ~ Constantine getting a more modest dress?~zzzt

  18. Probably got a lot of letters from people complaining about it. People these days don’t want to explain these things to their kids and would rather get offended by it.

  19. Was anyone actually complaining about this scene being misogynistic? Don’t get me wrong in a real world modern setting this scene is horrifying. But this ride is based on a fictional history and a land of make believe. We don’t require all movies to be G rated.

  20. Can we stop using the phrase “politically correct”? Maybe it’s nice for young girls to see women in this attraction that are just being auctioned off for sexual assault.

    Was it “politically correct” to put Elizabeth in the movies? A woman would have never actually been able to become any sort of pirate. But it’s fantasy, and there’s no reason they girls and women can’t have a little fun in the fantasy too.

    The words “politically correct” just unneccessarily set off a firestorm with anti-PC people. See above. (Who’s the snowflake now?)

    • Historically speaking there were actually women pirates. Calico Jack had TWO women pirates his ship.

    • I agree.. we need to show white children how black people invented slaves and that white people made the lives of african slaves better than if they were still in Africa. White kids should not be subjected to negative stereotypes and white children should be proud of the fact that their ancestors saves african slaves from african slave masters.

    • Anne Bonny, Mary Read, Grace O’Malley, and Cheng I Sao are all spinning in their graves. at the very suggestion that they couldn’t be pirates on account of being women.

  21. Soon, the pirates won’t even be pirates. Instead, they will be Peace Corp volunteers handing out fair-trade tofu and organic kale to the townsfolk. Pathetic!!

    • Just like how they made black slaves victims of white slavery instead of showing how black slaves were lucky to get away from Africa. History should show how black African slaves benefited by getting away from Africans

  22. There was a scene of Davy Jones and Blackbeard together already–In “The Devil and Peter Tork” episode of The Monkees.

  23. Stop changing history. The past is the past. It’s ridiculous to keep trying to be politically correct

  24. This certainly gives the hordes who love complaining about all things Disney plenty of fresh ammo.
    But if they’re gonna change it, might as well do it in a cool way – making her a pirate.

  25. “Surrendered goods” and “taking of the items from the townsfolk”. Sounds politically correct to me. Oh wait…they’re talking about a Disney ride and not the government? My bad.

  26. This be mutiny, we wants the redhead… so sick of boy scouts of the Caribbean we wants the pirates back to being scoundrels and essentially the demons of the sea… keep the scene hell restore the ride to its original state.

  27. Everyone complaining about political correctness, the real reason is changing is liberals have more money and spend more at the parks and the resorts. Disney would love to get rid of poor uneducated trashy people. These people go to the park make the lines long spend no money, they are useless. Disney will keep their prices high and make changes like this to rides. They will do whatever it takes to keep certain people out.

      • Says the guy who keeps referring to a cartoon kiddie ride as “history”. Your lack of education is showing, Petty Pete.

        • Aw, triggered SJW are so cute… Is like watching a sinter storm. Tell us, what part of the Pirate’s customs offends you the most?

          • He didn’t say he was offended by it. He just pointed out that calling a ride based on a fictional story “history” is ridiculous. If you’re after history and are so “educated”, read a book about pirates.

            • Ridiculous is changing a 50 YO scene because snowflake developed allergy to it. Close the whole ride, that way you stop glorifying piracy

  28. Walt’s rolling in his grave or wait did they remove that too? Let me guess something more appropriate such as in a trash bin. Come on Disney powers that be this is the last attraction he ever worked on, let it be.

  29. So should we expect two butlers dancing in the ballroom together at Haunted Mansion now? Or maybe remove the bride all together because that would promote murder? Or maybe take out Captain Hook and Pan fighting cause it promotes child abuse…

    this is literally a ride overseen and created by Walt himself. And a historic scene at that, it’s just flat out silly!

    As a parent myself, if you can’t explain to your kids that auctioning was just a part of life and no longer is that’s on you not on the thousands of parents who enjoy the ride for the experience it is and can have that chat should it arise.

  30. Any other ideas for improving Disney World? Perhaps in the new “Star Wars” land instead of having Luke and Vader fight to the death we could have them sit down with a family counseler to talk about their feelings #PCDisney

    • LMAO. Disney has so many rides and attractions that would have to be removed. The ride inst history but pirating and selling of persons is something that happened in those days. IF this is to become a kiddie park for snowflakes who get offended to easily then most rides have to be taken out.


        • Read your history from credible sources. not what they teach in schools. you’ll get further in life. the troll is right. evidently more educated than you and he is a troll. LOL

      • Actually, Candice, he’s not entirely wrong. Europeans couldn’t get very far into Africa due to both illness and hostile inhabitants, thus limiting them solely to the trading ports. The slaves who were brought over in the Middle Passage were sold to the trading ships by the local warlords and chiefs in exchange for weaponry, which they then used to attack and enslave other Africans. The idea that whites created slavery is the same concept as saying consumers created the Iphone

  32. shouldn’t the pirates be black? Oh ya, , they changed the fact that the real slave traders and pirates were African.

  33. I’m glad that we’ve solved all the rest of the world’s problems and can now concentrate on ruining a scene from a classic attraction.

  34. I’m all for changing and upgrading things. I can’t get behind this change. The scene was part of the original idea put forth by Walt Disney on the original ride . Can we leave the legacy rides alone. They stand for themselves. Ugh .

  35. Bad Disney! I don’t recall seeing people picket the park complaining about the ride. Even if they did, the ride represents a long ago time when pirates would have ransacked a town and auctioned off the women. What’s next? Turning the pirates into carpenters and fixing the town?
    This is revisionist history, Disney style.

  36. I just can’t take it anymore. Why does our society continue to pander to a minority of leftist social justice warriors?

    Do people understand what pirates are? I always thought Disney was a little too celebratory of pirates already. The song “A Pirates Life For Me” was always a little too jolly for my tastes, but to remove scenes that actually depict how pirates behaved? If kids from the more conservative 1950s could handle it then kids today should be able to handle it.

    So sad what has happening to this country. We’ve gone soft.

    • It’s true, we need more skeletons driving boats and remains of mermaids on the beach. History!!!!

  37. We don’t like history so we rather re write it. Sad doesn’t begin to describe the state of society.

    I’ll wait here for the liberal PC burning pyre for all fairy tales. Brothers Grimm are so violent…

    • I think the real problem is people thinking a theme park ride is “history”

      Your third grade History teacher is weeping.

      • People are not calling it history because the ride and everything in it is history. but the selling of women, the burning of towns, the stealing and killing and drinking are all true to what happened in that time period. if you dont know that, then your third grade teacher is weeping. and your parents should be ashamed.

  38. How disappointing for Disney. I suppose the whole ride can’t show anything historically accurate about pirates any longer. It’s all ghosts and equal rights for women in a “period” piece ride I guess. Why not keep it and use it as a demonstration of what life was like back then and “explain” how far we have come as a society!

    • Please elaborate on the ways that PotC is “historically accurate”… Is it the mermaid skeleton? Or how about the dog with the key?

  39. If we’re talking about this like pirates is some kind of history lesson, then I think they should be making the ride MORE historically accurate and show the pirates brutally raping the townswomen. That was a far more likely prospect.

  40. This is Disney trying to placate women considering they have to add Trump to the Hall of Presidents.

    • Dont worry Jeff, next they’re going to put funhouse mirrors in the urinals so men like you will actually feel good about themselves. See, they’re doing something for everybody!

  41. What’s pirates being replaced with afternoon tea with the Brady bunch. This is pc gone mad.

  42. This polotical correctness crap is degrading our society into a stagnet hellhole. Fuck eceryine cuntbrained retard who approved of this shit

  43. What is wrong with Disney. Is nothing sacred. Walts work gone forever. Whats next the castle. Its colors will be to feminine and not neutral enough. Or will we have to get rid of princesses. What a load of PC crap!!! You lost 1 passholder over this and maybe 4 more to follow. Maybe Disney dont care. Lets see how this stockholder and other stockholders react when they start losing money over their idiotic choices. Generations lived with the Redhead and turned out fine. Remember they are Pirates NOT Boy Scouts. Stupid move Disney.

    • So what do you own like 1 or 2 shares? The stockholders that actually have any input into company decisions could care less about this. I must say you are a special kind of entitled being both a passholder AND a minority shareholder. I’m surprised you’re not also a DVC member, then you would’ve won entitlement bingo.

      And yes, nothing is sacred because even Walt got rid of things he worked on and he even talks about it,

  44. I’m just glad they are keeping the historically accurate floating water fall with a squid-man’s face on it.

  45. As a woman and low key feminist I actually think it should stay how it is. We can’t forget the past, it makes the struggle that other generations of women went through belittled to show them as equals at the time. We had to fight to get where we are, it wasn’t a birth right. The auction reminds people of what we’ve overcome.

  46. So apparently, according to the previous comments, I’m supposed to have a strong opinion on this meaningless change to a ride.

    To that I say: meh, whatever.

  47. I’m now completely FOR this change, if for no other reason, than to get a rise out of everyone who things auctioning off human beings should be celebrated because “they’re pirates.” Would all of you complainers be upset if Disney had included a rape scene right after this one? It would probably be historically accurate, right? This ride has never been and never will be a history lesson. But if you feel like pounding your chests when you ride, simply shout to the boat, “I wish they would depict human trafficking of women like they used to!”

  48. Keep the red head scene!! It’s a classic!!! And no it’s not politically correct, but they are pirates, there is supposed to be nothing politically correct about them! The point of pirates is that they break the law!!! I would say the Redhead scene is one of everyone’s favorites, and to remove it would do the ride an injustice. It’s been there for 50 years, and I think it should remain another 50 years.

  49. * roll roll roll *
    HOW DARE YOU CHANGE MY RIDE! Don’t you all know that the status quo was far more important to me than adapting to create a more welcoming family environment? I wanted my legacy to be anachronisms!!!! I never wanted anyone to change a single thing in the park after I died!!! Bob Chapek, I am going to haunt your gears, you robotic fool!
    * roll roll roll *

  50. Hahaha! So many precious snowflakes getting all butt hurt over a corporation exercising their freedom to make a decision that they believe will bring in the most customers!

  51. This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I am 39 and have been going to Disney World for years. Started when I was a kid and now I’m a DVC member. This is one of my and my kids favorite rids and this seen is one everyone remembers. I remember going on it with my mom and dad laughing. There is a shirt in the store right now when you come of the ride. Enough is enough try to please these fools. If you don’t like it don’t go!!!! There are more people out there who will go than not go. If the lesbians or gays don’t want to go don’t get on the ride. It is fun and funny that’s all. I don’t think anyone is going to try and sell a women these days. There are more important things to worry about these days then this. It is an original ride Walt made leave it alone!!!!!!! I’m hoping I can go on this ride when my kids have kids and laugh with them remembering my first time with this Walt Disney seen. Enough PC crap!

    • Wow… People don’t go and try to sell women these days? Please take a moment and google sex trafficking. I really want to tear your complete and utter obliviousness apart, but I honestly feel sorry for you. Please try and educate yourself about issues like sex trafficking that are more important than a theme park ride.

      • Fool……to look at that scene on a ride at an amusement park and automatically think “human trafficking” is pathetic. Cretinous dolts such as yourself believe that belittling others makes you morally superior? Put your money where your mouth is and actually research “human trafficking” instead of running off at the mouth.

        • Thank you for your input troll account, you may now return to your mother’s basement and continue working on your Tom/Chapek fan fic.

          • A fine example of another shallow bigoted dolt that my partner and I continually encounter at Disney nowadays. Now anthropoids such as yourself wants to change a classic of a ride because your deranged mind sees something you find offensive. How nice…

  52. I cannot believe I am saying this, but I actually agree with most of the primates that have commented above…….leave the ride alone…..change nothing!!

  53. Instead of turning pirates into drum circle councilors, just remove the pirates and replace them with the kid puppets from “Its a Small World” and while they’re at it substitute all the guns with friendship wands.

  54. And for the most important thing about this: Will we still get to keep the line about “We wants the Redhead!” Otherwise, some merchandise will no longer be relevent, and nor will we have our classic ride. I can see adding some elements of the newer movies, like Sparrow, Barbossa, the mermaids (which I adore), etc. But if it’s going it be kept a classic, why not keep the classic scene too. Unless the Redhead is now going to be a Pirate herself, because that would be the best upgrade yet!!!

  55. Instead of wasting money on PC appeasement, why don’t they do more maintenance on the rides & the parks or not cut so many jobs? They must be in financial nirvana to be making this kind of stupid PC correction

  56. This is stupid to do. They are pirates. They are selling them to be wives, not as sex slaves. If they want to improve the ride, how about adding another waterfall to go down like Disneyland Paris?

  57. Way to cave, Disney. The PC police have forced their morals on the majority… again. When will this madness end?

  58. More and more we are allowing the minority to take over. They should just remove the “Disney” from Disney World and change it to Mouse World because Walt’s vision is no more. It’s all our fault really for letting this nonsense continue.

    • Walt never had a vision for Pirates at Disney World though, Western River Expedition was supposed to be Disney World’s Pirates type ride.

    • No, actually you are missing the point that it’s happening in FL and CA as well as Paris.
      “Disney today announced that the Disneyland and Walt Disney World versions of Pirates of the Caribbean will be receiving a new scene in 2018, replacing the auction of women which has been part of the ride for 50 years.”

  59. I wish people would stop acting like there were a ton of people in an uproar about this scene would stop. There were not many, if any, people actually complaining about this. This was Disney’s choice, they were not forced into it by some random “SJWs”. Also, if you are looking for historical accuracy, maybe read a book instead of trying to ride rides at an amusement park.

    • If there are so few against, why are you here complaining? Tell you what, why don’t you tell Disney to close the whole attraction on the grounds of glorifying piracy and all the depravity inside that ride? Don’t just stop with women auction.

    • My thoughts exactly, look at how after the election there were multiple petitions not to put Trump in Hall of Presidents. When I googled the topic of the auction scene there was 1 petition with a whole 75 signatures and 1 article calling out the scene on some site I’ve never heard of. How many people protetested the closing of Toad and Disney still closed it. Not everything is a result of liberal feminist snow flake sjws. With the attention that was suddenly brought to HOP by Tom (guess you won’t be getting an invite to the Star Wars land preview Tom) the last thing Disney would do is turn around and do something else to seem like they’re catering to liberals.

  60. This ride was designed in the 1950’s… Under Walts watchful eye… If Mr. Disney was okay with it… Why change it???
    What a disservice to Marc Davis…. If Walt Disney liked it… It takes great Hubris to change a MASTERPIECE…. adding images of the movie actors was a gimmick… Leave the Auction alone… Remember… They are PIRATES!!!

  61. I
    Change the ride and I’ll never ride it again. I encourage all others offended by this revision to join me.

    • …. and that would solve what exactly? Are you going to stop going to the parks? Still going to the park but not riding the ride would do nothing because you’re still paying to get in, still paying to eat, and buy merch. Tom made this exact point on the last WDW News Tonight about Hall of Presidents.

  62. This is complete and utter bull****. Pirates of the Caribbean is supposed to depict from what happened back then not what’s happening now. It’s freaking history if they don’t like it they can move on to the next ride. They’re destroying Walt Disney’s vision of what he originally created. Sick and tired of these CEOs bending backwards for dumbass liberals if they can’t handle it they need to move on.Liberals are a disease to our country. People need to start writing in to Disney SeaWorld and other corporations that are bending over backwards for these ****.

    • Actually the real disease on this country are people that do not correctly understand how to use punctuation. It’s also people that feel the need to judge an entire group of people based on a stereotype. I would love to hear your thoughts on Jewish and African American groups as well, I’m sure they’re simply delightful.

  63. I find it funny that Disney formally announced Trump would have a speaking roll in the Hall of Presidents, right after that he makes what is generally considered a sexist remark against women on Twitter, and right after that Disney announces they are changing the women auction scene on Pirates.

  64. You all can’t possibly be serious. Yes it happened in the past, but should we really celebrate and mock it? Of course not. Human trafficking (and yes, that is what slavery is) should never be part of entertainment. This scene is offensive on so many levels. Please, educate your selves

    • and your way of thinking, Disney would have to close down many of their rides to change them. the pirates ride would not even be allowed in the park. everything pirates do is illegal and wrong. If you dont like the pirates ride or the movies and then dont watch it. for crying out loud people.

  65. I’m sick and tired of morons erasing and whitewashing historical facts which they find “offensive.” Why is the torture scene of the mayor being dunked in the well still present in the Pirates of the Caribbean rose? Because it’s a white male being victimized….THAT’S acceptable in today’s society – that’s why! Hippocracy!

  66. I’m sick and tired of morons erasing and whitewashing historical facts which they find “offensive.” Why is the torture scene of the mayor being dunked in the well still present in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride? Because it’s a white male being victimized….THAT’S acceptable in today’s society – that’s why! Hippocracy!

  67. If it isn’t broken, then why fix it?
    This ride & it’s classically historic scenes are a part of my childhood as well as many other’s & will be heartbreaking in a sense that the nostalgia (Disney Magic) of the ride will be gone. Some things are best left alone. Not everything needs to be updated. This is one of those things that should be left as is.

  68. If it isn’t broken, then why fix it?
    This ride & it’s classically historic scenes are a part of my childhood as well as many other’s & will be heartbreaking in a sense that the nostalgia (Disney Magic) of the ride will be gone. Some things are best left alone. Not everything needs to be updated. This is one of those things that should be left as is.

  69. Obviously this has been one of Disney’s most popular rides. If you don’t like the politically correctness of it, Don’t ride the damn ride. After all, it is your choice. Nobody is forcing you to ride the ride, and if you don’t think your kids can handle it or they are age inappropriate, Don’t take them on it either. But don’t take that freedom away from us.

  70. The reason all the politically correctness that is going on, is because the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, works in the Trump administration. So be prepared folks for a lot of this to be going on.

  71. Why is Disney making a ride about Pirates, who steal, murder, and rape, into a non-triggering ride? Remove guns, because they can kill someone. Remove the dog, because it’s animal abuse. Remove the water boarding scene, because that’s too barbaric. Remove the drinking, because alcohol is bad. In fact, tear down the ride and replace it with PC of the Caribbean, where they are locking arms and flying rainbow flags. While trying to please everyone, they end up pleading no one. To push diversity, must mean that you deny diversity completely. Thank goodness they are adding Trump at the Hall of Presidents.

  72. It’s all part of the plan. The liberals get upset at Trump in the Hall of Presidents, the conservatives get upset over PC Pirates. Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I’m an agent of chaos.

    Keep crying fanboys, your tears only make me stronger.

  73. Yeah I think this is going a little overboard on the PC side (overboard on the Oirates ride, get it)? What next? Maybe a revision of Injun Joe’s cave or removal of the Native American scenes along the rivers? At some point Disney needs to remember they are storytellers and stay true to the story. How about the stocks in Liberty Square? I am sure someone could come up with a modern argument for removing them as well. It is frustrating for sure…

    • I can see that. Re imaging of Splash Mountain with another IP because even if it’s based on just Brer Rabbit (kinda redneck on itself), it comes from Song of the South and that’s racist.

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