Disney World Cracking Down on FastPass+ Cheating, Will Begin Locking Guest Accounts Who Abuse System

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Disney will soon be turning on a validation system of sorts for FastPass+ usage inside of the Walt Disney World theme parks.

A term dubbed “In-Park Validation” on internal documents, this phrase means the validation of park admission and entry for the day before allowing FastPass+ usage. Guests “in the know” for the past few years have learned a loophole in the system that allows bookings using the in-park FastPass+ kiosks with expired tickets or by using a second ticket on their account to book another set of FastPass+ for the day, but not actually using the ticket to enter the theme park. Basically, tickets not used to enter the park could be used to obtain valid FastPass+ reservations.

There is a similar loophole with Cast Member passes as well, where they have 3+ “Guest Passes” to allow their family and friends into the park, but limited restrictions on FastPass+ booking and usage without redeeming admission.

Another issue that’s been plaguing the parks has been 3rd party tour guides. These are the unofficial tour guides people are finding through numerous Disney fan sites, Craigslist, and more. These guides promise FastPass+ usage for all the attractions for their paying clientele, which means their employees rope-drop the park with these handfuls of expired tickets and cards to book the major attractions first thing in the morning at the FastPass+ kiosks. This is all combining to a few people holding FastPass+ options from thousands of folks who are paying admission that day and now cannot find anything they want available.

This in-park validation system will check to ensure that a guest used an active ticket for admission before redeeming a FastPass+. If you didn’t, the Cast Member at the FastPass+ line at any attraction can see this and deny you entry. Repeated attempts will lock MyDisneyExperience accounts from utilizing the FastPass+ booking option, which can be a serious deal for those abusing the system. Guest Relations will be able to unblock accounts if the behavior was deemed non-abusive.

This new policy is slated to rollout within the next few weeks at Walt Disney World. Stay tuned for a more definite date.

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  • I understand Disney wanting to close loopholes that people have found but I highly doubt this is going to open up loads of fast passes that people feel like they’re missing out on or are having “stolen” from them. In the grand scheme of things it’s probably no where near enough to make a difference anyone would notice.

  • Maybe if they didn’t have that stupid 3 pass rule with the stupid only 1 popular ride per those 3 fast pass people wouldn’t do this. 🙄

  • Abuse is all over Disney. Last week I saw a family with a person in a wheel chair go to the front of the line. There were 9 people in the family! Insane

    • That’s not abuse. For all you know that family might have had one of the disability passes. There’s eight people in my family, when we went to Disneyland Paris we got queue jumped a lot even without presenting our disability pass because my youngest brother has severe cerebral palsy and from experience CMs like to make a fuss of their disabled guests

    • Lines were recently redesigned (approximately 2 years ago) so that wheelchair users can enter the regular line. If for some reason that isn’t feasible, then wheelchair users and their families must go to the ride itself, where they are given a ‘return time’ equivalent to the current wait time, at which time they can then board the ride. Most likely, you saw the second case scenario. If you really paid attention to wheelchair users around the park, you should have noticed many instances in which wheelchairs were in line. I was there last week as well and I saw the ‘wheelchair’ policies being implemented quite well.
      As a former cast member, I’m well aware of the wheelchair policy.

  • What happens in this case : I have AP but I am taking the DCl that will be stopping at Disney . we will be given admission and 3 fp. But I planned on using my AP to enter – if I use my AP will I not be able to use the FP ?

  • Whew! I though I might have been abusing the system, when I skipped a ride and let my 12 year old use my magic band for a second ride like Thunder Mountain, one of his favorites, when we both had fast passes for it.

    • That would be a problem if you were back at the hotel and didnt enter the park that day. Lets say you booked your FP+ and then didnt feel like going to the park so your family took your Magic band so they can use yoru FP+s. Boom your banned!

    • I don’t see how can you think that. One fast pass was issued, the person who made th fast pass in is the park, that person willingly gave the pass to someone else. That’s how fastpasses work. Like Zoe said, if you stayed at your resort then that would be a problem.

      Now, think of all the Brazilian tour agencies that have abused the FP system to give their customers a fastpass.

  • I think the judgment in the comments here is a little harsh. Disney was well aware that this was going on and didn’t really care because it didn’t have that much effect on the system. I suspect that they decided to do something when people like these 3rd party tour guides took it so far that it did have an effect. I’m not saying it’s not cheating the system, but there are much worse things in the world to get upset about. I suspect that Frozen and 7DMT fastpasses are still going to be super hard to get no matter what; I would be very surprised if the individual park goer sees any real difference in day of fastpass availability.

  • How dare Disney restrict access to FastPass+ reservations to people that are actually in the park!! This is a shameless money grab!!! Walt would be rollin’ in his grave!!! Rules should not apply to me, or anyone I know! I should just go to the front of the line!! Period!! And if you don’t agree, you must be a Disney intern!!!

    • They aren’t, you should re-read the article. The prevention is for people booking and using Fastpass tickets that are linked to an entrance pass that WASN’T used to enter the park that day..i.e people gaming the system to get more FP’s than they are allowed.

  • “What happens in this case : I have AP but I am taking the DCl that will be stopping at Disney . we will be given admission and 3 fp. But I planned on using my AP to enter – if I use my AP will I not be able to use the FP ?”

    …not based off any research or anything but my assumption is that you would have to pick a ticket and use the 3 FP selections on that ticket. So yes, if you have FP booked already on that ticket you should use that ticket instead of your AP.

  • I wonder if Disney will also be cracking down on their own cast members who obtain paper fast pass tickets and then use them (by the dozens) in the park and have the nerve to brag about it while waiting in line?

    This is super upsetting to regular folks who are just trying to enjoy a day in one of the parks.

  • This is what happens when you outsource critical software projects. This is a relatively simple permutation that any experienced architect would have caught in planning sessions and should never have made it into production. But Disney wants to hire cheap labor, so this is what they get.

    • Actually it isn’t. This is a feature that was never implemented, it has nothing to do with the nationality of the software developers. If you know anything of software development, the business owns the final say on scope and functionality. Once the abuse was discovered and the correct solution decided, it was then implemented. I can assure you that the supplier NEVER decides the final functionality and every decision is carefully thought through.

  • Some Cast Members might abuse the system but not that I’ve ever seen. Seeing as cast members can’t even book a fast pass until 7 days out we have a very limited chance of getting anything good when we book… So tell me again how we fill up the good rides?

  • I’m so sorry, can someone explain this to me? How are people making fast pass plans with expired tickets, how did they get into the park?
    “Basically, tickets not used to enter the park could be used to obtain valid FastPass+ reservations.” So they bought an extra ticket so they could use fast pass? I just cant wrap my head around this!

    • My guess is that sometimes people get Disney tickets if they are in town for a conference at a Disney property. (There’s an afternoon pass, after 3:00 entrance). And if you don’t use it, it expires after a few months (a friend of mine at a conference gave me hers because she did not want/couldn’t go to the park and I didn’t realized it expired until it was too late.) Maybe these are the expired tickets ? And maybe if they added them to their account before they expired, they could choose FastPass times in the future for that ticket, after the ticket expired. They wouldn’t enter the park with the expired ticket, but could use them at the FastPass entrances, because the FP machines would not validate the ticket itself, but just the FP times associated with the ticket. Pretty clever. Wish I had thought of it.

  • First World problems. They closed a loophole in their system that allowed cheating. Be grateful you can afford a trip to Disney world, and remember there are people in 3rd world countries who don’t even have enough food to eat.