PHOTO: New Marquee Replaces Classic Sign for Muppet-Vision 3-D, New Theater Name at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

PHOTO: New Marquee Replaces Classic Sign for Muppet-Vision 3-D, New Theater Name at Disney's Hollywood Studios
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The classic Muppet-Vision 3-D sign that has welcomed guests to the Hollywood Studios classic since 1991 has been removed and will be likely replaced today with this…

New sign being installed today at Muppet-Vision 3-D, photo by @CityBeautiful_ on twitter

The new sign gives a name to the theater the Muppets and Muppet Labs have taken over for the show, The Grand Arts Theatre. This change is likely just the next step in further changes to the Muppets Courtyard area of the park, as well as its expansion into what is left of the Streets of America next door.

Here is what the original sign looked like last week, as preparations were already underway for this new marquee:

The old sign was completely removed as of yesterday, with two new banner flanking where the new sign will go.

Photo courtesy of @LaughingPlace on twitter

With the placement of the marquee, it appears something would have to go above it, but that is purely speculation. We will be sure to show you the finished product once it is finally installed.

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  • Is this change part of the re-theming of the area or the first sign of the pending doom for Muppets Vission

    • I believe it’s made to look like a traditional theater marquee sign, but the letters are just as attached as any other part of the sign. If they were easily removable, I would guess they would place them once the sign was already in place. This looks like the sign is about to go for a ride so I’m assuming if letters could just be replaced they may fall off during transit. I think if anything this means the Muppets stay will be continuing even longer. The real fear for Muppet Vision still remains—when they’ve completed Star Wars Land the Muppets area will be all that stands between Star Tours and the entrance to the land, meaning a future expansion of the land on top of Muppets seems to be inevitable (unless they move Star Tours). The sign wouldn’t change in that case, the whole theater would be bulldozed. If that’s what’s happening then I see this new Muppet sign as a minimal move to spruce things up to last for four or so more years.

  • Like this new sign, but that means the screen show will be new and update.

  • I’d love it if the show would be updated. And get rid of the annoying bug/tiny taxi creature. New sign looks nice. At least the Muppetvision show is still at DHS. DCA doesn’t have it any more.

  • They’re trying to make the Muppets Courtyard seem more authentic and like the streets of NYC. Part of this is removing the theme park theming they had going with the hot air balloon and the Kermit sign. This didn’t look like a “city” at all.

    If you want a clue as to what they’re aiming for, look at the gritty realism of on the exterior of the Pizza Rizzo building. The new concept behind Hollywood Studios is about immersion… the theater needs to look like it could be a real theater in order to better fit into the theme of the land they’re making for Muppets.

  • I think this new sign is quite cool. As mentioned already if the letters were to be temporary they would have been added after the sign was installed. So to withstand transporting they must be permanent. I make signs for a living and if there was anything that could fall off we’d pack it in bubble wrap and add it at the end.

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