PHOTOS: New Modern Style Value Resort Rooms Debut at Disney’s Pop Century Resort

PHOTOS: New Modern Style Value Resort Rooms Debut at Disney's Pop Century Resort
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Disney is currently in the process of remodeling all of the rooms at the Pop Century Resort and we have a first look inside of the newly remodeled lodging for you today.

We start with a little refresher course for those of you who may not remember what the current rooms at Disney’s Pop Century Resort look like…

I admittedly haven’t stayed at Pop Century since 2012 and the rooms look much worse than I had remembered. Perhaps they haven’t aged very well.

The carpet was looking (and smelling) pretty bad.

The current style rooms feature two double size beds, but that is about to change…

Welcome to the newly remodeled rooms at Disney’s Pop Century Resort, soon what all guest rooms at the resort will look like.

A look from the other side with the second bed pulled down. Both are queen size.

The fold down bed is a table when stood up. These units already exist across the lake at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.

The entry with new curtains.

Yes, there is no carpet. It makes the room look (and smell) much nicer in my opinion.

The other queen bed sits on a new base that allows storage room underneath.

This new unit by the doorway holds the coffee maker, ice bucket, and new mini-fridge with a see-thru door. This will ensure that you never forget that you have items in the fridge.

“And what do we got on this thing, a Cuisinart?”

When pulled down, the headboard features Pluto sleeping in a Pop Art style. Get it?

There is a light above the bed, inside of the unit, which can be turned on and off via the small switch underneath the Pluto art.

New model phones in each room, as well as plenty of electrical outlets, including USB.

A set on each of the three end tables probably means you won’t have to fight over outlets anymore.

A rather large television can be found above the dresser, which of course has even more outlets. And yes, they now have a resort channel that plays AVATAR 24-hours…

This unit is quite large, and with the fridge moved, there is even more room for clothes.

The drowsy to the bathroom, as well as the adjoining room.

The sliding door to the bathroom features a mirror.

The showers now feature sliding glass doors.

The new resort toiletries have been rolled out at Pop Century.

So far, just one building (number 8) at the resort has been completely changed over to these new style rooms, but they are moving from building to building very quickly to remodel all of the resort rooms to this new style.

So, what do you think of this new style room for Disney’s Pop Century Resort.

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  • I stayed at the pop century last month and my sisters and I loved it for the location and how kid friendly it was (we had my niece with us). However, I did notice that the rooms needed either a serious deep clean or a remodel. So I’m glad that this is why there was construction going on at the resort. The new rooms look perfect and I can’t wait to stay here again next year and enjoy the much cleaner, updated, room.

  • Love these new rooms! My only negative comment is the sliding glass door for the shower. I can’t tell how see-thru they are from the pictures. Sometimes people need to use the toilet while someone else is in the shower. In the group that I travel with, that could be awkward.

  • We’ve stayed at Pop for most of our visits. I’m most excited about the NO carpet. So much cleaner!! It also looks like there will be a ton more storage too. Great Job Disney!

  • Love the Spaceballs reference… these look very similar to the remodeled rooms at Coronado, with the main difference being the fold down bed.

  • I have stayed at POP in the past and was not impressed. I love the redesign – enough that I might actually go back!

  • Lots of wood on foot level which means it will be chipped soon. Also the little desk/murphy bed will look terrible on the outside after a few months of use.

    I love the Pluto headboard though.

    • Nope. It’s not wood. It’s an easily replaceable laminate flooring. Also the same beds are used at AoA and do not show the wear you seem to think they will.

  • The bathrooms look nicer, although glass doors on a shower are notoriously hard to keep clean. Otherwise, I hate it. I will never stay in a room with hard floors! They show dirt worse than carpet does, they are cold, uncomfortable for bare feet, and not very nice if you have a baby or toddler that needs to move about on the floor. Also, that bed configuration is definitely not two queens. The regular bed is a queen, the Murphy bed is a full. To me, it makes it look and feel like the room is really crowded and small. I had really hoped to try out Pop Century at some point, as two rooms there is often cheaper than one room in a Moderate or a Deluxe, but it is definitely off my list now. I don’t like these changes at all.

    • Regarding the laminate floor versus carpet, carpet may look cleaner but having walked on carpeted hotel room floors (not at Disney however) in my socks, I can tell you those carpets aren’t as clean as they look and I’m thankful that I didn’t walk barefoot on that carpet. Whereas you can easily see dirt on a laminate floor and so can the cleaning staff, so they will be able to keep it cleaner.

    • Carpeting is filthy, it traps dirt, bacteria and odors. I’ll take the visible surface dust on hard flooring over the multitude of bodily fluids trapped in a carpet any day. If you’re putting a baby on the floor of a hotel whether the flooring is hard or carpet, you should be putting down a blanket or towel first. And your issue with walking around can be fixed with a pair of socks. This is a value resort, I think it should be pretty obvious that the rooms will be smaller than a moderate or deluxe, that’s why you pay less money. You aren’t hurting Disney by turning your nose up at it, they’re happy you’d rather pay more for silly reasons.

    • As someone who just stayed in one of the refurb rooms, I can say with certainty: You don’t know what you are talking about.

      Both beds are queens.

    • Laminate is significantly cleaner and more hypo-allergenic than carpet. I recently updated my home from carpet to laminate and it was one of the best decisions I have made regarding my home construction for my 2 young children (a toddler & an infant).

  • Its nice but seems very sterile. It needs more decoration like before to make it more Pop Century. The resort is known for its distinction for each decade so I hope they add more to it. I love the storage and the new look of the bathrooms it will def give families more room to spread out.

      • we were there in may/June of 2016 and they had those bottles, i brought some home, so it definitely hasn’t been years since they had those!

    • I miss the Mickey bathroom products at all the hotels. Last time I stayed at a value resort, quite some time ago, the products were in a dispenser on the shower wall so this looks like a very nice upgrade. I’m a DVC member and these are the same products that were in my Saratoga Srings Resort bathroom just a few days ago.

  • WOW! Very nice! I am glad that there is flooring instead of carpet. I noticed in the All Star resorts that their carpet has Mickey Mouse outline shapes in black that are fading in the heavy traffic areas.

  • I stayed at Pop in Dec 2016 and I actually like the flooring instead of the carpet also. It’s a lot cleaner and who know’s what’s on the carpets between food, drinks and whatever. I would definitely stay there again.

  • We have stayed at Pop in the past. We will miss all the “Mickey ” touches in the room. Aside from above the beds there is nothing special that says ‘OMG we are in a Disney hotel”. The floors look like they might be a little slippery under wet little feet although they do look nice. I see that the shelf that holds the coffee maker looks to have room for a toaster … hint
    Good on Disney for trying to keep things current but we feel for the housekeepers who only have a limited time to clean a room. I didn’t notice the safe in any pics?
    Awesome idea for the beds for when people are traveling in a group of two.
    Can’t wait to see it firsthand!!!

  • Coffee makers! Is it bring your own coffee, or are they going to stock coffee in the room?

  • I hate the laminate – it will be noisy if you have people above you and you area trying to sleep! The floors will cause noise to echo. Carpet at least absorbs sound. The room looks nice but it does seem more crowded as we would leave the second bed down and not bother putting it up each morning as we come into the room and literally crash after a day of magic. I hope I am wrong. We’ve been staying at pop for the last 6 trips and are scheduled for this September – if we get one of the new rooms.

  • Wow! Our family stayed there last year and I was pretty certain we would likely not return! This makes me want to come back! I am loving all the storage in the bathroom and the extra room for suitcases under the bed. We usually stay for a week and with two kids under four we bring a lot of stuff. We may actually have to come back to pop now! Well done Disney! Ps. I love the floors too. Feels way more clean!

  • WOW. What a beautiful redesign. And for a Value level resort nonetheless. I’m actually impressed.

  • If you want a nicer room with carpet, space and plush amenities, it’s gonna cost you more that $100 a night….

  • I personally think it is a little plain. Not many Disney touches to the room. I would think it’s quite crowded with the second bed down. The 2 doubles barely fit in the room and you could practically roll out the door from the bed near the door. You also lose out on the table when the murphy bed is down. Not really sure if I like it.

    • If you’re spending that much time in a room at Disney rather than playing in the parks, than you’re probably better off paying more at a moderate or deluxe resort. Most people that stay in the values spend their time out doing stuff and only are in the room to sleep, so space isn’t a priority.

  • I like the set up with more storage space, a coffee maker and fridge. I think not having carpet is going to make more noise for neighbors. The roms look plain and bland. Where is the Disney theming and magic? Nothing I see tells me it’s the Pop. That previously was evident in the decor. Not sure I would return here.

  • I like the new design but it needs something else! Maybe color on the walls? It is just to white and bare!! I love that there will not be carpet and I hope that there is cork or something to block the sound from upper floors! But it needs something to WOW!! That is the missing piece!!

  • Definitely need a safety bar in the shower. Hopefully there will also be bathrooms with roll in showers for those of us that have trouble entering a tub. I like the idea of the murphy bed.

    • If you have trouble getting in and out of the bathroom, you should be requesting a handicapped accessible room. The HA ones at Pop have a stand in shower instead of a tub.

  • Since no one seems to have answered this question, I will ask. Is there still a safe in the rooms?

      • Thank you for stating that the safe is INSIDE the dresser unit. Other replys above only state the safe is under the TV but there is nothing in the pictures.

  • I am so excited about these new rooms! They are a huge improvement over any other standard rooms at a Value resort to me. And they are a total surprise to me, I didn’t know this was in the works! We will be more likely to stay due to the queen bed.

  • My wife and I have stayed at the Pop Century 8 or 10 times and we have always enjoyed our stay with a couple of minor exceptions. A couple of times we were stuck in an accessible room. No disrespect to the people that need it but we didn’t need it. The other problem was the beds. A queen bed will be so much better. The rooms were stale and did need a make over. We like the new look. YAY Disney. We are going in about 4 months and I really hope we will be in a renovated room.

  • I love the changes. PC is my honey’s choice when at WDW. I am excited to visit and hopefully get one of the new rooms for my birthday celebration. As a passholder I am having trouble with all the other park changes but resort changes are always good. Through the years all I have seen is improvement. Thanks for the pics!

  • I take it the coffee maker is not a K-cup. I would have loved if the coffee maker was a K-cup. Then I could have brought mine. And I don’t see the safe. I read it is near the tv. I just don’t see it in the picks.

    • Its in the dresser under the TV. You don’t see it unless you open the dresser doors. And no, the coffee maker is not a K cup, which I’m glad since those have the most wasteful packaging I’ve ever seen.

  • I’m going with my daughter to celebrate her 8th bday this coming Monday for a 2 week stay. I booked a preferred rm with pool view. Does anyone know if that will be a newly refurbished rm?

  • I have mixed reactions to this as someone who has a little kid. I love the floor (less anxiety if you have food or drink that your kid is going to leave crumbs smooshed into the carpet). Kids love playing with sliding doors, so this one is a negative for me. Just stayed at a Hampton Inn with a sliding bathroom door that didn’t lock and my two year old loved opening it up while I was using the bathroom. The other big negative are the doors on the tub. Trying to bathe a kid in the small space in-between the door and the tub wall and leaning over a metal track is not fun for anyone.

  • A friend of mine was wondering if the Murphy bed has a regular thickness mattress, similar to the standing queen bed in the room. Anybody? We are planning a visit next year and this bothers her a great deal.

    • I have stayed at Art of Animation and slept on the pull down table bed. It was very comfortable. Not at all like a pull out couch. I would not worry.

  • Spoke with 3 different cast members and all 3 are denying that these rooms exist. If we could get a room here with a queen and Murphy instead of doubles, we would absolutely book here. Why are they saying these don’t exist??

  • Thank you for sharing all of the pictures of the new rooms at Pop Century. I’m loving it. Can’t wait to get there in November. All the improvements are fantastic.

  • Does the Pop Century still have the option of a king and double with a roll in shower with this new remodel ? The king size bed won’t work for my party of three. Thank you for such a through review of the remodeled rooms.

  • Thanks for the beautiful pictures! Don’t like the shower door tracks, but will put up with it. We are total Pop fans.

  • Love the floors and bigger beds. The upgraded rooms look bigger (I know they’re the same size) I remember the last time we stayed there I made sure we wore our shoes, the carpets were filthy. Now they can sweep and mop and it’ll be good! So excited to stay there again!

  • thanks for thephotos, been almost a decade since I stayed at pop and I stopped since staying there as it was in rough shape.

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