PHOTOS, VIDEO: Talking Skull Returns After 11-Year Hiatus to Mask New On-Ride Photo at Pirates of the Caribbean

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Talking Skull Returns After 11-Year Hiatus to Mask New On-Ride Photo at Pirates of the Caribbean
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Last week, we told you that on-ride photos were coming to Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom. Well, with this addition, an old friend has returned.

Removed during the 2006 refurbishment that brought the movie characters to the ride, a new version of the infamous talking skull that once stood before the drop is now in place. While it isn’t exactly the same, it is similar to the more famous version in the Disneyland attraction.

The Skull says a few words before a lightning flash goes off from his eyes, along with the crack of thunder. While the flash is a little bright, we are happy to see that it was at least well-themed. Sadly, it is not the original dialogue by X. Atencio, but it is cool nonetheless.

On-ride photo and the talking skull can now be seen daily at Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom.

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  • Why doesn’t Disney just keep the talking skull and dispense with the idiotic picture? I find it annoying that my partner and I will have our picture taken with a boat load of usually rude cretins that have no appreciation for the ride. And on top of that I’m being forced to pay for the experience!

    • Accuses others of not appreciating the ride while not appreciating a part of the ride. Got it.

      Also, no one is forcing you to look at or buy the photo afterward.

      • Not liking a product placement like Captain Mubblebeard added to a classic attraction is hardly equal to not appreciating an entire attraction. If they had actually wedged Eddie Murphy into the Graveyard scene of Haunted Mansion like they originally planned, you wouldn’t like it, but it doesn’t mean you instantly don’t appreciate the attraction. Now if they replaced Madame Leota with Jennifer Tilly, that would be a different story.

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