REVIEW: Magic Kingdom Copies Disneyland and Adds Hand-Dipped Corn Dogs, But Are They Just As Good?

If you are familiar with Disneyland, you undoubtedly know about the long lines for Corn Dogs that can be found on Main Street U.S.A. (and occasionally at the secondary location, the Corn Dog Castle at Disney California Adventure). If you only visit Walt Disney World, then you might be wondering why such lines exist, seeing as the corn dogs in Orlando are pretty terrible. Well, the difference between the two is that the dogs are hand-dipped at Disneyland and served fresh, not from frozen like their Walt Disney World counterparts. While the food trucks at Disney Springs have given us their take on this classic snack, the Magic Kingdom is finally trying out Hand-dipped Corn Dogs.

Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, already home to the beloved waffle sandwiches (including breakfast), funnel cakes, and ice cream cookie sandwiches, is now also the home for these new, fresh-made snacks.

The hand-dipped corn dog with house-made chips is $8.49, but you can get just the corn dog for $5.99 upon request.

In case you don’t believe that they are hand-dipping the corn dogs, here’s a peek into the kitchen. This item is fairly new, so they are still learning how to do this and it was quite evident. Many corn dogs came out fairly deformed in appearance and we ended up waiting quite a while for this to come out of the kitchen.

Hand-Dipped Corn Dog with House-Made Chips ($8.49)

Hand-Dipped Corn Dog with House-Made Chips ($8.49), Sleepy Hollow Refreshments at the Magic Kingdom

As you can see, our corn dog came out quite deformed, but it was also very good. While the Disneyland version is still superior, this was lightyears better than any other corn dog I’ve ever had in Orlando.

Hand-Dipped Corn Dog with House-Made Chips ($8.49), Sleepy Hollow Refreshments at the Magic Kingdom

Sure, the hot dog was peeking out and there was a strange “leg” coming out of it, but the flavor of the batter was good and the all-beef hot dog was great. The house made chips were tasty as always, making this a solid meal. Sadly, I still prefer the chicken and waffle sandwich, so this probably won’t sway me from my usual order, but it is nice to finally have real corn dogs here. Now, we just need them to start making the spicy link from Corn Dog Castle…

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