UPDATE: Disney Automatically Locking All Accounts That Attempt to Cheat FastPass System Beginning Today

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As we told you earlier this week, Disney is cracking down on anyone who tries to cheat the FastPass+ system at Walt Disney World. Today the new policies have gone into use, as well as a more effective way of stopping guests from doing such activities again than we had even speculated.

Beginning today, any guest who uses a FastPass under tickets not used for that day’s theme park admission will have their associated MyDisneyExperience account and the ability to book any further FastPasses locked at the end of that day. The system will apparently run through all accounts to find any culprits overnight, and then lock the account should it find a FastPass was booked illegitimately. Guests with these infractions will have to visit guest relations in order to unlock their accounts. Guest relations will only unlock the accounts if the act was deemed to not be malicious.

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  • Tom, it seems no ones’ MDE accounts are being locked. Based on the timing of your article, a MDE would not have been locked at your publish time.

    I assume you had a trusted source regarding the locking of the MDE was coming.

    Do you have an update since no one is reporting this is happening?


      • Agreed but the question is where did you get this information? Your story was picked up by a number of fan sites and created a small measure of panic that guests would have their accounts locked and possibly worse.

      • We technically cheated, because BiL stayed home so cousin who just got AP yesterday at MK could take his MB to use his FP+ with the rest of us. I checked his band this morning and added FPs for him today. I could add, so don’t think he got locked. The entire account, which has about 14 of us on it, is definitely not locked.

          • As of a few minutes ago, MDE account is still working generally. I also did test FP+ for BiL for tomorrow and it worked. Egregious cheating with multiple FP on tickets for SDFP or other schemes I am not aware of might have flagged cancellations. In this case, we just had a guest with no fast passes use FP from band of guest who stayed home. I know Tom has outlined they were taking steps for addressing multiple use cases.

            Regardless, we will count ourselves as lucky, and cousin has her AP set up and can make her own FPs with the rest of us now. No more shenanigans!

    • its entirely possible that whatever new program they wrote to scan the system is having problems and hasn’t gone into effect yet. This is My Disney Experience we’re talking about, there is probably a bug or 2 they have to work through before locking accounts.

    • Yes! Locked here! We are annual pass holders for a family of 8. My kids used their father’s fast pass to get on a ride at Epcot. He did not join us that day. We didn’t realize this was against the rules since our tickets are technically already paid for entry to the park. His account was locked for not entering the park but having a fast pass used. I had to call and get it unlocked. She nicely explained the policy, which we didn’t realize beforehand since we have already paid the entry- whether we go or not- and informed me she could unlock it as a courtesy the 1st time. Any additional violations will need to speak with another department. Needless to say, we won’t do this, again. I understand there is fast pass abuse of priveldges going on but it never occurred to me to think that annual pass holders would be abusing the system since we have paid for park entry, anyway. It feels as if we have paid for the right to use the fast pass. In any case, I understand now. Rules are Rules.

      • I’m curious about how you used for your father’s fast pass? Did you use up fast passes on your annual pass, and then transfer a fast pass from your father to one of your annual pass accounts? If so, then I can see why that would be prohibited, as you were able to pre-book more than others. However, I’m still not sure I understand why you cannot transfer a fast pass from your father’s account to your kids if he decided not to use it, and if they had not already used fast passes of their own.

        It hurts my brain too much to try to figure this all out. I think it’s probably best if I just avoid transferring fast passes for any reason. I really don’t want to get into trouble.