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The Magic Kingdom is Launching a Park-Wide Food Tour This Fall

Starting October 1st, 2017, The Magic Kingdom will be launching an all new tour called “Taste of The Magic Kingdom”.

How can there be a food tour without Dole Whip?
How can there be a food tour without Dole Whip?

While details are scarce right now, the new paid tour will take guests on a culinary tour through the popular snacks and dishes of the park. Disney is expected to announce the tour and the details of it sometime in the next month.

  1. Wow, I had to chuckle at that one. IMHO, of all the parks, MK is the weakest when it comes to “culinary adventure.”
    We usually make an ADR at the Grand Cafe for lunch. Or head to the Tambu Lounge, or the Wave… Or just go over to Epcot…. MK.. ahhh, no.

    1. I was excited until you made your post. You are correct though. Seems like this should go in Epcot….

  2. I can just imagine their PR shop trying to put a positive spin on this one right now… “We can’t wait for our guests to enjoy all the delicious food from all of the Magic Kingdom’s best restaurants including Tony’s Town Square, The Lunching Pad, and Cosmic Ray’s.”

    Disney should being paying people to take this tour instead of making people pay to take the tour.

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