Minnie Vans Service Begins Later This Month at Select Walt Disney World Hotels

Minnie Vans Service Begins Later This Month at Select Walt Disney World Hotels
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As we told you last week and as Disney announced at the D23 Expo, a new transportation service featuring vehicles themed to the one-and-only Minnie Mouse will soon be taking you everywhere you want to go at the Walt Disney World Resort.

Today, Disney shared a look at some of the vehicles from the Minnie fleet as well as more details about this new point-to-point service.

Starting later this month, guests at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort and Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts will be able to arrange their own private Disney vehicle right from their smartphone. It’ll be simple to do. Just arrange a Minnie vehicle and a Disney cast member will arrive and drive you anywhere you wish at the Walt Disney World Resort.

I don’t know about you, but there are times when planning a Disney vacation can be overwhelming! There are so many options, where to stay, when to go, is this the best price. So, I want to introduce you all to Cindy Minor and the team at Small World Big Fun. They will help you plan your Disney vacation for FREE. Contact them today!

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  • I read that it would be $20 a trip. Is that your information? That seems a bit steep when you can Uber for less than half that.

      • Of course it’s free. Disney would never charge for additional services outside of standard resort mass transportation.While you’re in the Minnie Van, you can also book reservations for the free dessert parties and Bibbity Bobidi Boutique sessions.

    • Won’t be long before Lyft and Uber are kicked out of Disney. Disney wants every second, and every inch of their guests time and money. I expect the shuttles will quickly move up to $50, and bus service will start charging $10 or so. No need to not gauge guests, most will whimper a bit, but then pay up. My main grip is quality dipping at the parks, and cut backs the impact the experience.

      • You can just go here instead Larry, https://www.universalorlando.com

        Seriously though, I been hearing your kind yell at every change yet the parks are busier than ever. Clearly you just like to use these forums/comments to fake complain about Disney like it’s what the cool kids are doing.

        To clarify, if you have an honest differing opinion I welcome that. If you are going to sensationalize changes than you’re an idiot, and that’s not just for Larry, its for anyone who thinks that’s a hot take.

        • Like I said, I like people whom have differing opinions, those are awesome because the provoke intelligent conversation. Just seems like everyone wants to play this character in a forum but will still go to Disney and spend their money. Just hypocritical is all. Judging by the comments below mine clearly that’s the type of people you are.

          In no way did I insinuate that I’m a “shut up and take my money” person cause I’m not, just sick of hearing the overly dramatic responses. It’s a character that people play and I’m tired of it, cause they certainly don’t mean it.

  • Is there any further information about drop off locations? For example, at the Magic Kingdom will these vehicles drop you at the bus depot or at the Transportation Center like other taxis?

  • Im at WDW and have seen guests use this service my trip which is exciting! coming sooner than we thought!

  • Complementary Soft Opening this week.
    Took it from Yacht Club to Contemporary. Very nice.
    Guess it goes “live” 7/26.

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