Muppet-Vision 3-D Has Unexpectedly Closed for Refurbishment

PHOTOS, VIDEO: Star Wars - Galaxy's Edge Construction, Grand Avenue Takes Shape at Disney's Hollywood Studios
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Today, the Muppet-Vision 3-D attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios unexpectedly closed for a refurbishment.

The attraction is set to be closed through August 2nd, 2017. Disney had not given a reason for the closure.

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  • Animal. Gonzo. Professor Honeydew. The Electric Mayhem. It’s a miracle it’s not closed for refurbishment more often.

  • Maybe they’ll put in a new film, I hope. Tom, do they still have the Muppet mobile lab with periodic shows behind Spaceship Earth at Epcot? The one with Beaker and Prof. Honeydew?

      • I guess I’ll never watch it again then, because I can’t stand the little bug/taxi character. I’ve seen the show enough to not have to watch it again unless they ever put in a new film. I’ll just see the current show if my daughter is with me, since she likes it.

  • This is how the current Disney parks managements likes to mock visitors.

    “Did you plan your trip months in advance Psyche!”

  • Is there anything left to do yet in HS? With The Great Movie Ride closing pretty quick you’d think they’d have waited. Whatever they’re working on, it must be a big for them to close.

    • Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Fantasmic, Star Tours, Tower of terror, Toy Story Midway Mania, and Rock and Rollacoster so plenty to do and see

    • It’s only worth going to DHS right now for a partial day, if you can hop to another park before or after. At least they’ve still got Tower of Terror, Rock’n’RollerCoaster, TSMM, Star Tours, a couple shows, the Star Wars stuff and Fantasmic. It won’t be a full day park again until they’ve got Toy Story Land and Galaxy’s Edge open.

  • Although this comes as a shock it makes sense to do it now so they don’t have to do it once GMR closes in 2 weeks

  • They should’ve closed this outdated show down and replaced it with the new show they’re putting in where the Great Movie ride is closing.

  • They really should have just built a 5th park, and after it opened, closed Hollywood Studios for a complete reburb, and then Epcot for one. The parks are busting at seems with people and strollers with little to do but stand in line for the very few attractions left. Hollywood Studios is a complete embarrassment, not that WDW isn’t slowly becoming one overall, unless again, you like standing in lines as they keep building more resorts for few attractions.

  • Remember how the Swedish Chef blows up the theater at the end, it’s like that, but this time it was one of the pieces of heavy equipment behind the theater doing the construction!

  • Probably inserting the new voice of Kermit into the show. Disney/Muppets really want to burn the past with the last guy.

  • It is amusing to me when people post “there is nothing left open at Hollywood Studios now”. Which attraction that closed did these people spend so much of their time on? Taking the Backlot Tour over and over? Wondering endlessly around the fake buildings of Streets of America? Watching Lights, Motors, Action again and again? Or were they lost in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play ground all day?? Personally, every single one of those had become an every other trip, if at all, attraction…expect the playground and the fake buildings, those were just a straight up avoid. But hey, some people are going to complain, even if Disney closes a part of a parking lot. Malcontents will be malcontents.

    • I totally agree!! Plus I think there is more to do at Star Wars Launch Bay then there was to do at the Animation Courtyard (But that might be because I love Star Wars) Plus they added the Star Wars stage show and March of the First Order. I still love the park !

    • Yea, either way you cut it, there’s more attractions at FunSpot down the road on 192. HS is a construction zone. Disney should be ashamed of how horribly they cut before building ‘new’. All they build is DVCs now. If it’s not a profit center, they really don’t care.

      • Disney never build anything that was not for profit in their parks. Also, Star Wars Land, Toy Story Land, Avatar Land, the coming expansions to EPCOT, the expansion at Coronado Springs, the new gondola system, the Minnie Vans service, Tron Lightcycle Run…none of those are DVC resorts. Stop spreading lies. If you prefer FunSpot on 192, please, do us all a favor and go there. You will not be missed in the lines.

        • First, quit being so defensive. It’s just a theme park.

          Furthermore, the rides you mentioned in your original comments took up a lot of time and were absolute must visits. Even when those rides were there, the park felt a little lacking. Your post sounds like the ravings of an obnoxious “fanboy.”

  • Hello. The health department has temporarily shut the theater due to mold. Due to the chemicals needed to resolve the issue, we had to close the theater until the safe levels are achieved.

  • For the people with the half-day park comments, one of my friends who works at WDW told me three days ago that “they’re gonna start cutting back entertainment hours [there] because Hollywood Studios is going to be running like a half-day park”.

  • When we were there on Sunday (July 30) the cast members were telling us that construction of Star Wars was happening too close to Muppets for guests to be inside safely.

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