One-Day-Only Fourth of July Sale at TeePublic – “Make America Sing Again” and More!

The WDWNT Store at TeePublic is offering 30% off everything with code AMERICA, but this offer ends tonight!

Our patriotic design, Make America Sing Again, pays tribute to America Sings, the classic Disneyland attraction hosted by Sam and Ollie which operated in the Carousel Theater from 1974-1988.

In addition, all of our newest designs, such as Indigenous Pandora Ale, Save Figment, Captain EO Crunch, and ‘Punzel’s sPoopers, plus all your classic favorites, including Seven, Tom Corless’ Mean Tweets, and Make the Movie Ride Great Again, are all on sale!

Everything else in our TeePublic Store, including stickers, wall art, kids apparel, and hoodies are also on sale. But remember, this sale ends tonight at midnight EDT, so don’t delay!


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  1. The mix/reminiscence by WDW News Today of a famous quote from the worst president that the U.S ever had, here used for a supposed tribute to America Sings when in fact the goal is to make money is not really of the best taste… shame on you!

      1. By that logic then, was it appropriate when you immediately deleted the Not My Hall of Presidents shirt post? Conservatives complain and you immediately back off, but if someone on the other side takes issue you say they’re overreacting? Granted I do find it strangely ironic to use sing again considering that this man wants to cut all funding for arts programs.

        1. Again, neither shirt is a political stance, they are just fun designs. I think many people on both sides have forgotten how to have a sense of humor.

          1. I never said the shirt was a political stance. What I was pointing out was the hypocrisy in your response. In one situation, you immediately deleted a post and in the other you accuse the commentor of being over dramatic.

          2. So you’re pandering to the majority, you didn’t delete the HOP post because it was inappropriate, you deleted it because the majority of the people saw it as being negative towards someone they like. So unless the majority suddenly shifted the other direction, of course they would approve of something that they see as being positive towards that same person. Which is fine, I have nothing against you trying to sell something that appeals to the majority. What I take issue with, is you criticizing someone that did exactly the same thing that happened before, but because they are not in the majority and there are no negative consequences for you, you act like a jerk to them. If you were truly trying to be apolitical, you would have offered them the same courtesy and not felt the need to criticize them because either you agree with the others and you are absolutely being political, or you’re simply pandering.

  2. New to the site and I’ve been in the process of listening to the old radio programs. Can someone tell me where the “Seven… SEVEN” thing on the broadcast is all about?

    Much like Michael Scott from The Office “I love inside jokes, I’d like to be a part of one someday.”

    1. Only the best preshow of all time…Test Track ’99. “Put up 2, 5, and 7. 7?! Yeah, 7.” — Bill McKim

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