VIDEO: Take a Complete Walking Tour of The Great Movie Ride Just Two Weeks Before It Closes Forever

VIDEO: Take a Complete Walking Tour of The Great Movie Ride Just Two Weeks Before It Closes Forever


With Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway set to replace it, The Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will close forever on August 13th, 2017. As a farewell, the Disney Parks Blog hosted a special event this week where guests were able to walk the track of the ride, take in some special entertainment, and even enjoy desserts in the picturesque Wizard of Oz scene.

We spent a majority of the party walking the attraction and filming some parts that may either be hard to see or where the ride vehicle simply doesn’t stop in order to preserve the ride for future enjoyment long after it is gone. While we recorded over an hour of footage (most of which will be featured in a later video project), we do have a half-an-hour video from the walkthrough of the attraction to share with you today. Enjoy, and we’ll see you at the movies!

Remember, you have just 14 days to enjoy this classic attraction, and soon Disney will be releasing merchandise to commemorate its closing.

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  1. They should just take all these sets and place them in another buliding and make it a walk through attraction. It’s truly sad to see this classic attracion go.

    1. Well as Walt said: “Thid place should be a museum. We need to go out of our way to keep old, stale, broken attractions for the few whiners out there. No need to move forward and create new experiences. Cater to the weirdos instead. It’s a solid business model!”

      1. I doubt he said that. And its not old and broken it depicts the history of Hollywood movies to the best it can. Problem with the world today there is no love of history anymore with the younger generation.

  2. A Mickey and Minnie ride belongs in Magic Kingdom. Taking out the GMR is a huge mistake, wake up Wdw and do the right thing.

  3. The Great Movie Ride is a huge attraction. It doesn’t really seem like the Mickey ride proposed could possibly fill that massive building. I wonder if they will just be scrapping all those sets and AA figures or if they will end up somewhere else?

  4. Why not replace OMD with this and move OMD to new theatre at MK. OMD needs to be in a park and in better quality than it currently is. I know the new theatre is going to be for Broadway-style shows but I feel those really belong at DHS. My two cents…

    1. Which is why it should be made into a walk through, like OMD and the way the studio backlot tour used to be.

  5. This ride is a classic, and to see it be removed is an absolute shock to me. It’s a ride that allows people to finally get the chance to get a closer look at their favorite movies. It allows them to sit there as if they were part of it. To replace that with something that could easily go in the Magic Kingdom or even Epcot is extremely upsetting. They are taking away the opportunity to show younger generations what the original movies were like and how amazing they were.

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