Muppets Courtyard at Disney's Hollywood Studios is No More, Grand Avenue Taking Over

Muppets Courtyard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is No More, Grand Avenue Taking Over

The recently named Muppets Courtyard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is already no more, as Disney announced today that the entire land and the remains of the Streets of America will all become the new Grand Avenue area this Fall.

Muppets Courtyard, along with a portion of the former Streets of America, is being re-imagined by Walt Disney Imagineering to become a new area called Grand Avenue. Inspired by the revitalization and the vibrant culture of present-day downtown Los Angeles, Grand Avenue is where vintage office buildings and warehouses are being converted to exciting new uses. Guests will soon see facades for “merchants” appearing in this area for a music shop, loft apartments, a tailor and more, with each window on the street featuring charming displays.

Grand Avenue includes BaseLine Tap House, which takes over the former Writer’s Stop. This new corner pub will feature California beers and wines along with a selection of small bites.

The current Muppets Courtyard will become Grand Park, an urban square off Grand Avenue surrounded by shops and restaurants like PizzeRizzo and Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano. Guests can already see changes in the area, with the Muppets theater being renamed “Grand Arts Theatre” and boasting a brand-new marquee. Disney has assured guests that the hilarious and irreverent “Muppet*Vision 3D” show will remain in this new area.

The future of the Stage 1 “Muppets Store” and various themed elements in the area remains in doubt as Disney has not mentioned them specifically.

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  1. The Muppets 3D movie is due for an update. Why keep showing the same boring movie forever? Even Universal is wise enough to replace Shrek for Kungfu Panda. I would call Disney lazy if not for changing everything else except for this attraction. So Disney is almost there. Please one more announcement.

    1. Probably because they have closed so many attractions for the expansions, they are probably trying to keep it open for the sake of having an attraction in this part of the park. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did end up replacing it down the road. Because it is so due for an upgrade/replacement.

  2. TimP… I respectfully disagree. I’ve been going to see Muppet Vision 3D every year since it opened and I still am entertained. The Muppets are timeless, although their popularity has dwindled a bit over the recent years. I actually think they should’ve kept Muppets Courtyard and done a little more theming with the space. There are always a LOT of possibilities and ideas with the Muppets

    1. Mike: But the exact same movie? Muppets can stay, but the movie should be updated to something new to watch.

      1. I agree the movie should be updated. Someone in a previous article’s comments (also about Muppetvision) said, though, that it’s the last voice-work of Jim Henson (for all the voices he did, Kermit and more) and should never be redone. I think with all the technology out there they still COULD do a newer film and keep Jim’s voice somehow. And get rid of the annoying little bug/taxi character that ruins the film for me and probably lots of others, lol.

      2. With all of the other major changes they are making to MGM (Hollywood Studios to some) and all of the old attractions they are replacing, I guess I’m just hoping that they keep and hold onto at least a few originals. Could it be updated? Sure… but I’m completely on board with leaving it as is.

    2. Muppets will remain for now, but it’s doomed in the long run. The show is old and hackneyed – despite some thinking it should remain as a Jim Henson shrine. Get real. Today’s kids don’t care about the Muppets. Something fresh and new would be very welcome there.

      1. Kids “don’t care” about things because they aren’t exposed to them. That argument is moot.

    3. I totally agreee. I was incredibly disheartened to hear it was being changed up. People like me, well, our childhood memories lie there!

  3. Hi Tom. Any word on an opening date yet for the tap house. Our trip starts on 9/20. I also still love Muppets 3D.

  4. Next step Disney, please remove the muppets all together. This is one area we avoid on our trips as we have no interest in the muppets.

    1. You heard it Disney, one irrelevant, self-centered family doesn’t like a ride. Better bulldoze it and get HM on the phone for new ideas.
      “What do ya got HM? What’s that you say, a ride based on your life?…….We just removed Ellen so there is room for a boring, nap-inducing attraction. You got it!!”

      1. Disney just called back. They said that they’ve just greenlit a reimagining of Body Wars called J the ride, it’s just like the old version except it all takes place in one giant rectum.

  5. Do you think this was a fairly recent decision considering they redid Pizza Planet to PizzaRizzo? Why make a Muppet themed restaurant if they aren’t keeping the Muppet courtyard theme?

  6. Maybe they can do the Osborn Festival of Dancing Lights on the new Grand Avenue! Doubtful, but one can hope.
    Also, Hollywood Studios is already so depleted with closings that it is hardly worth the money or the effort. I hope that they upgrade Muppet Vision AFTER the opening of both Toy Story and Star Wars lands.

  7. Fake News! This area has been an absolute disaster and Disney has been on their hands and knees begging me to save it. We’re going to build the most sensational, most luxurious, most muppetational new resort, and the Muppets are going to pay for it! Maks Grand Avenue Great Again!

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