PHOTOS: Signage Posted for Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway, Replacing the Great Movie Ride

PHOTOS: Signage Posted for Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, Replacing the Great Movie Ride

With the Great Movie Ride closing last night at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, signage for the replacement attraction has already gone up outside of the Chinese Theater.

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway will now reside inside the Chinese Theater facade.

The new attraction is rumored to open in 2019, around the same time as Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Photos via @GavinAndPatrick on twitter.

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  1. Such a HUGE disappointment… if they were going to replace GMR with a Mickey cartoon themed attraction they should’ve used the CLASSIC animation for Mickey and the gang, not the new, borderline creepy, animation

  2. Looks like they made Goofy a little less horrifying to look at than he does in the shorts.

    1. Agreed! If they were going to make a Mickey cartoon themed ride, they should’ve used the classic animation.. the new animation is creepy!

    1. Oh boy, here comes whiny old man bob who’s complaining about a children’s theme park and doesn’t see how pathetic he is.

      1. Oh boy, here comes hypocritical old J who’s still spending all their time trolling a blog about a children’s theme park and doesn’t see how pathetic they are.

        1. I am actually excited for this ride. GMR was good for it’s time but it was time for it to go. The signage looks really good.

      2. And here comes a nitwit who thinks Disney parks are just for children.

        Go yell at a cloud you old f*rt.

  3. I REALLY don’t like how these cartoons are drawn. They look like they should be on cartoon network.

  4. Too bad that Mickey and the gang no longer look like themselves. I guess they’ve been visiting the Cartoon Network too much.

    1. So what exactly is “themselves” in your point of view? Mickey in Steamboat Willie looks nothing like the Mickey of the 90’s. Mickey’s design has gone through multiple changes over the years, so what does it matter that they’ve changed it again?

  5. Just like the removing of Horizons or the original Journey Into Imagination, this was a horrible decision by Disney management. To remove this classic and unique attraction for a cheap replacement will be regarded as a huge mistake. The simple fact is the new Mickey Mouse cartoons are not watched by the majority of the audiences. Most people who know Mickey know him through the classic animation, or most kids know him through the style of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse/Road racers. Sad.

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