Survey Reveals Possible New Park Theme and Name for Disney’s Hollywood Studios

With all of the demolition, removal, and construction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it is no secret that most of the park that once existed is now history, which has lead many a guest to ask what the new theme of the park will be and why Disney hasn’t just renamed it already. Well, a recent focus group survey sheds some light on the possible new theme and a host of possible new names for the transitioning theme park.

survey reveals possible new park theme and name for disney s hollywood studios 2

As described above (including Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land), the park would now revolve around you being the star and jumping into your favorite movies, television shows, cartoons, and more, taking an active role in the story in every experience.

The survey goes on to ask the guest to pick from a list of possible new names for the park…

survey reveals possible new park theme and name for disney s hollywood studios

For what it is worth, we were unable to verify the source of the focus group, but it looks pretty official. We’ll just have to wait and see if any of this comes to fruition now…

What do you think of this possible theme and the new names listed above? Also, don’t forget to check out our latest aerial tour of the construction at the park!

SOURCE: Mickey Views

84 thoughts on “Survey Reveals Possible New Park Theme and Name for Disney’s Hollywood Studios”

  1. Realky intrigued by “Disney Legends” and even “Disney Beyond”. Really inspires the adventures yet to come!

    • Until the expansion opens its the smallest. ????

      I always thought DHS was the smallest but Google says MK is 107 acres and DHS is 135. I wonder if the 135 was designed when they still had LMA and BLT and included those areas. ????

  2. I thought it was said during D23 2016 that the new name was already decided and would be announced at another time? I realise plans can change, but surely it was better than those choices!

  3. Disney asking guests to help name a park? I just don’t see this happening myself – especially since some of the names given to me just don’t say “Disney thought of this name” (Disney XL anyone??).

    • Well, they did name a TV network “Disney XD”

      Most of these names are just terrible. I’d rather them keep the current name if that’s the best they can come up with.

  4. A better name would be “Stuff Not Found at Other Parks”, or “Overflow Land To Keep the Crowds Down”

  5. I quite like Cinemagic, but I really don’t like any of the others, however I’m not sure that’s any better than the obvious Disney’s Hollywood Adventure. I suppose we’d get used to whatever it is.

  6. I personally don’t feel that the name needs to change, because Toy Story and Stars Wars are movies, and movies are made in STUDIOS!
    I agree with the previous comments. All of the proposed new names are terrible. They already renamed this park once. To do it again damages the validity of the park. If a new name has to be assigned to the property, based on the description in the survey, where you are immersing your self in lands of another galaxy, toys, and your favorite characters, the best name I could think of, and hopefully the final name for this park would be ” Imagination Kingdom.”

  7. wow those names are terrible. disney xl park? come on. hollywood studios is EASILY the best of that bunch, and surprise, it fits their theming plans perfectly…

  8. It should be named something like Disney’s Lands of Adventure, or the Wonderous World of Walt Disney.

    • Doesnt that name kinda step on the toes of another theme park down the road? Its only missing two letters lol.

  9. Cinemagic is my favorite of those listed based on the Cinemagique name from Paris. However as bland as it sounds, something like Disney(‘s) Hollywood Adventure would probably work best. You are in the dream world of Hollywood where your favorite movies come alive. It also connect with Disney California Adventure and with some of the original zoning/theme of the existing park. Also it is less extreme and easier to remember that it is the same park.

  10. I honestly cannot believe that anyone that read that survey actually believes that it is for real. Honestly, even the most simple person would recognize that most of those names are completely nonsensical.Then again, considering the source of venom that I am subjected to in the comments section of this site, I should not have been surprised.

  11. Seems unlikely to be a real survey. Where are these images from? Who provided them? The author provides no information for the reader to evaluate the credibility of this. That’s usually a strong indication that it’s not legit.

  12. Those names suck. If those are the alternatives, they’re better off keeping the Hollywood Studios name

  13. The descriptive paragraph suggests Disney’s Imaginative Adventures Park. Or Disney’s Magnificent Amazing Adventures Park.

    • AGREED!! I’m pretty heartbroken over the great movie ride too. I hope they don’t change the name.

  14. They’re already in possession of a perfect name to represent what’s happening at this park… Disney’s WONDERLAND. That way they’re not tied into the “studios” part of the themeing, but still all about capturing the wonder of moviemaking, storytelling, etc.

  15. All those names are horrid, they would be better calling to the Worlds of Disney or something stupid like that, if they are removing the hollywood theme.

  16. Those names are just straight up dumb. I also struggle with the “Disney’s…” lead into any new name here. Aside from the new Mickey ride, how much of this park’s IP is wholly Disney? Maybe call it “Disney’s Expansion of Well-loved Pixar and Lucasfilm IPs Park.”

  17. Sheesh all those potential names are awful. Maybe the best is Storyverse and even that’s a stretch. First rule in marketing: tell the customer what it is. I don’t know what a hyperia is. My guess is, Disney’s too smart to pick any of these names. XL? Gimme a break.

  18. They should just go with Disney Infinity Park. “Live in your world…play in ours.” It worked for the gaming system they came out with and the potential to leverage that is limitless!

  19. Of the names on the list Cinemagic is the best. I like the suggestion Disney’s Hollywood Adventure. But how about reusing the old Toontown name.
    ‘Disney’s Toontown’

    • Your suggestion sucks, in what world would you want a name to be that long. To top it all off, what makes a movie magic is simply not knowing everything that was put into it. What would even be the point of changing the name of the park only to call it something exactly the same. Use some common sense here, they (Disney) are obviously trying to shed the old movie theme of the park and go in a completely different direction. Whats next, are you going to suggest changing the name of Animal Kingdom to The World of Wild Roaming Creatures?

  20. I’ve been going to Disney world since I was a child. I really love going to see things I experienced with my parents as a child. Then seeing my children enjoying the same things. So I’m not fond of the changes. Last time I went Downtown Disney as I will always call it ( Disney springs as it was charged to) Was a mess. I remember the parking lot had beautiful Disney landscape. Now a huge parking garage. Must be because of population. I used to go to Magic Kingdom and Epcot in the same day. Last year took all day to go on 4 rides. I had the magic bands also.. Oh well going to Florida this fall. Maybe I ‘ll go to Sea world it’s been 14 years since I went there.

  21. Leave well enough alone..stop changing the image, and names
    It will always be “Hollywood Studios” it does not need to be changed again.

    My Family were here, and not Happy, said they are going to Universal Next year.

  22. I would think this is a fake survey but that park description is too expertly and carefully worded to be the work of an amateur. That is primo non-description at its finest. Saying something without saying something and making it all so positive-sounding so you have no choice but to think positively about what they’re describing. And for what it’s worth, of these terrible choices, “Cinemagic” is best in that it encompasses the movie-based theme (“Cine”) while also reflecting the fact that you’ll live your own stories (“magic”). But it’s the sheer awfulness of the names that leaves a kernel of doubt for me. Surely they’ll go with something better than any of these…

  23. Do not like any of these suggestions. I prefer some classic references.
    Something along these lines. (A little long winded maybe but keeps with Disney of old). Some variations could be;

    Disney’s World of Movies
    Disney’s Wonderful World of Movies
    Disney’s Wonderful World of Movie Magic.
    Disney’s World of Movie Magic.

    • How about, “Hollywood Shuttered Studios”. That place is an absolute mess and I don’t see it getting any better with the plans they have in place. So sad to see such an amazing place destroyed like this. My family has great memories of MGM Studios and we really miss the park the way it used to be. I understand that change has to happen but the decisions, which have been made really make you question the people In charge. As someone who has been going to Disneyworld consistently for over forty years, I’m dumbfounded by some of the closures and future plans.

      • Which part that they closed “ruined” it for you? The Backlot Tour? The Honey I Shrunk the Audience Playground? Lights, Motors, Action? Or The fake buildings??

        I get people being upset by the closure of the Great Movie Ride, but come on…the other attractions that are closed will not be missed. I will miss the whole movie studio theme, but that hasn’t been followed for a long time now.

        I get very sick of hearing people say that “there is nothing to do” in DHS anymore. Besides riding Catastrophe Canyon for the umpteenth million time, or walking around some fake buildings, or slogging through a hot and hokey play ground full of mongrel feral children…what really has been lost at DHS? Again, I get the Great Movie Ride, but the rest of it…good riddance I say.

        • In reply to “DJ”. The biggest loss without a doubt is the Great Movie Ride. It made no sense removing this classic attraction in the condition the park is currently in. They should have at least waited until the lackluster Toy Story Land opens. The final nail in the coffin as far as I’m concerned. We also lost the Backlot Tour and the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Another big loss was the Obsborne Lights, which was a huge success and brought in thousands of guests every holiday season. Granted the Backlot Tour did become stale but instead of getting rid of these attractions why not update them and keep the natural theme of the park. So for those people who have visited the studios since its inception we have every right to voice our opinions about this park, which without a doubt has lost its vision and is a big mess. I feel bad for anyone who buys a one day ticket ($100.00+) to this park while it is in such disarray.

          • No one is saying you don’t have a right to your opinion. I am merely pointing out that besides the Great Movie Ride, nothing else that has been closed yet was really that big of a loss. I do agree, I would have preferred that they update the Backlot Tour rather than replace it, but at the same time, I don’t think that the general public has the same interest in things like derelict movie props and fake buildings that it once did. This was an attraction that was taking up a rather large piece of land, and I can understand why they decided to re-purpose it.
            As for the Osborne Lights…I know this is going to draw some hate, but I couldn’t care less about these being removed. They were only seasonal to begin with, and every time I went through them, it was a crush of humanity just to watch some blinking lights. It was entertaining the first 17 times I went through, but honestly, even that got stale.
            As to whether it is worth full price, again, unless you were hoping to ride a tram around for an hour, looking at old movie props…or you wanted to watch Lights, Motors, Action for the 219th time, or you were really looking forward to taking pictures of the same fake buildings that you and your family took pictures of since 1989, then yeah…I guess it wouldn’t be worth the price of admission. On the other hand, if you want to ride the Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, the Tower of Terror, Star Tours, Toy Story Midway Mania, then have a meal at Sci-Fi Dine in, then see several shows, and finish your night with Fantasmic and the Star Wars fireworks…I don’t think you are going to miss the fake buildings and stunt show that much.

  24. Worst. Names. Ever.

    They should just call it IP Land. Except then how will we tell it apart from any of the other parks?

  25. Since Toy Story (Pixar) and Galaxy’s Edge (Lucasfilm) come from properties now owned by the Walt Disney Co., they already have the best name for a theme park already in use in Paris…Walt Disney Studios Park. This name also makes sense in direct opposition to its main theme park competitor in California and Orlando, Universal Studios.

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