Walt Disney World Is Ending Express Bus Transportation Service Next Week

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With the success of Minnie Vans already proven in a very short period of time, Disney has decided to axe the Express Bus Service after 8 months.

The service, launched back in December of 2016, allowed unlimited park-to-park transportation for guests for a price. However, a Minnie Van, while more expensive as it is sold on a per-ride basis, offers point-to-point transportation anywhere on Walt Disney World property, including resorts and more.

The final day for guests to purchase Express Bus Service is August 16th, with the final day of operation being August 23rd, 2017.


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  • Still think it would’ve been nice if the $20 Minnie Van included a to and from trip. Would’ve made the price point much more palatable for parties of 2 not needing seating for 6 and car seats.

  • wanted to use this for a much quicker accesd to the parks, and a chance to see backstage.I just heard of it ladt month. Disney did mot promote this enough. But then again, it wouldnt work well with crowds

    • You also wouldn’t have had to go through the gates at the new park and have your bags checked plus go through a detector and the turnstiles.

  • Wouldn’t the buses that you get outside the parks that take you to another park be the same without any cost as the Minnie Vans? Wouldn’t you have to call to get a Minnie Van and probably be the same time as waiting for a park to park bus?

  • What about people in wheelchairs? Just back f5om there and the buses were great if you have a wheel chair or scooter. Stuart

  • This stinks. I used it for a week back in May and it was great. But I’m sure the problem was that no one was using it. I took several trips where I was the only person on the bus. That and a guest relations cast member told me that the bus drivers hated it and were doing their best to thwart it.

    • as a wdw bus driver, I never heard any complaints. If you get the route it was because you have higher seniority and volunteered, which there was plenty of volunteers. It is nice because you are with just a few guests, and they are usually a Disney fanatic that wanted even more, they loved going back stage. It is a lot more personal for guests.

      • I agree with you but I did the backstage run yesterday and only had one guest the entire time and it was at the end of my shift.

  • $29 for the week for the Express Transportation that drops you off inside the park vs $15 – $20 PER RIDE for the Minnie vans that drop you off at the gate? Those values are so out of balance.

  • My wife and I loved the express bus to go from one DW park to another. Cheaper than the Minnie Van if you’re at DW for more than a day, plus you didn’t have to go thru security.

    • This is a big disappointment. It was incredibly useful for me, a mother of four, always toting multiple bags and children to not have to go through security with bag searches again. I wish they would keep this around and offer this at an additional cost to AP and/or DVC members.

  • so will the minnie vans do the direct, point-to-point access like the Express? Or do you have to leave and go back through security? If its the latter, why is the better than just renting a car?

  • I wonder if this is an attempt to reduce to burden on busses? Adding this Minnie Vans to the already crowded roads seems like a backwards approach. I do hope Disney reads the feedback and brings to this service back.

  • This was great and I’m very disappointed that they have discontinued it. It made the visit very special. I was looking forward to it this coming visit as I’m pregnant. I won’t be spending three – five times as much on the Minnie Vans, that’s for sure!

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