ANALYSIS: Calculate How Much You’ll Spend at Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

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Like many of you, I look forward to the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival every year. Every year that I go, I try to sample at least one item from every booth. Right now I’m in the middle of planning my upcoming trip for WDWNT Tencennial Celebration and Epcot’s 35th, so I decided to create a tool in the form of a spreadsheet to help me forecast my expenses at the festival this year. After completing the spreadsheet, I thought I would share the sheet with our readers so that you can use it too. It is a Google Sheet so you need to have a Google account to use it.

Click here to copy the Google Sheet to your own Google Drive. This link will make a copy of the master spreadsheet in your own Google Drive so you can edit it and save your changes for future reference.

The spreadsheet calculates the total price automatically as you update what items and how many you want in the “Number to Order” column. You can also click the “Reset” button at the top to reset all of the items to zero.

Using this spreadsheet, you can quickly figure out fun things like:

  • Ordering one of every item at each booth will cost you $1,324.05 plus tax (if you utilize flights instead of individual wines and beers when available).
  • Ordering one item from every booth will cost a minimum of $137.50 plus tax (assuming you order the least expensive item).

I hope this sheet is helpful to you and if you want to see more of these types of tools, please let us know in the comment section below!

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  • Costs you up to $40 to eat at a nice International buffet excluding alcohol. Well, most buffets are international these days. You actually get full and can have seconds or thirds.

  • This is amazing! Thank you for this. I’m wondering (and I’d even be willing to assist) if which items are DDP snack credit eligible could be marked. Perhaps even a second tracking column for marking “use snack credit” and tracking the number used.

    • Also, by selecting the headers and using the Filter feature, I can quickly limit the view to items I want and order it by most to least expensive, seeing where my best value would be to use DDP credits (or perhaps even the tasting card?) instead of cash.

  • This is the most amazing thing I have ever found on the internet. We went last year and I made my own (sort of), but it was not nearly as awesome as this. We are going next year – I hope you’ll do the same thing again. THANK YOU!!

  • This is the GREATEST planning tool I’ve seen! I’m a Type A planner when it comes to Disney trips (we joke that I’m the Danny Tanner creating our Clipboard of Fun for any Full House fans out there!) and this is so. helpful. in figuring out our projected budget for our first time at Food and Wine. Thank you!!!

  • I’ve created my own excel spreadsheet each year that I’ve done F&W. Since there are 3 people in my household, I’ve also added a column for each person and what they think they’ll eat and what they actually ate. It all totals up at the end and I can actually compare them year after year to see how much prices have changed over the years.

  • This is great. We would love to know if getting a dining plan and using QS credits for certain booths and snack credits would pay off.

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