Announcing “WDWNT VR”, Our Own Virtual Theme Parks and Resort

Announcing “WDWNT VR”, Our Own Virtual Theme Parks and Resort

At WDWNT over the last ten years, we have tried some crazy things, but we are proud to announce our latest pet project and most ambitious to date…

With the growing popularity of our articles about Armchair Imagineering and the ever-growing list of extinct attractions at the Disney Parks, WDWNT will virtually construct a theme park project that combines the best, past and present, of the attractions, landmarks, and entertainment that make up the real-life magical places from around the globe.

WDWNT VR will be a way on your computer or via VR headset to visit and enjoy a theme park experience no matter where you live.

The project will begin with a celebration of Hollywood Studios (including the Great Movie Ride, Catastrophe Canyon, the original Star Tours, Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights) as well as some attractions from the Disneyland Resort (World of Color, Indiana Jones Adventure), eventually expanding to EPCOT Center as well.

We will be sharing more details on this project regularly on the blog as we get closer to the launch of WDWNT VR, bringing you insight on the creative process as well.

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  1. This sounds right up my alley. I’ve always wanted some kind of virtual Disney World to visit and explore so I will definitely be keeping an eye out on this project!

    I remember VMK and watching a youtube video back in 2006 (I think) of a Tower of Terror map for Half-life 2, which just further propelled this need for a virtual Disney World, so I’m very excited to learn more about this.

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