BREAKING: Colin Treverrow Is No Longer Directing “Star Wars: Episode IX”

BREAKING: Colin Treverrow Is No Longer Directing "Star Wars: Episode IX"
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Disney has just announced that Colin Trevorrow will no longer be directing “Star Wars: Episode IX”.

This comes as not much of a surprise after Lucasfilm recently fired Phil Lord and Christopher Miller from the “Han Solo” movie over creative differences. Lucasfilm also had issues with Gareth Edwards’ direction of “Rogue One” resulting in re-shoots that did not include Edwards’ participation. A few years ago, Josh Trank was also fired as director of the “Boba Fett” spin off movie.

Lucasfilm is very protective of the Star Wars franchise and I can’t blame them with being overly concerned with Treverrow’s participation. This is the final chapter of the current Star Wars trilogy and you dont want it in the hands of someone with questionable experience. Treverrow did have blockbuster success due to his direction of “Jurassic World” but prior to that, he was virtually unknown and his latest movie, “The Book Of Henry” was a critical and box office flop.

From The Wrap:

Colin Trevorrow is stepping down as the director of “Star Wars: Episode IX,” Disney announced on Tuesday.

“Lucasfilm and Colin Trevorrow have mutually chosen to part ways on ‘Star Wars: Episode IX,’” Disney said in a statement. “Colin has been a wonderful collaborator throughout the development process but we have all come to the conclusion that our visions for the project differ. We wish Colin the best and will be sharing more information about the film soon.”

Trevorrow was announced to direct “Episode IX” in 2015, set for release in 2019. The film will conclude the third trilogy of “Star Wars” movies that began with “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” last year. Rian Johnson is directing “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”

Trevorrow directed the 2015 box office hit “Jurassic World” and has a writing credit on its upcoming sequel, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.” His recent film, “The Book of Henry,” was a critical and commercial flop.

Source: The Wrap

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  • You can’t blame them for being over protective of there property………I’m sure the greedy capitalists suits at Disney were just waiting for your approval of every decision they make regarding their Star Wars franchise. Talk about an over inflated opinion of oneself.

  • Rogue One was most disappointing. It’s as if they had no energy left in the well. I expect the remaining movies to be dull and forgettable.

  • Don’t leave Force Awakens out, first SW film I shudder at. The order is to turn the franchise cute & a feminist conduit and anyone going against that mandate is out.

  • Rogue One was OK but really havent watched it multiple times. Think it was a bit of a mess and they tried to fix it as best as possible before release. Guess it could have been worse but it could have been better. We’ll never know.

    I still like The Force Awakens and find it very rewatchable, much more than the Prequels. Only thing I fast forward through is the Rathar scene, which should have been cut out.

    Was never excited about the idea of a Han Solo movie. It’s hard to replace Harrison Ford and everyone will be comparing this guy to him. I dont know anyone who is looking forward to this movie. I’ll go see it but dont have hopes for it to be good.

    Even worse was the idea of a Boba Fett movie. The most overated character in the Star Wars franchise does not need a solo movie.

    In regards to Episode IX, I’m glad Treverrow was out. That guy had no real experience other than being lucky with Jurassic World. I still dont understand how that movie was so successful other than the dinosaurs. But it felt like Lucasfilm was rewarding the guy for not messing up Jurassic World by giving him Episode IX. That’s crazy.

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