Disney After Hours Event Returning to the Magic Kingdom in 2018

Disney After Hours will return to the Magic Kingdom January 19th, 26th, and 30th, February 8th and 15th, and March 1st and 8th.

disney after hours event returning to the magic kingdom in 2018

Disney After Hours events being at 7PM and last for 3 hours after park close. Tickets cost $119 plus tax. They can be booked by calling (407) 827-7185.

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  1. Do these events have any significant impact on the crowds those days (e.g. evening shows at MK)? Or is the attendence impact likely negligible?

  2. I did this for free as a DVC member the last time it was offered. There were practically no people in the park it was awesome. I have photos on rides where I am the only person on it. It was really cool. We were two of six people watching the electric parade go by in Frontierland. It was an awesome experience but not one that I think I could justify $120. It really felt like I was alone in the park and that was really cool.

    I thought this was deemed a failure the last time it was done but I guess they weren’t convinced. Must be all those super expensive morning events they have been having and doing well with convincing them to try again. I did this during an April break so I’m suprised they are trying this when crowds would be lower when they couldn’t sell out when they were higher.

    • Another CM did something similar for my wife and I and we had the best time ever at Magic Kingdom Park. Its the CMS like him and yourself that “truly” make the guest experience magical. Thank you.

      • Actually didnt notice where you said YOU did this for yourself for free. Youre still probably a pretty cool CM though. I hope this doesnt make it on Psychotic Comments.

  3. I have to say that we did this last year. It was our best night ever at the Magic Kingdom. Set the bar for enjoying the park.
    We rode 7 Dwarfs Mine train with 0 wait. Just had to get off and go thru the exit, cross over and back in to the load zone. Space Mountain sent us through a back hallway to get right back on in the load zone and Big Thunder asked who wants to ride again and did not have to get off.
    Add in free Mickey bars and sodas. The BEST 120 ever!

  4. As if Disney guests aren’t paying enough money to visit the parks, Disney is going to cut park hours for guests and close the park at seven. They should be ashamed of themselves but this is the new era of Disney. This new trend of cutting park hours and adding these extra charge events is truly disheartening. Die hard WDW fans are becoming disenchanted by these changes. Eventually these incredibly poor decisions will push the faithful Disney guests away. Late nights at the Magic Kingdom used to be one of the highlights of our vacation but it’s getting harder and harder to find a late night at the Magic Kingdom anymore.

    • They do not cut the park hours at 7. People with after hours tickets can enter the park at 7, and enjoy it for three hours after it closes (like from 10-1, for example)

      It’s also only on days that Magic Kingdom does not have extra magic hours

    • Oh, give me a break. It’s only 7pm. Your entitlement is gross. And all the “faithful Disney guests” will do is complain on the internet while still handing over their cash to the mouse. Exactly as you’re doing now. Please go find a real problem to whine about.

    • According to Disney parks blog, 7pm is earliest you can enter for after hours. For comparison, they state you can enter at 4pm with your MNSSHP ticket.

  5. Annual passholders and DVC members do have discounted tickets (same discount) at $94.76 a piece. You can call, but you can also purchase online.

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