Hostess with the Mostess – Top 10 WDWNT Favorites Results


It is here!! The event we have all been waiting for had begun! This Friday started “WDWNT’s Tencennial Celebration!”

For WDWNT’s birthday I counted down my Top Ten WDWNT Favorites. I finally have the voting results and let me tell you, it was not much of a competition. In fact, out of the ten on my list, most of you voted between just two! The two you voted for were …


2. The NEWS!

I knew this would be high on the list! How can it not be when WDWNT is such a great source for all of the Disney happenings.


1. WDW News Tonight

WDW News Tonight was the number one vote! I am not surprised, News Tonight is pretty fantastic! Although it was neck and neck with The News during voting, I had a feeling it would pull through and be the favorite.

I do have to give a HUGE shout out to Becca for her comment. “I voted ‘other’. My favorite is the Hostess with the Mostess articles and top tens!!” Well thanks Becca!! You are obviously the coolest. ;)

My next countdown is almost done! I am going to share my favorite things about an attraction that is … or was very special to me. As always, thanks for voting and I hope to see you at the 10th Anniversary Event!

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3 years ago

I love you guys so much!!! You always do such a great job with everything you do!!! Keep up the great work!!!