PHOTOS: Every New Disney Parks Item Released for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” at Force Friday II

WDWNT’s Nick Lociciero attended the Force Friday II product release last night at Disney Springs at the Walt Disney World, being among the first to shop through the extensive collection of items that Disney Parks guests will find for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, in theaters this December. Below we have pictures and pricing for all of the items that were released last night at the event and will now be available to guests at both the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts:

We start with pins, because Tom has a soft spot for them… First Order Executioner Pin, $9.99

Sculpted helmet pin, $12.99

Praetorian Guard pin, $9.99

R2-D2 and Porgs pin, $12.99

Rey and Luke pin, $12.99

Sculpted helmet pin, $12.99

Poe and BB-8 pin, $11.99

Two limited edition pins were released last night featuring BB-8 and R2-D2, both are LE 5000 and are $15.99 each.

Booster 6 pin set, $32.99

Lanyard much with charm, $8.99

Starter pin set, $32.99

Light Side/Dark Side mystery pin set, $15.99 for one box containing two mystery pins.

Resistance mystery pin set, $15.99 for one box containing two mystery pins.

Luke Skywalker Limited Release MagicBand 2, $27.99

Chewbacca and Porgs Limited Release MagicBand 2, $27.99

Here is the backside of that MagicBand.

Judicial Stormtrooper MagicBand 2, $22.99

Resistance Phone Case for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, $29.99 each (both versions not pictured)

Character matted print, $39.99

BB-8 Glow Lanyard, $15.02

A selection of the Hasbro toys are also going to be available at Disney Parks, but these you can find at your local stores as well.

Port plush, $16.99

There are also a few shared items with the Disney Store as well.

Jumping back to theme park exclusives, the Droid Factory BB Units 4-pack box set is $29.99.

Droid Factory Astromech 2-pack, $19.99

Port mug, $14.99

Water bottle, $14.99

The LEGO BB-8 is available at the parks as well.

Similar to the BB-8 released for The Force Awakens, there is a BB-9E spinning top toy for $16.99.

Yes, Vinylmation still exist. These Praetorian Guard figures are limited edition of 1500, $16.99 each.

Of course, there’s also plenty of apparel for sale…

Womens’ tee, $32.99 (only $22.95 online for some reason)

Adult logo baseball cap, $21.99

Womens’ Dolman Logo Poster Tee, $36.99

Womens’ tank, $29.95

Scarf, $21.99

Adult logo hoodie, $49.99

Mens’ shirt, $22.95

Resistance T-Shirt for Men, $24.99

The Last Jedi t-shirt for men, $22.95

This is the back of the above shirt.

Adult Kylo Ren Tee, $24.99

Girls’ Rey Tee, $27.99

Porgs Long Sleeve Raglan Sweatshirt for Kids, $24.95

Rey sleep set for girls, $19.95

Girls’ BB-8 Tee, $27.99

Girls’ Resistance Sleeveless Tee, $27.99

BB-8 Rolling Backpack, $34.95

Costume prices vary by size.

Stormtrooper ringer t-shirt for kids, $22.95

Poe Cameron PJ Set, $19.95

Boys’ Logo Tee, $19.99

Surely, more items will be rolled out over the coming weeks, but many of there above items and hundreds of additional pieces are available online now at while supplies last.


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John Shepherd
John Shepherd
3 years ago

Those are some sweet items!

3 years ago

They seem to be really sure that Porgs will sell. Hmm.